Biking in Tulum Guide
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Biking in Tulum Guide: Renting a Bike and Getting around on a Bike in Tulum

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Biking in Tulum

Whether in the town or on the beach, biking is truly the greatest way to get around Tulum.

Biking is very popular in Tulun since it makes traveling about town and between Tulum town and Tulum beach much simpler and fun. The stunning beaches, national parks, and a few of the Cenotes (like the Gran Cenote, cenote calavera, cenote carwash, cenote zahil-ha) are all within a few miles of the town center, so you can rent a bike from a Tulum bike rental company and just go and visit some of the amazing nearby sites.

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Biking in Tulum

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Biking in Tulum

The easiest way to get about Tulum is by biking. Particularly for navigating the beach road, moving between Tulum Town (Tulum Pueblo) and Tulum Beach, and visiting the nearby cenotes. Tulum is just full of bicycles. You can rent one very easily for around 150 pesos per day (you get a discount for renting for multiple days). The playa, pueblo, and surrounding Tulum areas are largely level with a few extremely tiny inclines here and there.


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Biking in Tulum
Hotel Zone Biking.

Depending on your specific starting and stopping spots, the bike ride between the town and beach might take anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes. Car traffic on the beach road may come to a complete stop for five to fifteen minutes completely out of the blue which can be very frustrating when driving or in a taxi. You can easily avoid the traffic with your bike and feel relieved not to be in a vehicle.

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The Tulum Ruins just 1.8 miles from Tulum town on a bike path. The bike path is seperate from car traffic making this a very pleasant experience. Just make sure you stay on the bike path.

Biking in Tulum is the easiest way to get around
Tulum is perfect for biking. Many hotels have free bikes and some of the cenotes (Gran cenote, cenote zahil-ha, cenote calavera, cenote carwash) are a quick bike ride away. Biking is the easiest way to get around

Do you need a Bike in Tulum?

Tulum appears little on a map, but the town center is actually quite distant from the beach—about an hour away on foot.

It is considerably easier and more convenient to go about to all the nearby main locations if you have a bike.

Renting a bike in Tulum is one of the best financial choices you can make whether on a tight budget or not.

Additionally, having a bike at your disposal that you can use whenever you want makes life much easier than having to consistently wait for a cab.

Bicycle in Tulum
Bicycle in Tulum

Where can I bike to in Tulum?

Cancun beach Mexico

1. Tulum Beach

Approximately every hour, a colectivo (shared taxi van) travels between Tulum Pueblo and the beaches. However, these are usually packed by locals who depend on them for cheap transportation to their work at the resorts. Biking in Tulum is a far more ideal method to reach the beaches if you’re staying in the town. If you are staying at the beach then you are literally a few steps away from the water.

Biking to Tulum Myan Ruins
Biking to Tulum Myan Ruins

2. Mayan Ruins

The short, 1.7-mile trip to the Tulum Mayan Ruins from the town is largely on a bike trail that is isolated from traffic.

Make sure to get to the ruins early in the day or right after opening at 8am,to avoid the large tourist groups that are sure to photobomb your every picture. The entrance is 70 pesos ($4).

3. Cenotes near Tulum

Cenotes Tulum
Cenotes Tulum

A few cenotes are actually very  close to Tulum that you can actually bike there and back. You can rent a bike in Tulum and travel  from the beach along Av. Coba (Rte 109). Additionally, we highly advise renting some snorkel gear (or bringing your own) for your trip to the cenotes.

Where to Rent a Bike in Tulum?

There are many bike rental companies in Tulum. But trust us when we say that choosing the right bike rental is very important. Here is a list of our preferred bike rental companies in Tulum.

Ola Bike Tulum

Ola Bike Tulum, located in the Pueblo on the route to the beach, is the finest place to rent bikes in Tulum. Although there are several bike rental businesses around, Ola provides the best-maintained bikes in all sizes, as well as extras like infant carriers.

They will even transport the bikes to your hotel if you make a reservation in advance and pick them up after your rental period is up.


