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Cancun Airport Transfer - 2023 Honest Review

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Having visited Mexico often, I have had the opportunity to use Cancun Airport Transportation on several occasions. Additionally, I’ve experimented with different alternative modes of transportation.  

In this review of Cancun Airport Transportation, I am offering my sincere opinion on this efficient and dependable airport shuttle service. 


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Cancun Airport Private Transfers
Cancun Airport Private Transfers

Read This If You’re In A Hurry

In a nutshell, there is no faster, easier and safer way to get from Cancun International Airport to your destination than this. Don’t be fooled by the lower price of buses; they are far more difficult in comparison. Taxi services may cost more but still come with their own set of hassles!

If you have the financial means, I strongly suggest pre-booking your transfer with Cancun Airport Transportation

This will save you from dealing with the chaos in the arrivals area and enable you to transition into holiday mode smoothly. 

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Trust me, when you effortlessly stroll past all those unfortunate travelers still waiting around at the airport, you’ll be grateful that this was one step in the vacation planning you paid attention to!

Cancun Airport Transfers to Hotel Zone

Cancun Airport Transportation Rates

To give you an overview of Cancun Airport Transportation rates (in USD, one way), here is a summary of the key prices:

                        One Way Roundtrip

Cancun Airport – Cancun Downtown $439 $75 Book Here

Cancun Airport – Cancun Hotel Zone $39 $75 

Cancun Airport – Playa del Carmen $80 $155

Cancun Airport – Tulum                     $155 $299

Cancun Airport – Tulum Hotel Zone $175 $335

Review of Cancun Airport Transportation

  • The advantages of utilizing Cancun Airport Transportation are clear: it is the safest, fastest, and most convenient way to travel from the airport. You’ll be able to avoid any potential aggravations that can arise with taxi services in Cancun and take advantage of transparent, fair pricing (just don’t forget to tip your driver). Plus, you’ll enjoy comfortable private vehicles driven by bi-lingual drivers who will even allow you to pre-order drinks and snacks.
  • Although taking a bus is usually the most economical way to get around in Cancun, the prices can still add up to crazy levels for bigger groups.
  • Cancun Airport Transportation is ideal for groups, families, and luxury travelers who prioritize safety and convenience. However, it may not be the best choice for budget backpackers.

From public buses to airport taxis and private vans, no form of transportation has been unable to escape the wrath of my back side.


Cancun International Airport Map
Cancun International Airport

Cancun International Airport is Awful!

Cancun International Airport is an awful experience – cramped, overcrowded and overpriced. When there’s almost no seating available, water bottles being sold for $8 and limited food vendors – you shouldn’t spend any longer in this airport than necessary. However, a stopover at Cancun’s airport can’t be avoided if you’re visiting the stunning Riviera Maya. 

Cancun Airport Transportation is Amazing!

In my experience, Cancun Airport Transportation is the definitive way to get from Cancun International Airport to your hotel. I have used their services several times and can attest that it’s fast, simple, secure and incredibly convenient. 

Granted, there may be more cost-effective alternatives for solo travelers on a tight budget. However, if you are travelling with a group or family, then utilize Cancun Airpot Transportation to save mental peace and money.

I highly recommend Cancun Airport Transportation for anyone looking for the best, most reliable way to get out of Cancun International Airport. I’ve tested numerous transportation services in Mexico, and this is by far my favorite option – not only because it’s hassle-free but also because it is remarkably fast. 

This locally owned company ensures you arrive at your destination quickly and comfortably, whether you are going to Cancun, to Playa del Carmen or to Tulum. And guess what? They have extensive coverage throughout Yucatan too.

Other Transportation Options

Cancun Airport Transportation offers unparalleled comfort and convenience, yet there are plenty of other ways to get to and from the airport. Consider these alternative transportation options if you’re looking for something a little different.


Having taken a taxi from Cancun Airport before, I strongly encourage you never to make the mistake I made

For a taxi to enter the airport’s premises, it must be affiliated with an official company. For this service, you will usually pay around $55, that is, if your driver is being honest with you. Otherwise, you may end up spending even more.

With Cancun Airport Transportation, you can book a reliable ride for a flat $39 fee. So why take the chance with an unknown taxi?


Are you looking for a budget-friendly option to get to and from Cancun International Airport? The ADO Bus is a perfect choice. This reliable, cost-efficient form of transport offers comfortable seating with ample luggage space beneath. 

You can easily find it at the arrivals terminal – I’ve taken this bus multiple times and have never been disappointed. So if you’re searching for an affordable way to travel in Cancun, go for the ADO Bus.

Regrettably, no buses travel directly to the Cancun Hotel Zone. But if you need a ride from Cancun Airport to Tulum, Playa del Carmen or Bacalar – or even further away – I’d encourage you to consider taking an ADO Bus, as it can be pretty convenient for longer trips throughout Riviera Maya.

On the other hand, if your destination is in downtown Cancun and budget permits, then using private transportation service may provide more comfort than relying on public buses. 

So should you book a Private Cancun Shuttle? 

In my view, Cancun Airport Transportation is a must. After all, it’s the safest, most dependable and lightning-fast way to get from the airport to your hotel in Cancun. I’ve used their service multiple times in the past – and will continue to do so whenever I travel back there.

While the ADO Bus may make more financial sense for budget backpackers, private transfers are the way to go if you’re on vacation and want to make the most of your time. 

Cancun Airport Transportation
Cancun Airport Transportation

FAQs s

Are private airport shuttles in Cancun safe?

If you want to guarantee the safety of your airport shuttle ride in Cancun, booking a reservation with an established organization like Cancun Airport Transportation is the way to go.

Otherwise, if you favour private transfers, be ready for scheming drivers who will try to deceive you every step of the way. Many first-time tourists are taken in by these clever drivers who know how to get their way. 

Thus, reserve your transportation service through a legitimate company to ensure everything goes smoothly and securely.

How much does the airport shuttle in Cancun Cost?

Maximize your savings and pre-book a one-way shuttle from Cancun Airport to downtown Cancun or the renowned Cancun Hotel Zone for only $39. With their reliable and convenient transportation services, you’re sure to reach your destination hassle-free.

What is the safest transportation option from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone?

Pre-booking with a trusted and certified airport shuttle service such as Cancun Airport Transportation is the safest mode of transport from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone.

Alternatively, those on a strict budget can take advantage of ADO Bus to safely reach downtown Cancun. 

How much does a taxi cost from Cancun International Airport to the Hotel Zone?

On average, a standard cab charges about $55 to take you to the Hotel Zone from the Cancun Airport. 

If you pre-book a private shuttle transfer with Cancun Airport Transportation, you can acquire efficient transportation for as low as only $39 for a one-way trip.

How long is the ride from Cancun International Airport to the Hotel Zone?

A ride from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone typically takes between 35 and 50 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. This shouldn’t be a surprise, given that the Hotel Zone is 22 kilometers from the airport.

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🚙 Cancun Airport Transportation: For the fastest and easiest way to travel, I suggest arranging a private transfer with Cancun Airport Transportation. Honestly, no better way to travel from the airport to your hotel or resort.

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