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Casa Cenote (Cenote Manati) Tulum - 2023 Complete Visitors Guide

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Casa Cenote Tulum Mexico – 2023

Are you dreaming of visiting Casa Cenote in Tulum, Mexico? Look no further! The Riviera Maya is filled with spectacular locations for snorkeling and swimming among the vibrant wildlife. 

Casa Cenote
Casa Cenote

From snorkeling in the cenotes near the federal highway to lounging on a picturesque beach along the Caribbean coastline, there are endless incredible places for one to explore. And while some of these best-kept secrets have become widely known with time, Casa Cenote is still relatively lesser-known and less crowded – an amazing discovery! Located close by Tulum, this spectacular spot should not be overlooked as it promises unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever.

The Pool
The Pool

With 7 years of experience exploring the Riviera Maya, allow us to be your guides and share all you need to know about Casa Cenote. We’ll show you how to get there, tell you what fees are associated with entering the area, outline opening hours, list popular attractions nearby, provide information on places for lodging in the vicinity, and offer our top tips for visiting this stunning locale!

About Casa Cenote?

Casa Cenote, located just north of Tulum, Mexico is a memorable experience filled with crystal clear emerald waters and lush mangroves. What sets Casa Cenote apart from traditional cenotes is that it’s more like an underground river feeding directly into the sea–forming an enthralling estuary. You can swim, float or snorkel around this spectacular destination while scuba diving beginners get to enjoy its shallow depths and clarity due to its optimal conditions for learning. For those who prefer other activities – paddle boarding will be your go-to option!

Casa Cenote, also referred to as the remarkable Manatee Cenote due to its abundance of manatees in years past, remains a popular destination for travelers and explorers alike.

Casa Cenote Entrance
Casa Cenote Entrance

Where is Casa Cenote?

Casa Cenote is a stunning cenote with an appearance similar to that of a snake nestled among the mangroves. Its location on the Riviera Maya can be found just 10 km from Tulum and 39 miles (56 km) from Playa del Carmen – close enough that you should also consider visiting Akumal and Yal Ku Lagoon. If staying in Tulum, it’s only a 20-minute drive away along the beach road. Casa Cenote resides next to its own private beach which will become evident when you arrive there; perfectly visible alongside the road signposts pointing towards it!

Ticket Office
Ticket Office

Casa Cenote, situated on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Quintana Roo state and just 11 km north of Tulum or 59 km south from Playa del Carmen, is a must-see destination for those seeking to spend an entire day outdoors. Here you can explore a cenote and if needed then switch it up by swimming in the sea! Furthermore, this location also provides excellent opportunities for snorkeling and shore diving as well. Driving time from neighboring locations are listed below:

  • From Tulum to Casa Cenote: 15 minutes
  • From Playa del Carmen to Casa Cenote: 45 minutes
  • From Cancun to Casa Cenote: 1 hour 45 minutes

What is Casa Cenote like?

Casa Cenote is not your typical cenote – instead of creating a swimming pool-like atmosphere, it boasts an inviting lazy river with sparkling emerald green water. With lush mangroves surrounding both sides and no ledges or resting spots outside the water, you will have to rely on one way out back at the entrance when it all comes down to leaving. Therefore make sure you are ready for some serious swimming!

Diving in Casa Cenote
Diving in Casa Cenote

As you navigate the calm but powerful current, make sure to wear a life jacket so that you can conserve your energy. With Casa Cenote being roughly 6 m (20 ft) deep, don’t expect to be able to stand or touch the bottom at any point of your swim. Be aware and keep an eye out for Panchito – he may look intimidating but trust us when we say he’s harmless! This friendly little croc is known to hang around the cenote,so pay attention as there are signs near his location just in case.

How to Get to Casa Cenote (Cenote Manatee)

If you’re looking for the best way to reach Casa Cenote, depending on your current car situation and how many people are in your group, there are fortunately a handful of routes.

Pool Area

Rent a Car and Drive to Casa Cenote

To fully explore the beauty and mystery of Casa Cenote, I highly suggest renting a car or driving your own! Discover Cars provides an easy solution to compare rental prices online from multiple companies. With this option, you will have much more flexibility to wander around at your leisure.

