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How is Cancun Weather in December? - Complete Guide and Travel Tips

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Cancun in December: Weather Info & Travel Tips for 2023

What is the Best Time to Visit Cancun?

If you’re planning a trip to Cancun, Mexico in December, then look no further, this is your go-to guide! I live just a short distance away from this beautiful beach city and know which are the most popular months to visit.

For everything you need to know about what’s happening in Cancun over winter, look no further. From weather updates, the best activities for the season and travel tips tailored just for December visitors – it’s all right here. So, take a deep breath and let me be your helping hand towards making sure your visit is nothing short of extraordinary! 


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Weather in Cancun in December

Are you dreaming of a December getaway to Cancun, Mexico? Wonder no more! The weather in Cancun during this time is usually defined by rays of sunshine, warm temperatures and low humidity. In fact, you could say that the month of December is perfect for visiting this gorgeous destination!

Not sure how to get from Cancun International Airport (CUN) to your hotel or resort in Cancun?

Cancun Airport Transportation’s private shuttle service offers the simplest, safest, and most convenient way to travel. Their round trip private shuttle service starts at just $65 USD for 1-3 people. December is usually dry as it falls outside of the hurricane season (30th November) and the rainy season. However, one should always be prepared for a rain shower in tropical weather! Even though Cancun’s wet season is not at its peak during this month it doesn’t mean that you won’t get a few showers. 

Average Temperatures in Cancun in December

Average Temperature in Cancun
Average Temperature in Cancun (courtesy of

When you find yourself in the beautiful city of Cancun, Mexico in December, bask under the warmth of temperatures ranging from 78-80°F (23-27°C) during peak hours. At nightfall, temperatures still remain desirable with an average low of 70-75 °F (21-24 ºC), and relief from humidity is a welcome bonus!

  • Average high temp in Cancun in December –  80°F (26.9°C)
  • Average low temp in Cancun in December – 74°F (23.5°C)
  • Hottest months in Cancun Mexico? May – October
  • Coldest months in Cancun Mexico? December – March (winter months)

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Does it rain in Cancun in December?

Average Rainfall in Cancun
Average Rainfall in Cancun (courtesy of

Planning a vacation to Cancun, Mexico? You’re likely wondering when the rainy season is. While it may seem daunting, you’ll be relieved to know that rain in Cancun usually occurs between the months of May and October—making December an ideal time for travelers seeking sunny weather!

  • What’s the average rainfall in December? 63 mm
  • How many days of rain in December? 20 days — Despite December being the fifth soggiest month in Cancun, Mexico, you can still expect plenty of days with glorious sunshine. The showers typically don’t last more than an hour!

While it’s impossible to forecast the weather with absolute certainty, May through early November is also a slower period in Cancun, resulting in more affordable prices and fewer people. Even during the rainy season, there are still plenty of beautiful sunny days here! So if you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and take your chances for an unforgettable getaway at a reduced cost.

Does It Rain All Day in Cancun in November?

Average Days of Rain in Cancun
Average Days of Rain in Cancun (courtesy of

Don’t fret if it rains during your stay in Cancun! Tropical storms generally arrive and pass quickly, with some people even finding them enjoyable to watch. As a plus, the air temperature and humidity levels will drop after the rain has stopped, making those days rather pleasant!

Best Things to Do in Cancun When it Rains

Even when the skies open up, you can still enjoy yourself. For an indoor activity that’s sure to be fun for everyone, head to La Isla Shopping Village and shop your heart out! This massive mall also features a movie theater and plenty of delicious restaurants. Plus, don’t forget about Forum By the Sea where you’ll find the famous Hard Rock Cafe Cancun. No matter what type of weather comes knocking on your door during your stay in Mexico’s Caribbean paradise, there is always something exciting waiting at these two awesome locations. Cancun also has a few museums, like the Museo Maya de Cancun (Cancun Mayan Museum), Cancun Wax Museum, Ripleys Believe it Or Not!, and Cancun Vintage Car Museum.

Is it hot in Cancun in December?

Average Daylights and Sunshine in Cancun
Average Daylights and Sunshine in Cancun (courtesy of

Are you wondering if Cancun is hot or cold in December? confirms that the temperatures are usually pretty balmy, with highs ranging from hot to very hot all year long! However, occasionally there may be some cooler days between December and February. If you’d like to beat the heat while visiting Cancun, plan your outdoor activities between 11am and 2pm when the weather is calmer. Some fun places you could visit include MUSA, Cancun’s incredible underwater museum. 

Are you considering a trip to Cancun in December, but worried that the heat will become unbearable? While it is true that temperatures can be sweltering during this time of year, there are still plenty of ways to have fun and keep cool. Exploring the Underwater Museum beneath the sea or swimming in one of Cancun’s cenotes are great options for beating the heat. If cooler weather is more your style, then plan your visit for January or February when skies are clearer and conditions pleasant. 

