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10 Best Cancun Souvenirs - Where to buy Souvenirs in Cancun

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5 Places to Buy Souvenirs in Cancun

Are you planning to buy yourself or a loved one something special or souvenir from Cancun; whether it’s an eye-catching ring, necklace or pair of earrings. Don’t settle for the typical magnets and t-shirts — opt instead for something truly authentic that will remind you of your Caribbean resort beach getaway forever! Purchasing a memorable memento is essential if you want to fully immerse yourself in this dreamy vacation.

In this guide, we will share with you the best places to buy souvenirs in Cancun and also our top 10 souvenir ideas. 

Best Places to Buy Souvenirs in Cancun

Cancun Souvenirs Mercado 28
Cancun Souvenirs Mercado 28


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1. Mercado 28 – Market 28

Market 28 is a must-see for anyone visiting Cancun. Spanning an entire city block in downtown, it offers up anything and everything related to souvenirs and gifts – from artisan handcrafts to Mexican traditional clothing! As if that wasn’t enough, navigating around the endless number of vendors attempting to entice you into their stores can be quite invigorating – amplifying the experience with heaps of bargains! And don’t forget about the food court situated right at its center: boasting affordable prices on delicious seafood dishes along with other local delicacies, tacos and Mexican beer. Whatever your heart desires can be found here; so come ready for lots of shopping fun!

Souvenirs Cancun : Plaza Las Americas Mall
Souvenirs Cancun : Plaza Las Americas Mall

2. Plaza Las Americas

Plaza las Americas is a bustling downtown shopping center located on Avenida Tulum in vibrant Cancun. Locals flock to this hub of activity, which offers clothing stores, sports outlets, jewelry boutiques, shoe shops and even a full-service nail salon. Foodies can explore the wide range of food options at the expansive food court – from local cuisine to fast-food favorites! Plus there’s an entire supermarket for all your grocery needs.

La Isla Shopping Villas
La Isla Shopping Village

3. La Isla Shopping Village

Be drawn in by the Venetian-inspired La Isla Shopping Village Cancun, one of Cancun’s most popular outdoor malls located in the hotel zone – (map). Offering an abundance of choices for everyone to enjoy, you can find a variety of souvenirs and handicrafts, as well as international brands, exquisite eateries with unbeatable views overlooking Isla Mujeres Bay from its 10th floor terrace restaurants; not forgetting luxury boutiques and duty free stores all offering exceptional value! Plus take your pick from an aquarium or cinema theatre too – what more could anyone ask for?

Cancun Souvenirs: Coral Negro Flea Market
Cancun Souvenirs : Coral Negro Flea Market

4. Coral Negro Flea Market

If you’re looking for the perfect souvenirs, make sure to visit the Coral Negro Flea Market! You’ll find everything from brightly painted pottery and silver jewelry, to traditional Mexican clothing. Looking for something a bit more daring? This market offers piercings, tattoos and braids too. And don’t forget about Xtabentun – an excellent restaurant located in the lagoon side of this beautiful flea market. Make sure to buy some xtabentún while you’re there; it’s an exquisite liqueur made with anise seed and fermented honey straight from Yucatan Peninsula nectar!

5. Plaza La Fiesta

At Plaza La Fiesta, one doesn’t need to worry about bargaining as the prices are fixed. This store offers a great selection of quality options such as jewelry, leather goods, silver and much more! Conveniently situated near the Coral Negro Market across from the Convention Center, come visit us today for all your shopping needs!

What Souvenirs To Buy In Cancun

Cancun is a great place to shop, relax and have fun. But some items that are widely found in the city offer more than just an item to take home: they carry with them a special piece of Mexican culture.  Are you searching for a perfect present that won’t break the bank?  To make your shopping experience even easier, here is our 10 must-have souvenirs from this majestic Mexican city!

1. Mexican Sombrero

If you’ve ever watched a classic Western movie, then chances are you have seen the iconic Mexican sombrero. With its signature wide brim pointed on the crown and chin string for keeping it in place, these hats make an enduring impression. The Spanish translation of “sombrero” simply refers to any type of hat– making them perfect souvenirs from Cancun! Whether treated as gifts or keepsakes for yourself, be sure to browse through all designs, colors and special embellishments before settling on one that speaks to your heart.

Where to Buy:  Ki-Huic – Av. Tulum 17, this beloved market is a must for anyone visiting Mexico’s Quintana Roo region.

2. Hand-Made Margarita Glasses

Hand-painted Margarita Glasses

Margarita is a very famous drink in Mexico? How come you don’t expect their glasses to be plain and boring. In fact, the Glassblowing technique was also introduced by the Spanish colonizers in the 1500’s. In Cancun, you will usually find hand-painted glasses’ exteriors covered with colorful designs and patterns that are just super adorable. 