Driving Directions from Playa del Carmen

To reach Casa Cenote from Playa del Carmen, simply take the main highway 307 south for approximately 30 miles. When you see the sign for Casa Cenote, make a U-turn and then turn right at the signal for Cielo Maya Tulum. Follow that road less than a mile until you come to the entrance of Casa Cenote which will be on your left side.

Driving Directions from Tulum

Journey north along Highway 307 from Tulum for approximately five miles and make a right turn at the sign for Cielo Maya Tulum. The entrance to the cenote will be shortly ahead!

Parking at Casa Cenote

When you reach your destination, there is a complimentary parking lot located just outside the cenote entrance where you can easily park your car.


For an alternate option, you could catch a taxi to Casa Cenote but it will be pricier, especially if your point of departure is from Playa del Carmen. Generally speaking, the fare would cost approximately $600 pesos (or around $30 USD) for one-way travel. That being said, when coming from Tulum, you can anticipate spending roughly only $120 pesos ($6 USD).

However, you must bear in mind that it will be significantly harder to find a taxi for your return journey. That’s why it is best to plan ahead by asking the driver who dropped you off if they can pick you up again later.

Is there Uber in Cancun, Tulum, Valladolid or Playa del Carmen?

Unfortunately, no. Even though the app is functional there has been a lot of push-back from the local taxi-mafia and some violence so for your safety, we would suggest against using it.

Public Transportation 

Taking public transportation, like a colectivo (shared van), to Casa Cenote is an option – but don’t forget that you’ll have to traverse the hot sun while walking!

Colectivo from Playa del Carmen

If you’re looking to take a colectivo from downtown Playa del Carmen to Tulum, look no further than the white vans that are lined up behind the McDonald’s near Highway 307 and Chedraui grocery store. Be sure to inform your driver that you plan on going all the way to Casa Cenote (or Cenote Manati), and make sure you keep track of your progress with GPS tracking on your phone so you know when it’s time for disembarking. Once there, simply pay upon exiting!

Taking a colectivo to Casa Cenote should not cost you more than $50 pesos (~$2.50 USD) for each ride, however make sure you have smaller denominations of currency as the drivers are most likely unable to offer change in kind. Once dropped off on the side of the highway, exercise caution while crossing over and then enjoy a 20-minute walk down until you reach your destination – The Casa Cenote!

Colectivo from Tulum

To get to Playa del Carmen from Tulum, hop on a colectivo bus which will take you northbound.

Book a Tour to Casa Cenote

For an easy and hassle-free journey to Casa Cenote, book a tour! You’ll have access to several tours that will take you around the area, as well as include transportation and snorkeling gear. Is Cenote Dos Ojos on your list of stops too? Many packages offer excursions there for your ultimate convenience. 

Casa Cenote is an ideal destination for standup paddleboarding, as the waters are still and inviting. Rather than worrying about how to acquire all necessary transportation, equipment, and food – it’s already taken care of for you!

Casa Cenote Opening Hours

Visit Casa Cenote during the week to avoid the large crowds on weekends. Arrive as early in the day as possible, from 9am-5pm, for a chance to witness its spectacular beauty prior to peak hours! I personally had an amazing experience diving there and taking my scuba certification – being one of the first people at this magnificent cenote before sunrise was extremely rewarding.

Casa Cenote Entrance Fee

Visiting Casa Cenote will cost you approximately $150 pesos, which is equivalent to roughly $8 USD and includes a life jacket rental. Should you decide to bring your GoPro camera with you, an additional payment of around $100 pesos (~$5 USD) must be made. Keep in mind that snorkeling gear is excluded from the entrance fee at Casa Cenote but can still be rented for a small extra charge.

Casa Cenote Amenities

Here are the amenities available at Casa Cenote:

  • Restrooms
  • Lockers
  • Lifejackets
  • Restaurant (serving authentic Mexican food like tacos and refreshments and beer)

Casa Cenote Restaurant

After wrapping up your exploration of the cenote, head over to Casa Cenote Hotel and Restaurant for a stunning view of the ocean. Here you can enjoy an array of Mexican authentic dishes, tacos and beer; their renowned margaritas are not to be missed! Treat yourself after a day filled with adventure at this delightful sit-down venue.

Things to Do in Casa Cenote

Exploring Casa Cenote is a must-do while you are in the area! Here’s what we recommend to make your experience truly special.


