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Cancun Time Zone - Is Cancun EST or CST?

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Cancun Time ZoneWhat is Cancun’s time zone?

Crafting your next holiday vacation is always thrilling, and one of the most crucial facts you must know about your destination is its time zone.

When considering a trip to Cancún, Mexico, it’s important to adopt proper timing protocol. Quintana Roo has recently switched from its original Central Standard Time (CST) over to Eastern Standard Time (EST). Quintana Roo once followed the Central time zone (zona centro) in Mexico until it embraced the Southeastern time zone (officially called zona sureste).

This change was adopted after much campaigning by the state government and local hotel owners in an effort towards modernizing their clocks. To understand more about when Daylight Savings will be observed during your stay here and how that affects your vacation plans, continue reading for further insight! 

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Cancun Time Zone

What time is it in Cancún?

You can find the current time in Cancun here.

How does daylight savings time affect time in Cancún?

Rather unusually, Cancún is not observing Daylight Savings Time in 2023. Depending on when and where you are traveling from to visit Cancún, this may require adjusting your watch as the time difference changes throughout the year. For instance, I’m currently located in Central Standard Time zone which runs one hour behind that of Cancún; however we observe Daylight Savings – setting our clocks ahead by an hour every March 8th while Cancun does not – resulting in us being caught up with them until November’s fall back brings them a full-hour ahead of us once again.

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Do Any Other Mexican States Observe EST?

No. Quintana Roo is the only Mexican state that practices Eastern Standard Time, and  does not observe Daylight Savings. This means there are occasions when certain Central American states can be synchronized with Cancun’s timekeeping. Yes…this does happen.

EST Time Cancun

Why go to Cancún?

Why not take advantage of all the non-stop flights to Cancun and explore one of the most stunningly beautiful areas in the world? Whether you’re looking for breathtaking beaches, vibrant nightlife or luxurious all-inclusive resorts, Cancun has it covered. So why wait – start planning your trip today with the help of our guide!