Cancun at Christmas

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Cancun at Christmas - 2023 Guide

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What To Expect While Visiting Cancun at Christmas

Looking for something different this Christmas? Forget about the traditional frosty winter scenes, sweaters, and mulled wine! Instead of shivering in cold weather why not enjoy sunny beaches in Cancun? Replace that sweater with bright swimwear and your mug of hot apple cider with an icy-cold cocktail. Who wouldn’t find it appealing?! To hear more what you can expect from spending Christmas at Cancun, keep reading… 

Cancun at Christmas

How is the weather in Cancun during Christmas?

There’s no better time to set your sights on Cancun than December! Sunrays blanket the city with warm temperatures ranging from mid-90s during peak hours and 70s come evening. You don’t need an umbrella or boots either – just slip into flip flops and dip toes in crystal clear waters, as hurricane season has moved out and storms are nowhere near. Let this winter be one of the memorable experiences that you simply won’t forget.


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Christmas at Cancun

Are there things to do in Cancun during Christmas?

From thrilling adventures to enlightening tours, Cancun has an abundance of activities and things to do for visitors. With the cooler and drier days in season, exploring the ancient Mayan pyramids is a truly enjoyable experience! Organize a tour and discover some of the most incredible archaeological sites such as El Rey, Tulum, Chichen Itza and Cobá. Or if you’re looking for something more daring – why not try parasailing or scuba diving? Experience all that Cancun offers by riding jet skis on your next visit!

Even if you are on a family vacation with tots, there is no shortage of exciting activities in Cancun such as taking an underwater voyage in a submarine, competing against each other in mini golf tournaments, constructing sand castles together along the beachfront, splashing around at one of the area’s many water parks and admiring an entertaining pirate show.

Christmas In A Cancun Resort

Cancun at Christmas

Christmas Atmosphere

Spending Christmas in Cancun will be a truly unique experience, as the resort staff are dedicated to making this holiday season special for all guests. The atmosphere is festive and joyous, with lively clubs, parties, bars and restaurants filled with people ready to celebrate and have fun. Although it’s one of the busiest times of year at resorts in Cancun, there remains an easygoing attitude throughout – sure to make your stay extra memorable! Prepare for an unforgettable holiday that will be chock-full of entertainment and occasions! During peak season, the resort may appear busier than normal, potentially requiring some waiting in line for food or drinks – but don’t worry! If you practice a little patience during your trip, it’ll be worth it.

Christmas in cancun at a resort

What are Resorts like during Christmas?

Vacationers spending the holidays in a Cancun resort will be delighted to discover that many of their traditional customs from home are also celebrated there. Holiday music such as Feliz Navidad can be heard, and mouth-watering Christmas meals are served up. Additionally, one’s full holiday experience is completed with candy canes, Christmas trees and even an occasional visit by Santa Claus!

Christmas Activities

Celebrate this Christmas holiday with a unique experience by visiting Cancun’s famous attractions, which are open on the special day! Tour around Chichen Itza and its remarkable Mayan ruins to make your memorable family get-together. Or take an adventure in the jungle followed by snorkeling fun. Truly, it will be one of those Christmases that you’ll never forget!

Food On Christmas Day

If you’re not staying in an All-Inclusive resort, Cancun’s most exceptional restaurants will be open and serving both international Christmas favorites and classic Mexican dishes. Make sure to look out for Noche Buena while there – a beer unique to the holiday season!

What is Christmas like for Mexican

In contrast to what is typically celebrated in the United States, Christmas takes on a unique form for Mexicans.


As Christmas Eve approaches, the Mexican celebration of posadas begins. These processions reenact Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem as a representation of their pilgrimage. Family and friends gather each night for what is sure to be an enjoyable party with traditional Ponche de Paquete – a delightful drink made from fruit zested with cinnamon – served at festivities. Nativity scenes are also created during this time period between December 16th and January 6th for all to appreciate until the holiday season draws to a close.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a beloved day in Mexico, signifying the conclusion of nine days of Posadas and an opportunity for families to come together. Commonly referred to as “Noche Buena” in Spanish, this night entails feasting followed by festive gatherings that often extend until early morning hours. As such, most stores and restaurants will be closed during these lively evening celebrations.

Christmas Day

While Mexican culture traditionally has not placed a heavy emphasis on Christmas day, due to the impact of international customs, many families now exchange gifts and come together for a meal. On this day you will find that most restaurants and stores remain open.

Dia De Los Reyes – The Day Of The Kings

On the 6th of January, Mexicans celebrate another momentous day: Day of the Kings. It marks an end to their jubilations and festivities by mimicking a story from long ago when Three Wise Men gave baby Jesus lavish gifts like gold, frankincense and myrrh. As part of this celebration today, children leave shoes outside their doors with hopes that they will be filled up with presents overnight as if delivered by those same Magi!

An exquisite bread named Rosca de Reyes is also served, and it contains an unexpected surprise–tiny dolls representing Jesus. The beneficiary of the doll within their slice has to host a fiesta on February 2nd; this special day commemorates Dia de la Candelaria, which celebrates the end of winter season.

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