Cenote Hubiku Valladolid

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Cenote Hubiku Valladolid - 2023 Guide Everything you need to know

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Cenote Hubiku, Valladolid

A visit to the stunning Cenote Hubiku is an absolute must-do while touring through Yucatan Peninsula. Tucked away between Valladolid and Ek Balam ruins, this semi open cenote entices all with its entrancing natural light beaming in from a hole in the roof as well as various tree roots dangling into its inviting waters. 

Cenote Hubiku Valladolid
Cenote Hubiku

Not only that, but there’s also a Mayan Village and Tequila Museum onsite for visitors to explore! And thus we have collected our best tips & tricks for you to make your trip planning easier so you can enjoy Cenote Hubiku without any worries!


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Cenote Hubiku

The captivating Cenote Hubiku lures visitors with its underground cave-like atmosphere, a sunlit pool illuminated by natural light streaming in through the roof opening, and lush vines gracefully embracing it. One can also witness an invigorating waterfall cascading down into the cenote occasionally! From swimming sessions to other attractions onsite – this family friendly place entices not only tourist groups but independent travelers alike. 

Cenote Hubiku Pool
Cenote Hubiku Pool

Located within a vast complex, Cenote Hubiku has something to offer everyone. From its expansive Tequila Museum and Mayan Village, to the well-stocked gift shop and dining area – this cenote is sure to be an ideal location for your morning or afternoon excursion!

What are Cenotes?

Have you ever heard of a cenote? Pronounced seh-NO-tay, these stunning water-filled sinkholes create an incredible experience when visiting the Yucatan Peninsula. With thousands of them spread across this beautiful land, it’s no wonder why they are such a popular destination for locals and tourists! Their breathtaking scenery creates unforgettable memories that will last forever.

The refreshingly cool water of the cenotes is a welcome respite from Mexico’s scorching heat. Moreover, it was in these very same cenotes that Mayan people offered sacrifices to their gods – relics such as gold, pottery and even skeletal remains have been discovered at their depths over the years!

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to cenotes that vary from open, semi-open or underground structures.

  • Open cenotes: Our favorite type of cenotes are the collapsed ones where you can swim in open sky. The water is usually a pleasant temperature and there are plenty of areas to relax by the shoreline. Cenote Azul, Cenote Zacil-Ha, and Car Wash Cenote all make for some amazing experiences!
  • Semi-open cenotes: The mesmerizing beauty of a cenote is truly something special. Cenotes are mostly underground, but have small openings in the ceiling which allow light and fresh air to seep through – illuminating the crystal clear water below with breathtaking beams of sunlight. Our top three picks among these semi-open cenotes were Cenote Suytun, Ik Kil and Xkeken; allowing you to witness their stunningly majestic wonders for yourself!
  • Underground cenotes: Unlike their surface counterparts that are illuminated by natural light, these cenotes are nestled deep inside a cave system with no sunlight to brighten up the water. Although they may be more difficult to access than those found above ground level, it’s well worth the effort!

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And don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest safety updates on Mexico.

Cenote Hubiku

How to get to Cenote Hubiku

Rental Car

Exploring all of Mexico’s spectacular cenotes has never been simpler! At Cenote Hubiku, you’ll find plenty of parking even at weekends. We highly advise our readers to rent a car before their visit; rental in Cancun is so convenient and straightforward that you won’t regret it. The roads are well-maintained and pleasantly devoid of traffic congestion while drivers remain courteous along the journey. Renting a car will open your eyes to the majestic beauty hidden away within this unforgettable country!


For your convenience, you can also take a taxi from Valladolid to Cenote Hubiku, which is only about 30 minutes away. Get a taxi recommendation from your hotel and make sure you agree on the price of the trip before you set off.

Is there Uber in Cancun, Tulum, Valladolid or Playa del Carmen?

Unfortunately, no. Even though the app is functional, there has been a lot of push-back from the local taxi-mafia and some violence so for your safety, we would suggest against using it.


Collectivos are local minibuses. If you’re looking to take a colectivo from Valladolid to Tezomon and Ek Balam, make sure the driver is willing to drop off near Cenote Hubiku. This way, you can ensure that your journey remains stress-free!


If you crave a visit to the majestic Cenote Hubiku, but don’t want the hassle of renting a car, then why not consider an exciting day trip package? There are countless tours around Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum that encompass Chichen Itza and Ek Balam in their itinerary – with stunning access to beautiful Cenote Hubiku included.

Cenote Sign

Visiting Cenote Hubiku

The Maya name Hubiku is derived from the local dialect and speaks to its impressive size, translating roughly as ‘Iguanas Nest’ or ‘the Great Lord’.

Make your way to Cenote Hubiku, where you will find a large car park. Visitors can access it from the main road with just a short bumpy ride ahead of them. There’s plenty of space for buses and cars that have been arranged by tour operators and visitors alike.

