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Cancun International Airport Map - Cancun Airport Map and Terminals

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Cancun Airport Map (CUN)

Boasting an impressive 20 million plus annual travelers, Cancun Airport stands as Mexico’s secosnd most significant airport. It is nestled on the northeast corner of Yucatan Peninsula, merely 20 minutes away from the hotel zone and the big resorts when taking a car ride for about 12 miles. 

Cancun International Airport Map
Cancun Airport Map – Cancun Airport is a major international airport in Mexico

Cancun International Airport is made up of three terminals: Terminal 1 for private plane and freight transportation, Terminal 2 for both international flights and domestic flights, and Terminal 3 strictly devoted to international flights. When you arrive or depart from Cancun Airport, your journey will always be from either Terminals 2 or 3.

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Cancun’s International Airport boasts being Mexico’s first airport with the capability of parallel take-offs and landings on two runways. Located around 12 miles, or 19 km from Cancun City Centre, it is a mere 25-minute trip to the modern and well-organized airport terminal. Additionally, their 315-foot control tower makes them one of the tallest in the world – maximizing efficiency for both passengers and nearly 150 domestic/international airlines alike!

Cancun International Airport Map - Terminals
Cancun Airport Map – Cancun Airport Terminals

Terminal # 1 (known as FBO). FBO is a terminal designated specifically for charter flights and private flights, so if you are taking one of those to Cancun, it will be the location where your plane arrives and departs. Cancun Airport has two distinct terminals – FBO being one of them.

Cancun International Airport Map - Terminal 2
Cancun Airport Map – Cancun Airport Terminal 2

Terminal # 2 This Cancun Airport terminal services domestic flights as well as international flights and has an array of national commercial airline services, such as Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air Transat, Air Tran Airways, and more – including Copa Airlines; Cubana de Aviación; First Choice Airways; JetBlue Airways and SkyService Airlines. Additionally, we offer flights with Belair Airlines Click de Mexicana; Champion Air; Condor’ ;Jetair; Lan Chile; Magnicharters MartinAir, Mexicana, SunWing Airlines, Varig Viva Aerobus Volaris!

Cancun International Airport Map - Terminal 3
Cancun Airport Map – Cancun Airport Terminal 3

Terminal #3 If you plan to take an international flight, Cancun Airport Terminal 3 is your destination! Airlines available include Air Europa, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, ATA Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Iberworld, LTU, My Travel, Northwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Thomas Cook, Thomson Fly, Air Europe. United Airlines US Airways, and USA 3000. So no matter which airline you choose for your journey abroad – they all fly through the same terminal!

Transfer Between Terminals. Complimentary airport shuttle service is available between the terminals every 20 minutes, providing you with convenient transportation!

Cancun Airport Telephone #: +52 (998) 886 0183 / (998) 886 0193 Fax: (998) 886 0189

Facilities at Cancun Airport Facilities 

Money and communications: Plentiful ATMs are located within both Cancun Airport terminal buildings, as well as currency exchange services. Post boxes can be found at Terminal 1 in the FBO building and inside Terminal 2 near its main entrance. Alongside these facilities is a bank situated in Terminal 2 for your convenience.

Eating and drinking: Cancun Airport offers a plethora of scrumptious fast-food options and delectable eateries in either terminal.

Shopping: If you’re looking for the perfect any-occasion present, look no further than the array of gift shops available in Cancun Airport Terminal 2. Here, you’ll find both duty free and convenience stores that are sure to have just what you need!

Luggage: At the airport, you can find convenient lockers to store your belongings. Additionally, helpful porters are on hand willing to assist with your luggage for a reasonable gratuity.

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