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Boquete Guide for Expats: Everything you need to know

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2023 Boquete Guide for Expats

Boquete, Panama is a popular destination for expats looking for a new home abroad. This beautiful mountain town offers an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, with its lush green mountains, pleasant climate, and laid-back attitude.

Boquete region panama
House in Boquete Region.

This Boquete panama guide for expats can help newcomers learn more about this unique Central American paradise.

Things to do in Boquete

One of the best things about Boquete panama is its abundance of outdoor activities. From hiking trails and waterfalls to river rafting, Boquete has something for everyone. For hikers, Boquete is home to three spectacular national parks: La Amistad International Park, Volcan Baru National Park, and El Chirí National Park; all of which offer incredible views and exciting adventures.

Best places to Live in Panama: Boquete panama
Best places to Live in Panama: Boquete

Another great thing about Boquete is its very vibrant nightlife scene. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, discotecas (nightclubs), and other entertainment options to keep visitors entertained throughout their stay in Boquete Panama. Boquete also hosts frequent cultural festivals such as the International Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival and Feria de San Juan (Saint John’s Day Festival).

Best Neighborhoods in Boquete

For expats who are interested in living in Boquete panama there are many great neighborhoods available to choose from. Most expats tend to live either in downtown Boquete or in one of the surrounding suburbs such as Valle Escondido or El Salto del Toro.

Best places to Live in Panama: Boquete mountains
Boquete mountains

Each neighborhood offers different amenities such as shopping centers, green areas, playgrounds, sports courts etc., but they all provide easy access to Boquete’s downtown area.

Cost of Living in Boquete

When it comes to the cost of living in Boquete Panama it is important to note that prices can vary significantly depending on your individual needs and lifestyle preferences. Generally speaking however most people can expect rent prices between $500 – $800 per month depending on whether you prefer a house or an apartment rental.

Food costs will also vary but they will be much cheaper than what you would find in western countries. Additionally utilities including electricity and water will usually come out around $50 – $100 per month depending upon usage levels; although some landlords may include them into the rent at no extra charge so make sure you ask when signing up for a rental agreement!

Lastly internet access tends to cost around $30 – $50 per month depending on download speeds since higher speeds tend to incur additional fees from local providers.

Bottom Line

Escape the hectic pace of life in a city and immerse yourself in the lush, mountainous paradise known as Boquete, Panama. This relaxing haven offers locals and expats alike an opportunity to soak up its picturesque views, pleasant climate, and laid-back lifestyle!