After purchasing tickets, you’ll find a winding path that leads to the cenote. As you meander through it, take in your surroundings and explore the Mayan craft stores or browse through the gift shop. 

When you’re ready for your adventure into Cenote Hubiku, make sure to check out the changing rooms as well as bathrooms located between these attractions and 115 steps that descend down into this magical destination. Once complete with exploring this unique environment, remember those same 115 steps leading up – so don’t forget extra stamina!

An enchanting path awaits you at the entrance of the cenote cave. Meander down a set of steps and bask in awe-inspiring views as you descend to the water’s edge. For your convenience, lockers (US $1), towels (US $1) and life jackets (US $2) are available for rental along with way, making this journey all that much more comfortable!

At the edge of the waters lies a wooden dock, providing an effortless way to get into and out of this cenote that is nearly 27 meters deep. The surrounding walls are constructed from concrete and reach over 20 feet in height—so no diving or jumping from these heights! This small yet popular platform can become congested with those lacking swimming confidence; thus we suggest visiting during calm times like early morning or late evening for more tranquility.

Cenote Hubiku Swimming
Cenote Hubiku Swimming

Casa Tadeo, the Tequila Museum

Visiting Casa Tadeo, Cenote Hubiku’s tequila museum is a surefire way to have fun while expanding your knowledge about how tequila is made. With admission comes complimentary entrance into the museum and free tastings!

Mayan Village

Nestled within the Hubiku complex lies a picturesque Mayan village with replicas of traditional homes. Exploring these ancient dwellings and learning about their style of living is an enlightening experience not to be missed!

Swimming in Cenote Hubiku

Cenote Hubiku is one of the few cenotes that has lifeguards supervising at the swimming area. These guards are here to ensure swimmers don’t damage any of the delicate and vulnerable walls or vines within the cenote, so it’s important to follow their rules! If you drift away from the wooden deck accompanied with a yellow guide wire, there won’t be much else for you to cling onto in order to stay afloat.

We felt comfortable swimming in the refreshingly deep waters of Cenote Hubiku without a life jacket, we quickly realized that it was still wise to rent one as the cooler temperatures meant our energy drained faster than in other open cenotes where natural sunlight kept us warm. 

One of its most striking characteristics is that you can swim directly under its opening – certain days even feature a small waterfall coming down from above! It’s truly breathtaking to lay back and gape up at the sky while floating through its waters.

With its mesmerizing clarity and vibrant marine life, swimming in Cenote Hubiku is a one-of-a-kind experience. Be prepared to be joined by small fish that will gently nibble on your feet while you take a dip – it may seem strange at first but trust us when we say, you’ll get used to them! Also note that the catfish here are of larger sizes than those found in other cenotes so make sure to keep an eye out before jumping into the depths below. To fully appreciate this magical body of water, snag some snorkels and explore beneath the surface as if taking a stroll beneath the undersea heavens.

Closeby Cenotes

There are many magival cenotes near Valladolid. Some of our facorites are: Cenote Zaci, Dztinup’s acclaimed duo of Cenote Xkeken and Cenote Samula, and incredibly popular Cenote San Lorenzo Oxman.

How much Cenote Hubiku Cost?

CThe entry fee for the cenote is $100 pesos. You can opt in for the additional buffet dinner for a total cost of $350. Kids aged 6-10 enjoy half off and everyone younger than that won’t need to pay anything – parking is free too! We suggest having some Mexican Pesos on hand when visiting cenotes in Mexico as they offer better rates. On the day we visited Cenote Hubiku, they also accepted credit cards at their entrance gate.

Cenote Hubiku Opening Hours

Cenote Hubiku welcomes you to visit between 9 am and 4:30 pm, so make sure not to miss out on your adventure!

How long to spend at Cenote Hubiku

We suggest spending 2-3 hours in the cenote so you explore, relaxed, enjoy and unwind

Best time to visit Cenote Hubiku

If you’re planning to visit a cenote in the Yucatan Peninsula, it is highly recommended that you go early at opening time. Not only would this help steer clear of the throngs of people, but also be your ideal way to experience these natural wonders first-hand!

Facilities at Cenote Hubiku

This cenote offers everything you need for a peaceful and calming few hours.

  • Changing rooms 
  • Lockers
  • Restrooms
  • Life jacket Rentals,
  • Parking
  • Food and drinks (like tacos and beer)

Other Things to Do Near Cenote Hubiku

After exploring the stunning Cenote Hubiku, you may be wondering what else to do around this area. Having spent a good deal of time here myself, I humbly offer a few suggestions for activities that are sure to make your trip even more memorable.

  • Take a plunge and explore some of the lesser-known cenotes near Valladolid, such as Cenote Oxman and Cenote Zaci – they are two gems off the beaten path!
  • Journey to Chichen Itza and explore the iconic Mayan pyramids, one of only seven Wonders of the World that has been honored with UNESCO’s prestigious World Heritage Site status
  • Visit the beautiful town of Valladolid

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