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Cancun Hotel Zone Map - Zone Hotelera Cancun Vacation Guide

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In Cancun, visitors can delight in the 22.5 Kms (14 Miles) of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, which offers an abundance of beachfront hotels, resorts, and villas with easy access to powdery white sand lovely beaches and electric turquoise water. Within this stretch also lies Laguna Nichupté (Nichupte Lagoon) – a vast lagoon that adds another layer of splendor to the vacation experience! 


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Cancun Hotel Zone Map

Located against a breathtaking backdrop of ocean waters, Cancun’s hotel zone offers an array of exciting attractions, including water sports venues, waterfront restaurants serving delicious authentic mexican food and shopping malls.

There are even minor archeological sites like the Ruins of El Rey located on Kukulacán Blvd at Km 17 (near Mile 10.5) that make for great day trips!

Distance from Cancun Airport

Cancun’s captivating Hotel Zone is 6.2 miles (10 km) away from Cancun International Airport. The travel duration from the airport to your Cancun hotel or resort varies depending on its exact location within the Hotel Zone!

How can you get from Cancun Airport to Cancun Hotel Zone?

Take a taxi! At most, it’ll take you just 25 minutes from end-to-end. If you want more convenience then book a Private Transfer before you even get to the airport or rent a car. You can always take public transportation like ADO bus and colectivos.

Map Cancun Hotel Zone

Boasting more than 70 hotels, the Hotel Zone is an ideal destination for those who want to take a break and unwind. As you look at the map, you will notice red dots with all the hotels and resorts.

Cancun Hotel Zone Map -Beaches
Cancun Hotel Zone Map – Mexican Caribbean Sea stunning Beaches

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Cancun Hotel Zone Map
Cancun Map : Cancun Hotel Map (courtesy of

Downtown Cancun (Centro) vs Hotel Zone

If you are wondering where to stay in Cancun then we have answers for you. For those that prefer a more adventurous and immersive holiday, the Downtown Cancun area, also known as “El Centro,” is perfect. 

Here, tourists have access to all the cultural experiences of Mexico without sacrificing comfort or luxury. In contrast to its tourist-oriented counterpart – the Hotel Zone – may provide modern amenities like large nightclubs and fine dining restaurants but lacks the truly authentic Mexican experience. 

For budget hotels for the savy travelers and seasoned vacationers alike who want to save money and are looking for an experience closer to native locals should opt for Downtown Cancun!

Downtown Cancun
Downtown area in Cancun

Although Downtown Cancun is slightly further from the most popular attractions, beaches, and nightclubs than other locations in Cancun, getting to these areas takes only 20 minutes by bus.

Cancun Hotel Zone

Best Hotels in Hotel Zone

When looking for the ideal hotel or airbnb, don’t be limited by its location! Public transport buses are available just outside of nearly every accommodation and offer rides to your desired destination for a mere 0.70 USD per trip – inexpensive and convenient. Instead, determine which lodging is best suited to you based on costs, amenities or other features that come with the package.

Cancun All inclusive Resort : Haven Riviera Cancun
Cancun All inclusive Resort : Haven Riviera Cancun private beaches

Best Beach locations in Hotel Zone

When searching for a luxury hotel or all inclusive resorts in the Hotel Zone, each provides its own private beach. If you prefer being close to gorgeous beaches with convenience for walking distance from your room, then stay at a resort on the lower part of Cancun’s 7-shaped layout – heading North and South. 

For those who are looking for calmer waters on their beachfront, book a room situated on the east and west portion – or upper side – of this number seven format.

Coco Bongo Nightclub
Punta Cancun : Coco Bongo Nightclub

Best nightlife locations in Hotel Zone

If you’re looking to experience Cancun’s amazing nightlife, the absolute best spot is where Hotel Riu and both sides of ‘7’ meet in Punta Cancun. That area is within 0.65 miles (1 kilometer) on either side of the hotel – a prime location for anyone wanting to live it up during their stay!

With electrifying events at all hours, there really isn’t anywhere else in town like this! Don’t miss out on one of life’s great pleasures – go explore the incredible nightlife that Cancun has to offer today!

Revel in Cancun’s vibrant nightlife, but be sure to come prepared with a lot of energy!

Isla Mujeres - A short trip from Cancun
Isla Mujeres – A short trip from Cancun

Is Cancun Hotel Zone safe?

Cancun and the nearby tourist destinations captivate millions of travelers annually. While safety measures should be taken on all trips to Mexico, Cancun’s Hotel Zone boasts one of the lowest numbers of violent crimes compared to other parts of Cancun.

To remain safe on your travels, it’s important to be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Try not to display an excess of wealth in public places or venture out unaccompanied during the evening and early morning hours. 

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