Casa Cenote is renowned for its inviting swimming hole, a lazy river-like natural pool 250 meters in length. Swimming and floating downstream against the current offers an enjoyable experience, although ensure to wear your life jacket as the occasional strong currents could prove hazardous! And when you’re ready to return back upstream, simply drift on by – just let the current lead you home.

While taking a dip, be sure to marvel at the rich mangroves, birds and wildlife that inhabit this cenote. Plus keep an eye out for Panchito, Casa Cenote’s small yet mighty crocodile!


Explore the captivating beauty of Casa Cenote with some magnificent snorkeling! It features crystal-clear waters and a range of diverse marine life, from cenote fish to blue crabs. You also get an up close glimpse into ancient underwater rock formations and caves during your expedition. If you own your gear, bring it along – or else rent a set right on site! Whether you visit alone or with family, this is one experience that will leave lasting memories.

Scuba Diving

Those searching to explore the depths of Riviera Maya, Mexico need look no further than Casa Cenote. From a riveting network of caves and caverns beneath its surface to its shallow waters (6 m deep) making it ideal for scuba diving newcomers alike — there’s something here for everyone! I even got my certification from this place. What makes it such an extraordinary spot is the abundance of fish and blue crabs that make their home in these parts; you’ll likely see many instructors displaying skills tests near the entrance too!.

An exciting trait of Casa Cenote scuba diving is the halocline, where fresh and saltwater mix together. Additionally, you must dress appropriately for colder temperatures when plummeting into cenotes – I had to wear two wetsuits! If you are keen on experiencing this fabulous dive spot in Tulum, Mexico, then make sure to arrange beforehand.

Standup Paddleboarding

Are you seeking a serene location to try paddleboarding? Look no further than Casa Cenote! Its tranquil waters and beguiling clarity make it the perfect spot for beginners. Plus, with its picturesque beauty surrounding you while you explore, your experience will be nothing short of memorable!

I could not suggest Aloha Paddle Club strongly enough for booking a standup paddleboarding tour in Playa del Carmen! They are the experts and will ensure you have an unforgettable experience. What’s more, all your equipment, transportation needs, tacos, and high-quality photos of your venture are included with their services!


Take your exploration of Casa Cenote to the next level with an exciting kayak adventure! From renting a kayak at the entrance to paddling around in clear waters, enjoy breathtaking views and immerse yourself into nature by looking out for fish and other marine life. Get ready for an adventurous time full of fun as you experience this unique activity at Casa Cenote.

What we liked about Casa Cenote

Immerse yourself in a surreal, aquatic wonderland courtesy of the mangroves that border it. Thrill seekers will be delighted to encounter friendly crocodiles along their journey! From newbie divers to seasoned pros, this is an ideal destination for all as its only two steps away from the beach, allowing you to experience both worlds on one trip – above and below sea level.

What we didn’t like about Casa Cenote

We absolutely adore this delightful little paradise on the Mexican Caribbean coast – there’s really nothing that we don’t like about it!

What to Pack for Casa Cenote

For a remarkable and contented time at the gorgeous Cenote, be sure to have these indispensable items on hand!

  • Swimwear: Ready to venture into the majestic beauty of cenotes? Make sure you don’t leave home without your snorkeling gear! With goggles or masks, you can explore their crystal clear depths and discover a secret world that will take your breath away. This unique opportunity is not one to be missed – so make sure you have all the necessary items for an unforgettable experience.
  • Water Shoes: Before you dive into the captivating cenotes of Mexico, don’t forget to invest in a solid pair of water shoes. These grottos can be full of hazardous rocks, so having some good-quality and comfortable footwear will make your expedition much more pleasant and secure–plus they are excellent for snorkeling on the coral reef!
  • Water Bottle: When you’re on your way to Mexico for a vacation, be prepared for its hot and humid climate. To make your trip more sustainable, pack a refillable water bottle! Keep in mind that tap water isn’t drinkable – choose clean sources of H2O when refilling or get yourself an incredible LifeStraw filter bottle so the liquid is filtered before you take it in. With this simple step, you can enjoy an eco-friendly journey with peace of mind!
  • Camera: Experience the mesmerizing beauty of these cenotes in a way that no one else can by taking your waterproof camera or GoPro for an extra special dip into their depths. Capturing photographs from below the surface gives you remarkable shots to take home and cherish forever!