Average Humidity in Cancun in December

Average Humidity in Cancun
Average Humidity in Cancun (courtesy of

Because Cancun is nestled between a vast jungle and the Caribbean Sea, humidity is unavoidable. Although the region’s moisture can be stifling, it also offers an invigorating breeze off the sea that helps to temper its effects!

What is the average humidity in Cancun in December?

Between 70% and 80% so remember to drink a lot of water!

Which month has the worst weather in Cancun? 

Fortunately for those looking to travel over Christmas, the answer isn’t December. The least favorable months in terms of weather are October and September. Meanwhile, May usually brings unbearable heat that even Cancun residents dread, making it the hottest month on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Are there hurricanes in Cancun in December?

Average Wind Speed Cancun
Average Wind Speed Cancun (courtesy of

Are you wondering if Cancun endures hurricanes in December? You can rest assured that the answer is no. While there may be storms or cloud cover throughout the whole year, the Atlantic Hurricane Season officially comes to an end on November 30th and thus takes away any chances of a hurricane arriving during December. Hurricanes are uncommon in Cancun with only two occurring over the past three decades: Hurricane Gilbert on September 5, 1988, and ​​Hurricane Wilma on October 21, 2005.

  • Average wind speed in December? 10.4 mph (16.8 km/h)
  • Windiest month in Cancun Mexico? March

When is Hurricane Season in Cancun?

While the Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June to November, history reveals that storms are most likely to occur between August and October. Although hurricanes remain uncommon, it’s still a good idea to stay informed and aware should you plan on visiting Cancun in December or any other time during this season.

So, when is Mexico hurricane season? Cancun Hurricane Season is consistent with the rest of the world, extending from June 1st to November 30th. This means travelers can visit without fear of being caught in a storm!


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Is Cancun Safe During Hurricane Season?

Generally speaking, yes. Cancun is relatively safe from the destruction caused by hurricanes due to their tendency to be exceedingly vast in scope and the fact that only areas near the eye of a hurricane tend to suffer severe damage. A direct hit would have to occur for serious devastation to happen, which fortunately does not often transpire in Cancun.

Traveling to Cancun in December 

Although December is only just outside of the official Hurricane Season, don’t be deterred from visiting Cancun as it’s impossible to predict weather with total accuracy. In fact, many people actually prefer coming during this time! The primary rationale is that prices drop drastically, so you can get more bang for your buck than if you visited in December when rates will have sky-rocket. So don’t miss out and take advantage of the savings while they last!

How Warm is the Water in Cancun in December?

Average Sea Temperature in Cancun
Average Sea Temperature in Cancun (courtesy of

Cancun’s Caribbean Sea is the perfect year-round temperature for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. December water temperatures range from a balmy 77°F (25°C) to an inviting 84°F (29°C), making it an ideal destination for any aquatic adventure.

  • Average water temperature in December? 80°F (26.5°C)

Best Tours in Cancun in December

If sun-kissed waters have you yearning for a getaway, then book one of Cancun’s tours to see everything that this Mexican paradise has to offer! Below are some top-rated excursions in Cancun, Mexico which will help make your vacation unforgettable. So don’t wait; start planning now so you won’t miss out on the fun.

Things Do to in Cancun in December

Cancun Weather in December - Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramid in Mexico
Cancun Weather in December – Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramid in Mexico

Visit Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins

Few destinations can rival Chichen Itza in its grandeur and significance. Located 2.5 hours away from Cancun, it is an absolute must-see on any Cancun itinerary! You have the option to travel there by car rental, bus or through a tour guide – all of which are budget friendly. 

However, if you want to soak up every detail this UNESCO World Heritage Site has to offer then I would highly recommend opting for a guided tour; not many things compare with having your own knowledgeable expert show you around such an incredible place!

Best Cancun to Mayan Ruins Tour

If you’re short on time or don’t want to spend an entire day at the renowned Chichen Itza, there are numerous other Mayan Ruins closer to Cancun that will still amaze you! El Rey Ruins, El Meco Ruins, Yamil Lu’um Ruins, and San Miguelito ruins at the Cancun Maya Museum are all great spots to explore with a fraction of the commitment. Don’t miss out on these incredible cultural sites while in Mexico!

Cancun Weather in December - Cancun Beaches
Cancun Weather in December – Cancun Beaches

Unwind on Cancun Beaches

If you’re looking for the perfect beachfront getaway, look no further than Cancun. Located on Mexico’s magnificent Caribbean Coast, it is home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches! From Playa Delfines and Playa Mujeres to Playa Chacmool, Langosta and Marlín and not forgetting about stunning Punta Nizuc your ideal seaside escape awaits. 

Xcaret Park

Experience the thrill of zip-lining through lush tropical forests at Xcaret Park, marvel at its world renowned nocturnal dance show and discover much more. Of all activities to enjoy in Yucatan Mexico, Xcaret is a water park that utilizes the stunning native environment instead of artificial swimming pools.