Where to Buy: Plaza Las Americas Mall

3. Mayan inspired Jewellery

If you’re looking for the perfect souvenir to take home from Cancun, look no further. Not only is this memento stunningly beautiful, but it also carries a 5,000 year-old legacy: Mayan people were some of the first civilizations in America to make jewelry! You will certainly be enthralled by their colorful pieces that feature turquoise and blue jade stones as well as sterling silver and gold accents – all combined together with bronze or copper metals. This one-of-a kind piece not only has historical value but can serve as an exquisite reminder of your journey abroad too!

Where to Buy: Ki-Huic – Av Tulum 17, Cancún, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico. 

4. Serape

Gents, if you’re shopping in Cancun then don’t forget to take a look at the serapes! These are like Mexican ponchos but much more vibrant and colorful. They have fringed ends which add an extra pop of flair – perfect for adding some Latin American flavor into your wardrobe.

Create a souvenir to cherish with your own two hands when you purchase one of the traditional Mayan-crafted serapes. The homespun nature of these blankets bring income directly to many agricultural families, making them an absolute must while visiting Cancun, Mexico. Their production is done using traditional home looms and only in small quantities that make each piece even more special!

Where to Buy: Mercado 28 – Market 28 – Avenida Xel-ha 1, Centro, Cancún, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico

5. Silverware

For centuries, Taxco-made silverware from Mexico has been globally revered and widely popular as gifts in Cancun. Whether you prefer Spanish, Mexican, Mayan or Asian styles – these famous items to buy in Cancun come with a range of prices starting at $30 for the simpler designs to thousands for more intricate details. Don’t miss out on this chance to take home something truly special!

Where to Buy: Kukulcán Plaza – Blvd Kukulcan, 13 km from Zona Hotelera in Cancún, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico

6. Hammocks

Invented by Mexican natives, hanging beds offer an innovative way to sleep safely off the ground away from wild animals. But today they are more commonly found in coastal locations where individuals can relax under the dappled shade of trees while lounging in a hammock. If you’re a nature lover and are searching for something to help you relax without worrying about ground-dwelling critters, then the top things to purchase when in Cancun should be these hammocks! The Mexican and Mayan people have used various materials such as bark, sisal fibers, nylon, silk, cotton and more to craft these exceedingly comfortable pieces. Bring home one of their handcrafted works of art today and enjoy the tranquility they provide.

Where to Buy: Mercado 28 – Market 28 – Avenida Xel-ha 1, Centro, Cancún, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico

7. Weaved Baskets

Weaving baskets for household use has been the oldest traditional handicrafts in Mexico. Now they are in markets offering a great variety of colors and forms that you can never imagine. The materials used for making these popular things to buy in Cancun are wicker, palm, ditch reed, rush, sugar cane, straw, and rod, which, in turn, largely determines the techniques and skills used by the workers experienced in this from many generations.

Where to Buy: Mercado 28 – Market 28 – Avenida Xel-ha 1, Centro, Cancún, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico

8. Mexican Lacquerware

If you don’t want to purchase extra baggage with your travels, this is a perfect type of craft or wooden box that can easily fit in your bag. With vibrant designs intricately crafted and coated, these gourds are quite precious within Mexican culture – dating back centuries ago when the Mayans and Aztecs first began creating them. When considering what souvenirs to bring home from Cancun, look no further than these unique boxes made only in three places across Mexico! It’s truly an one-of-a kind item which you won’t find anywhere else around the world.

Where to Buy: Mercado 28 – Market 28 – Avenida Xel-ha 1, Centro, Cancún, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico

9. Pottery

Just like Mayan jewellery ceramics in Mexico date back thousands of years, remarks the country’s most popular craft today. Such Mexican pottery can be seen in various designs depending on the region where it is made. These are one of the best souvenirs to buy in Cancun that you can take back and actively use in your daily kitchen. Plus you are offered with vibrant colorful styles that beautifully reflect the country’s diversity and traditions

Where to Buy: Kukulcán Plaza – Blvd Kukulcan, 13 km from Zona Hotelera in Cancún, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico

10. Huipiles

Unleash your inner Mexican fashionista and experience the traditional clothing of Cancun! Huipiles are the perfect way to go, with blouses or tunics worn by local Mayan and Zapotec women. These come in a variety of lengths and sizes, with loose designs that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their shape or size. You’ll find lots vibrant designs decorating each garment – from tales inspired by local legends to tropical flowers found all around Cancun. When it comes down to picking out souvenirs for your female friends back home, huipiles should definitely make its way on top of your list!

Where to Buy: Mercado 28 – Market 28 – Avenida Xel-ha 1, Centro, Cancún, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico

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