Another excellent store in the village of Tulum for bike rentals is Paola. The bikes cost roughly 100 pesos less per day than Ola’s, but they are older and less expensive. The drawback is that, for as long as you have the bike, they will hold your ID as collateral.
Additionally, bikes may be rented on the beach, however most beach bike rentals are conducted out of resorts and hotels and provide a small number of bikes at exorbitant prices (around 250 to 500 pesos per day). The Punta Piedra Beach Posada and Las Palmas Maya hotels provide the greatest beachside bike rentals. Both locations provide a nice range of inexpensive, well-kept bikes (around 150 pesos a day).


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iBike Tulum

Another upscale option for renting bikes in Tulum is iBike. Only if you want to make a reservation in advance and Ola is out of bike rentals would I advise using them since they are more expensive than Ola.

Biking in TulumHow much does a bike rental in Tulum cost?

Even though Tulum’s popularity has increased dramatically over the last five years, renting a bike is still one of the finest deals in town.

A weekly rental at one of the more upscale bike stores, like Ola Bikes, costs 1,080 pesos ($56), while a day costs 150 pesos ($8).

It will cost you 100 pesos ($5) per day and 600 pesos ($30) per week at a less expensive location like El Tigre bike store.

These are the normal rates for renting bikes in Tulum; there are additional options you may pick from, such as 24-hour on-call service and hotel bike drop-off.

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Tulum Hotels offering free bicycles

The following hotels in Tulum offer their bike fleets for free to their hotel guests. Since bikes are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, make sure to start your day early.

  • Posada Lamar
  • Una Vida
  • Casa Malca 
  • Teetotum Hotel 
  • Naay Hotel
  • Elements Hotel Tulum
  • Sueños Tulum
  • Villas Geminis
  • Casa Ambar Boutique Hotel – Adults Only

Is Biking in Tulum Safe?

Yes. Biking in Tulum is safe! Tulum is a beautiful quiet and small beach town . 

Nevertheless, Highway 307 and the Hotel Zone in Tulum are quite congested. You should also try to avoid biking at night or in remote areas. Tulum has a bike lane and bike paths if you want to go from town to the beach making the experience much more pleasant.

Here are some recommendations for riding your bike safely in Tulum:

  • Bike Light: Make sure your bike has a light if you want to use it at night as there are no street lights in Tulum’s residential districts, such as La Valeta and Aldea Zama.
  • Avoid unpaved paths: Don’t go riding your bike on unpaved paths at night. On bike trails, robberies involving criminals with machetes have been reported. You can ride a bike in Tulum at night, but since you have to go gently, bike lanes are riskier than roadways.
  • Bring a lot of water: riding in Tulum in the heat can be exhausting!
  • Use a helmet!: The carefree beach atmosphere in Tulum makes it simple to forget about precautions like helmets, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Find a bicycle with a bell! In Tulum, people are on vacation and aren’t paying attention to bikes, so you’ll need a bell to prevent hitting someone.
  • Mount your phone: If you’re going to use a navigation app, mount your phone so you won’t have to glance down at it while you’re biking.

Bottom Line: Biking in Tulum

We really hope that this advice will help you bike safely and affordably on your next vacation to Tulum. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me using my contact page below. You can also read some of my previous articles and guides about Tulum for further advice.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! You dont need to use a car to get around in Tylum. Instead the best way to get around in Tulum is by using a Bike. 

YES. Although it’s unlikely that your bike will be stolen when you’re bicycling in Tulum during the day, you should carry a bike chain if you want to leave your bike unattended.

Tulum doesn’t have a lot of crime, but bike theft is rather widespread.

Tulum bike theft

Bike theft in Tulum is common. In Tulum, never ever leave your bike out overnight! even in an area that is well-lit and has cameras, even on the major roadway. There is also plenty of bike parking in Tulum.

Bike tours are a great way to make friends when traveling. Since you don’t have to worry about anything, a bike tour is also the simplest method to explore Tulum by bike. A guide, bike, and schedule are provided by the tour operator.

Tulum offers some of the best bike tours in the area.