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Black Sand Beach in Santorini - 2023 Guide

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Black Sand Beach in Santorini – Everything You Need to Know

Looking for a unique beach experience in Santorini? Look no further than the black sand beach. With its distinctive color and stunning scenery, this beach is a must-visit for any traveler to the island. 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Black Sand Beach. We’ll start by discussing the reason for some beaches being black on the island, before shedding light on the top beaches with black floors.


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Why are there black color beaches in Santorini?

The black-colored beaches in Santorini are a result of the island’s volcanic history. Santorini is a volcanic island that was formed by a series of volcanic eruptions, which have left a unique geological landscape, including black volcanic sand.

black sand beach santorini
Black pebbles of Santorini

The black sand is created when lava flows into the sea and is rapidly cooled by the water, creating fine-grained volcanic sand. Over time, this black sand is then broken down and carried by sea, creating black sand beaches.

Where is Black Sand Beach located?

The beach is situated on the southern coast of Santorini, near the village of Perissa. You can reach Black Sand Beach by bus or taxi from Fira, the island’s capital. It takes around 30 minutes by bus and 20 minutes by taxi. Another option is to rent a car or ATV and drive there yourself.

Useful Information

If you’re looking for some fun in the sun, Perissa and Perivolos are just what you need. With frequent beach parties hosted at Perivolos featuring celebrity DJs and lively vibes throughout the day – visitors can relax poolside while sipping on their favorite cocktails surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of this unique location.

If you’re a water sports enthusiast, Santorini has the perfect activities for an adrenaline rush of fun and excitement! From jet skiing to parasailing, each experience is sure to be something unforgettable. 

Additionally, don’t miss out on spending some time at one of its renowned Black Sand Beaches – their wild beauty and vibrant atmosphere will certainly captivate your senses.

The Famous Black Beaches of Santorini

Here are the famous black beaches of Santorini:

1. Kamari Beach

Kamari, one of the largest and darkest beaches on Santorini’s southeastern coast, is easily accessible by car, bus, or taxi. It has earned a Blue Flag certification due to its impeccable cleanliness and sustainability initiatives which make it an ideal holiday retreat spot.

black sand beach santorini
View of Kamari Beach

Activities to Do

With its diverse water activities and sports, Kamari beach is the ultimate destination for any fan of aquatic fun. From kayaks to canoes, and surfboards to snorkeling lessons at a local diving center – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your pulse racing

When night falls, experience even more thrills as lively nightclubs come alive with music and drinks until late into the evening – perfect for capping off an unforgettable day.

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2. Perissa Beach

Perissa Beach is a stunning paradise nestled just beside Kamari beach, with the majestic Mesa Vouno mountain separating them. It is a cosmopolitan and well-organized space, providing an array of luxurious amenities, such as comfy umbrellas, large sunbeds, and more.

santorini beaches
View of Perissa Beach

Activities to Do

There are plenty of exciting water sports options available, including canoes, surfboards, boats, or even parasailing and windsurfing. Ready for some fun? Banana boating awaits!

Perissa Beach also features an exciting water park with thrilling rides and pools to explore. Additionally, the area offers plenty of delightful restaurants and cafes for when you need some downtime from all that swimming. 

3. Perivolos Beach

Perivolos, a stunningly black sand beach located 12km from Fira and 3 km away from Perissa on the southeast coast of Santorini, boasts mesmerizing crystal clear waters that transform into an exquisite deep blue. 

Not only is this gorgeous shoreline highly organized just like nearby Perissa, with plenty of amenities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports centers, beach bars, and clubs along with multiple restaurants to enjoy, but its glistening ebony lava gives off a delightfully shiny hue upon catching sun rays.

black sand beach santorini
View of Perivolos Beach

Activities to Do

Perivolos beach is renowned for its daily beach parties, featuring celebrated DJ guest appearances. 

For those seeking a bit more than just the party scene – there’s something in store too. Beach volley tournaments, cocktail soirées, and bonfire extravaganzas are all on offer here.

4. Vlychada beach

Vlychada beach’s mysterious black sand is not pitch dark but rather a pencil gray. Still, its eerily alien atmosphere more than makes up for the lighter shade: Its distinctive and uniquely formed cliffs make this shoreline reminiscent of an extraterrestrial landscape on another planet.

 beach santorini
View of Vlychada Beach

Activities to Do

For those looking for a laid-back atmosphere, Vlychada is a perfect choice – not as crowded as Perissa and Kamari, yet still boasting luxury sunbeds and umbrellas. 

Furthermore, there’s no shortage of amenities available to make your beach experience one you’ll never forget! Moreover, situated nearby is an excellent sailing center featuring delicious fish taverns and a gorgeous marina.

5. Columbo beach

If you would like to experience a one-of-a-kind, tranquil beach vacation spot, then Columbo is the perfect destination for you. Its sand is an exotic blackish-grey color, and its seclusion guarantee that your stay will be peaceful and undisturbed. 

Additionally, unlike other beaches in the area, Columbo’s waters are heated due to being located near an active volcano of the same name, which first erupted in 1650. You can rest assured knowing that no matter what time of year it is, warm water awaits when visiting this special place.perissa santorini

Activities to Do

If you’re in the market for some solitude and tranquility, Columbo is a great option. There are rarely any crowds here, but don’t forget to bring your beach essentials since there won’t be any sunbeds or umbrellas available. 

Plus, if snorkeling’s one of your hobbies, then you’ll certainly love exploring Seal Cave and the underwater crater from an ancient volcano

6. Mesa Pigadia Beach

Mesa Pigadia, a secluded paradise of black sand near Akrotiri, is tucked away between the eerie and imposing dark volcanic cliffs. 

Its impressive shoreline, made up of both pebbles and darkened sand, provides the perfect backdrop to explore the ancient fisherman’s caves called syrmata built centuries ago to shield boats during winter. This unique combination of wild nature with human heritage creates an unforgettable time to visit Santorini

Activities to Do

Mesa Pigadia is a beach that offers an array of amenities, such as sunbeds and umbrellas for visitors. But it’s best if you come prepared with your own supplies in case those are unavailable. 

If exploration or the need to rest from the blistering heat is on your mind, then take advantage of this short-yet-rewarding cave leading to White Beach Santorini. 

Moreover, there’s a family tavern nearby serving up delicious traditional dishes like fresh fish platters — perfect when hunger strikes while relaxing here. Above all else, though; Mesa Pigadia promises tranquility – along with the tranquil music that comes as waves caress its pebbles against one another…

Bottom Line

Santorini offers a vast array of stunning black beaches with the highest concentrations of volcanic sand. Thus, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, these secluded sandy sanctuaries should definitely be part of your itinerary.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The iconic caldera that is deeply embedded in Santorini’s history has a distinct circular shape and is filled with water. It stands out among other calderas throughout the world, as it contains an impressive depth of 400 meters – making it look like a vast lagoon. This singular sunken caldera provides unparalleled insight into the geography of this stunning island!

Yes, jellyfish can be found in Santorini. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to hear locals complain about their stings while swimming – so it’s smart to come prepared with an ointment for jellyfish stings just in case!

Stand in awe of Santorini’s remarkable black sand beaches, which are among the most renowned along the Aegean Sea. As a result of its volcanic past, these unique beaches provide a visually stunning atmosphere – and it is only bested by some even more dazzlingly colorful shores located on the island’s south coast! Red Beach proudly stands out amongst them as one of Santorini’s finest spots for beachgoers.