Cancun Weather in December - Isla Mujeres - El Garrafon Park
Cancun Weather – Isla Mujeres – El Garrafon Park

Cancun to Isla Mujeres Day Trip

Hop on a fast ferry boat and in 20 minutes you will arrive at Isla Mujeres. This is a wonderful island for an idyllic escape from Cancun. Are you looking for more than one paradise? Look no further than Isla Contoy. It’s also just around the corner and part of Mexico’s National Park.

Best things to do in Cancun : Cenote Suytun
Best things to do in Cancun : Cenote Suytun

Swim in a Cenotes near Cancun

To truly experience Cancun’s alluring beauty, don’t forget to take a plunge into its spectacular cenotes (pronounced sen-no-tays). These captivating sinkholes are filled with fresh water from the long underground river Sac Actun that passes under the Yucatan Peninsula. If you’re unsure of what items to bring for your dive into these magical places, use this handy Cancun cenotes packing list so you can enjoy swimming in Mexico’s majestic oasis worry free!

If you’re looking for a surreal experience, then the 6,000 cenotes in Yucatan will make your dreams come true. And if you happen to be near Cancun or Puerto Morelos on Highway 307, journey along Ruta de Cenotes and immerse yourself in its beauty with famous spots like Dos Ojos, Gran Cenote, Jardin del Eden and Suytun in Valledolid.

Laguna Nichupte, Cancun Lagoon

Cancun may be renowned as a Mexican beach destination, but there’s much more to explore. Beyond the sandy shoreline lies Nichupte Lagoon, an expansive natural area boasting seven lakes and 7400 acres of wide-open beauty. Whether you’re looking for water sports or swimming opportunities, this paradise is perfect for them all! If observing wildlife in Cancun is what piques your interest on vacation then aim to visit between May 17th through September 17th, these are the best dates for seeing whale sharks. 

Best Day Trips from Cancun

If you decide to rent a car for your stay in Cancun, there’s an array of day trips available! If you just drive one hour south, you’ll be at the breathtaking Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya. Travel another hour further south and you can explore Tulum too! Additionally, fascinating historical sites such as Valladolid and Izamal – two renowned Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns) – are located nearby as well.

Holidays & Festivals in Cancun in December

Christmas in cancun at a resort

Christmas in Cancun

Celebrate the joyous Christmas season in Mexico with a week of festivities from December 16-25! Revel in processions and Las Posadas parties while caroling along to Pedir Posada, similar to our beloved Christmas Carols. For many Mexicans, Nochebuena (Holy Night), which is on December 24th holds more importance than Christmas day. Gather your family for a big dinner before heading over to Midnight Mass.  

New Year’s in Cancun

The world-renowned beach town of Cancun pulls out all the stops in terms of New Year’s Eve celebrations. Revelers can expect breathtaking fireworks bursting across its shoreline, as well as a host of other festivities, to take part in. For those hoping for that coveted Times Square vibe, don’t miss out on Cancun’s vibrant nightlife! Check out some of the best clubs such as Coco Bongo and La Vaquita Cancún. Be sure to book your tickets ahead of time if you want to join in on their legendary all-night dance parties, there bound to sell out soon!

Cancun in December: FAQs

Is Cancun Safe to Travel to?

For the most part, you can feel secure in Cancun. There are still petty crime that occur just like everywhere on Earth but generally Cancun feels safe. To get more information about safety during your stay, take a look at this guide Is Cancun Safe Now – Guide? If you’re taking a solo trip and need some extra assurance while vacationing in Mexico’s hotspot, this comprehensive guide is perfect for helping plan an enjoyable yet safe journey.

The media in the United States often paints Mexico as an extremely dangerous country, yet millions of travelers from Canada and the US still flock to Cancun year after year. If it really was that unsafe, visitors would stop going altogether. The truth is clear-cut; according to information gathered by Mexico Secretary of Tourism statistics, 35 million international tourists traveled there between January and August 2021 alone! Despite all negative reports about it’s safety, people are still drawn to one of its top destinations, Cancun!

Where is Cancun Mexico?

Are you curious, What state is Cancun in? Well, the answer to that question is Quintana Roo! This marvelous destination lies within Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, which consists of three states: Quintana Roo (the most visited), Yucatan State, and Campeche State. It’s a long thin stretch along the Caribbean Sea so let’s call it “The Mexican Caribbean”! 

Located in Mexico, Quintana Roo is an awe-inspiring paradise filled with picturesque beaches. For example, Playa Maroma has some of the most exquisite overwater bungalows and tranquil atmosphere while Playa del Carmen bejewels the state’s unique charm. Riviera Maya, Puerto Morelos, Holbox Island, and Laguna Bacalar are famously known as “The Maldives of Mexico” and will captivate you from head to toe with their untainted beauty!


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