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Best Way to Get from Athens to Mykonos - 2023 Guide

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How To Get From Athens to Mykonos

There are only two options to transit from Athens to Mykonos, you can either take a ferry or catch a flight. Here’s where you’ll find all the schedules for ferries and planes available between these two destinations – so read on! 

To make the journey from Athens to Mykonos, your absolute best option is taking a 45-minute flight from El. Venizelos Airport in Athens. Taking the ferry isn’t too shabby either; it’ll take you anywhere between 2 and 4 hours, depending on which boat you board!

It’s essential to know that the Rafina Port, located in Athens, has much faster ferries and more options for traveling to Mykonos than Piraeus Port. Moreover, this advice is just as applicable for your return trip from Mykonos back to Athens!

FerryHopper is the biggest, most dependable website in Greece to reserve your ferry tickets from Athens to Mykonos. But you don’t even have to purchase a ticket if all you need is details on timetables and ferry prices between Athens and any Greek island—it’s still an excellent option!

Expedia has a variety of flights from Athens to Mykonos (JMK is the airport code for Mykonos) with a plethora of airlines. Some examples are Aegean, Ryanair, Easyjet, TUI, Olympic Airways, British Airways, and Volotea. With so many choices available at your fingertips, you can easily find the perfect flight!


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Ferries from Athens to Mykonos 

Exploring the scenic coastal island of Mykonos via ferry is a great way for travelers to save time and money. With two ports in Athens from which you can depart, Piraeus or Rafina, it’s easier than ever before to boat your way to paradise! Keep in mind that if heading off on an adventure to Santorini Island, more ferries are available out of Piraeus Port daily – but more voyages bound for Mykonos leave from Rafina. The slow Blue Star Ferries will get you there in about four hours; be sure to check their timetables ahead of time so that your trip runs smoothly!

For a swift and comfortable voyage from Athens to Mykonos, Seajets or Golden Star Ferries offer ferry services that will get you there in just 2.5 hours! Depending on the type of seat selected, tickets typically range between 40-80 euros. To find out more about timetables and pricing options for your journey, visit their website today!

Ferry Options From Athens To Mykonos

To determine which ferry is the best option for you and to view timetables and prices for all ferries, head on over to FerryHopper. Simply put in your desired dates of travel! When sailing from Athens to Mykonos or vice versa, here are some available options.

getting from athens to mykonos
View of Mykonos Port

Traveling from Athens to Mykonos is convenient and easy year-round, with multiple options during the peak season (May through October). BLUE STAR FERRIES offer a slower journey of around four hours departing from Piraeus port. SEAJET FERRIES, GOLDEN STAR FERRIES, and FAST FERRIES all embark at Rafina port in roughly three hours. Many ferries also schedule stops on Tinos or Syros islands en route. During the high season, 3-5 daily trips are available, while the low season still offers one ferry per day – usually leaving Athens in the morning and returning in the afternoon!

If you’re searching for the best and most convenient way to purchase ferry tickets, look no further than FerryHopper! With Business and VIP seats available as well, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a more relaxed setting while on your journey. To make sure that your ticket is secured in time, try booking 2-3 months ahead of schedule— any earlier might mean certain routes are not yet released but wait too long, and some ferries could be sold out entirely! Let’s explore all these options further:

If you’re looking to make the journey from Athens to Mykonos, look no further than Blue Star Ferries. Not only are they the largest vessels available for this route and incredibly stable, but you’ll also get a chance to glimpse some of Greece’s other beautiful islands, such as Syros, Paros, Naxos, and Ios, before arriving in Mykonos! Though the trip may take up to four hours due to their size and stability during rough seas or windy weather, it won’t feel much different than on land.

Embarking on a Blue Star Ferry is the perfect way to experience life at sea! To find out which days and times they have available, simply visit FerryHopper. All year round, there are two ferry rides from Piraeus port to Mykonos ferry port, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, so be sure to look up their timetables for exact details. Cruising with Blue Star Ferry will deliver an unforgettable journey for you and your loved ones; book today!

Although you don’t need to pre-purchase your ferry tickets or book them online, it’s always a good idea to reserve them in advance via FerryHopper. That way, you can confidently confirm the timetable of ferries on the date that suits your travel plans best. After all, there is no harm in being extra prepared – and with such an easy website to use like FerryHopper, why not?

However, please be aware that according to Greek law, tickets must only be printed at certified travel agencies or ferry companies. If you book online, make sure to visit a travel agent or the ferry port kiosk in order to get your ticket printouts – just like everyone else!

