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Cancun Lagoon - 2023 Nichupte Lagoon Cancun Guide

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Amazing things to do on Nichupte lagoon – Cancun – Mexico

The Nichupte Lagoon in Cancun is a stunning and underrated destination that both visitors and locals can appreciate. It is one of the best things you can do in Cancun and in this post, I’ll share my journey to the lagoon along with all of the wonderful activities it has to offer! 

Nichupte Lagoon - Cancun lagoon
Nichupte Lagoon – Cancun lagoon

This immense body of water partitions downtown Cancun from its bustling tourist district with the big resorts– commonly known as “Zona Hotelera” which stretches an impressive 30 kilometers away from the sea itself. It truly is an exquisite reminder of how Mother Nature still reigns supreme over mankind’s creations!


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About Cancun Lagoon – Nichupte Lagoon History

Spanning an impressive expanse of 5 majestic lagoons, including Nichupté, Río Inglés, Rio del Amor, Caleta Nizuc y Bojórquez – the lagoon system is a stunning treasure and one of the few original ecosystems that survived after the building of Cancún’s famed Hotel Zone.

When Cancun was being constructed in the 70s, nobody would have predicted its development into a major attraction – both nationally and internationally. Regrettably, little thought went into preserving the delicate ecosystem that such an expansive entertainment industry posed a threat to.

The jungle is an idyllic destination, particularly for bird watchers and biologists. Fresh water that seeps through the rocks combines with sea saltwater to create a hospitable habitat in which Marine life can reproduce and young fish can thrive before eventually returning to the ocean depths. Together, these two elements make it a paradise of biodiversity – one full of flourishing creatures just waiting to be discovered!

You might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of dolphins, which I’ve heard about from fellow adventurers. Crocodiles also inhabit this area due to the abundance of food, security and leisurely sunbathing opportunities available in their own designated territories.

Nichupte Lagoon - Cancun lagoon
Nichupte Lagoon – Cancun lagoon

You may be aware of the occasional crocodile attack in this area, but such cases are typically due to individuals failing to take proper safety measures or disregarding nature. Crocodiles, like most other animals, act based on instinct; they defend themselves from perceived threats and hunt for food. Thus it is our responsibility to ensure that we do not enter their territory without respect and consideration so as not to provoke them into a hostile response.

Today, I took full advantage of the opportunity to explore the lagoon without any risks. It was such an incredible experience that I felt compelled to share it in writing, as a sort of apology for not visiting sooner. Sure, there are numerous motorboat and Jet ski tours available around the lagoon; however, personally speaking – these activities do nothing for me.

I detest any kind of encroachment on nature, so I’d prefer to have gazed at the vastness of Tajamar Pond while taking a jog or experimenting with my photography. Alternatively, one could witness stunning sunsets across the lagoon from La Isla Shopping Centre in Hotel Zone. Such an idyllic view would certainly make for some romantic moments!

Best Things to do in the Lagoon Nichupte Cancun

Paddleboarding in Nichupte Lagoon

Another great experience for early risers is paddle boarding, or stand up paddle, or SUP. It’s an amazing experience that can be both soothing and energizing, putting you in full contact with nature while keeping you happy all day long. And if you’re already happy, you’ll get an extra dose of happiness! I hope you’ll follow my tips on eco-watersports at Nichuptè lagoon so that you’ll thank me forever. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Cancun even more.

Kayak at Nichupte Lagoon
Kayak at Nichupte Lagoon

Kayak Jungle Tour

After today, my outlook has been drastically altered. I heard about an ecotour kayaking around the lagoon and immediately reached out to book it for this morning. Despite being a tad groggy from getting up early, I managed to convince some friends to join me on the adventure that promised serenity in nature’s hustle-and-bustle atmosphere. To no surprise, they absolutely adored it – as did I! It would have been even better with more people along; but nonetheless we enjoyed our three hours of blissful exercise amidst Mother Nature’s beauty!

When the rays of the sun began to peek out, I knew that it was going to be a beautiful day. And surrounded by nature’s beauty, my expectations were far exceeded. We glided through mangroves and paused intermittently just so we could marvel at birds soaring in search of food or simply enjoying their flight – all accompanied only by distant boat engines humming away in harmony with nature itself. The sun painted vibrant hues across the sky while its reflection illuminated turquoise blue waters below; it truly was an image too stunning for words as if created specifically for my perfect photo moment!

During our journey, I was delighted to discover a secret beach that we’d never been aware of. After two hours in the same position, it became rather uncomfortable, so we decided to take a break and spend some time relaxing in its refreshing waters. We swam for an extended period and really enjoyed ourselves.

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Speedboat at Nichupte Lagoon
Speedboat at Nichupte Lagoon

Our morning was tranquil, rejuvenating and utterly serene. By 10am we returned to the hotel after our captivating journey accompanied by Rodrigo, who was an incredibly informed yet patient guide — it’s clear that his passion for guiding drives him! We were in control of how long our trip would take as we had pre-agreed on a departure time before hand and amended our route with changing ocean currents along the way.

If there is not much current, you may be able to take a leisurely row down the bridge and out into the sea. In other cases, your activity will remain within mangrove forests. Tours are available at various times throughout day; always offering an array of gorgeous colors and beautiful landscapes that continuously change with each passing hour.

I wholeheartedly suggest the sunset tour that we’ll be embarking on shortly. From 4 pm until the sun sets, you will experience an awe-inspiring demonstration of nature’s beauty! If you contact them through their Facebook page, they can craft a tailor-made excursion for this stunning gem.

Expert Tips: Even if you’re a novice, you can still join the tour and pick up on things instantly! To ensure a great experience, make sure to bring along sunblock (preferably eco-friendly), mosquito spray (also eco-friendly) if leaving early in the morning, sunglasses and a hat for added protection from weather elements. A dry bag is strongly recommended as well as any protective cases or covers to safeguard your phone against water damage—you’ll get wet even without falling into the river! But most of all don’t forget: lots of good vibes !

Put a pause on your shopping spree when the sun starts to set at Plaza La Isla, and make sure you witness its picturesque descent beyond Cancun’s stunning skyline. There is no other view quite like it – it’s nothing short of magical!

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