FAQs about Casa Cenote

In response to the often questions we get from our readers regarding Casa Cenote, here are some insightful answers:

When is Casa Cenote open?

Casa Cenote is open daily from 8AM-5PM. Plan to arrive as early as possible if you want to avoid the crowds at peak hours!

How long is Casa Cenote?

Dive into an aquatic adventure and swim a total of 500 meters at Casa Cenote! With the cenote measuring 250 meters (840 ft) in length, you can explore to your heart’s content. From its tranquil waters to its breathtaking beauty, Casa Cenote is sure to provide an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.

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Do I need to book in advance to visit Casa Cenote?

Although no bookings are necessary to explore Casa Cenote, we highly recommend reserving in advance if you plan on partaking in any activities such as a tour or scuba diving. This way, you can guarantee your spot and avoid disappointment! Don’t forget about the entrance fee either – that’s something to keep in mind before arriving.

Are there any crocodiles in Casa Cenote?

Casa Cenote is home to a friendly crocodile aptly named Panchito. If you’re swimming in the cenote, be sure to look out for signs pointing toward his favorite hangout spots! Rest assured that Panchito is quite accustomed to humans and poses no danger – so jump right in with confidence!

What to Pack for Cenote Casa Cenote

To make certain your journey to the magnificent Casa Cenote is a memorable one, be sure to bring along these essential items so you can experience an effortless and blissful getaway!

  • Swimwear: Make sure you don’t miss out on the ultimate cenote experience – this one essential item is an absolute must!
  • Snorkel Mask or Goggles: Don’t let a single detail escape you – be sure to equip yourself with snorkeling gear before embarking on an awe-inspiring trek into the mesmerizing abyss of these majestic sinkholes! With your mask and goggles in tow, get ready for a captivating journey like no other.
  • Water Shoes: Exploring cenotes in Mexico is a magical experience, and while it’s not mandatory to purchase water shoes before venturing out, I strongly suggest it. With their sharp rocks and slippery surfaces, these grottos can be hazardous without the proper protection on your feet; but with sturdy shoes, you’ll feel safe enough to enjoy yourself! Don’t let that stop you from experiencing this remarkable adventure – invest in some good quality water shoes for an unforgettable journey! Furthermore, these waterproof items are invaluable when visiting the coral reef and snorkeling.
  • Water Bottle: Don’t forget to bring your reliable, reusable water bottle! With its high temperatures and humidity, you wouldn’t want to take the chance of drinking unclean tap water. Bring a strong container that can endure any escapade — or better yet, opt for a LifeStraw filter bottle. This will guarantee that whatever liquid flows through it is filtered before being ingested; in this way not only would you stay sufficiently hydrated but also reduce your plastic waste footprint at once!
  • Camera: The allure of these cenotes is so enthralling that you simply can’t resist capturing the moment with a few snapshots. Plus, why not take advantage and bring along your waterproof camera or GoPro? With this setup, you’ll be able to capture extraordinary imagery while submerged in their depths!

Conclusion: Is Casa Cenote (Cenote Manati) worth the visit?

Are you eager to discover the wondrous Casa Cenote Tulum? I hope this guide has been a great help in preparing for your journey! This cenote is extraordinary, distinguishing itself from all of its neighbors located near Playa del Carmen. If you relish nature and crave an out-of-the ordinary outdoor experience on or around Tulum or Playa del Carmen, then visiting Casa Cenote should be at the top of your list.

Other Things to Do Near Casa Cenote

After you’ve explored this majestic cenote, why not take part in some thrilling activities?

      • Take off on an intrepid expedition to uncover Tulum’s wealth of awe-inspiring cenotes! With such a plethora of stunning locations, you and your closest companions will have days full of unforgettable memories. 
      • Unwind and relax at the gorgeous Tulum Beach, and don’t forget to try one of the many amazing restaurants in town (try the tacos and local beer)
      • Take a trip to the ancient Tulum ruins, National Parks and, if you find yourself with extra time, venture even further to ruins of Chichen Itza – a stunning location and one of the 7 Wonders of the World!
      • Enjoy an unforgettable day trip to the magnificent Sian Ka’an Biosphere breathtakingly blue waters and get up close with dolphins and even some crocodiles!