If you’re looking to save money, the least expensive ticket for Blue Star Ferries is 40 euros (non-bookable), yet it’s highly recommended that you acquire an airport seating option that costs 50 euros per individual. A cabin isn’t strictly necessary since your sailing only lasts 4 hours, and there are outdoor areas available on board. Nevertheless, always check the FerryHopper website for the latest prices before booking!

getting from athens to mykonos
Blue Star Ferries in Piraeus Port

Seajet Ferries are the fastest option to get you from Rafina or Athens to Santorini, yet they come with a trade-off: these ferries tend to be less stable. You can expect 4 crossings on average each day during peak season, taking around 2.5 hours for Mykonos and 1 for Santorini, but note that there’s no outdoor deck available as this is a closed-type ferry boat (a la catamaran).

Please be aware that these sailings may be canceled depending on the weather (which is generally low from June to September). Prioritize checking out the exact timetables on FerryHopper before making any bookings.

Tickets for these ferries fill up rapidly, as there are a finite number of seats available. To avoid missing out, it’s best to book online through FerryHopper in advance. Don’t forget to collect your printed ticket from the kiosk prior to boarding – so make sure you arrive with plenty of time!

The least expensive option for a Seajet Ferry ticket is around 40 euros, but it could cost up to 60 euros depending on the time and vessel you select. Unfortunately, there are no private cabins available. For the most recent fares, however, be sure to check out FerryHopper website!

Athens to Mykonos by plane

Undoubtedly, the quickest and priciest way to reach Mykonos is via plane. Yet, even though ferry journeys can last up to three hours with express ones available, I believe that flying remains worthwhile for its speed and convenience.

Looking for the most economical yet efficient website to book your flights from Athens to Mykonos? Look no further than Expedia! It offers all available options – including those of low-cost European carriers such as Ryanair – at unbeatable rates. To make sure you have an enjoyable flight experience, here are a few useful pointers worth noting while booking:

Mykonos Airport’s code is ATH (Athens), and Santorini’s airport code is JMK. In general, all planes that land on Mykonos resume their journey to Athens after a 40-minute stay—but note that the exact flight times may differ from season to season. To avoid any inconveniences during your travels, make sure you double-check available flights by visiting Expedia for accurate information at any time!

Plan ahead if you’re looking to save money on your tickets from Athens to Mykonos! You can find great deals with return trips by booking six months in advance during the high season (April–October). An average return ticket could cost up to 200 euros for this time period. Make sure you don’t miss out, and book now!

grom athens to mykonos
Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”

If you are searching for options to fly from Athens to Mykonos between April and October, then look no further than these five reputable airlines: Aegean Airlines (which is the same as Olympic Air), Sky Express, Ellinair, or Volotea. Each airline provides reliable service with a variety of flight choices available!

Pros Of Flying From Athens To Mykonos:

Take to the skies on a 30-40 minute flight from Athens International Airport, and you can be in Mykonos before lunchtime. With efficient connection flights leaving from the same airport, it’s an ideal way to save half a day of travel time! Just make sure you leave two hours between your arrival and departure times for optimal convenience (Athens Airport is not very big, so this should still allow plenty of breathing room).

Cons Of Flying From Athens To Mykonos:

Direct flights from Athens to Mykonos can be pricey, and the flights may not work with your schedule, leaving you stuck in Athens airport for hours. However, if you take the ferry instead, it’s like getting an extended mini-cruise – seeing more of Greece’s gorgeous islands and saving money in the process!

From April to October, passengers can fly directly from major European cities to Mykonos in style with airlines like Laudamotion, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines (from Vienna), Thomas Cook (from Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester, and Brussels), Thomson (from Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester or Bristol ) Volotea, Blue Panorama; Iberia(from Venice, Bari, Naples, Palermo ), Germanwings (from Cologne ), Norwegian (from Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm ) Transavia (from Paris & Amsterdam). Also, British Airways (from London Heathrow, London City), Condor (from Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt), Aegean (from Russia, Italy, Cyprus), Easyjet (from Rome, Milan, Geneva, Manchester, Gatwick), Vueling (from Barcelona, Bilbao), Jetairfly (from Brussels), HolidayJet (from Zurich).

Arriving At And Departing From Mykonos Airport:

The Mykonos International Airport may be small compared to other airports, yet it is larger than the Santorini Airport and often becomes extremely crowded during peak months like July and August. Secure a rental car prior to your visit in order to avoid any discomforts or inconveniences – there are plenty of choices at the Mykonos airport if you make sure to book ahead!

If you’re planning a trip to the Mykonos and Greek Islands, look no further than DiscoverCars for all your car rental needs! You’ll also find plenty of taxis waiting at the airport as well as local buses to take you around. A taxi from the airport directly into town will cost about 30 euros—other destinations are typically 40 euros max (Fokos and Lia beach being among the furthest).

How To Get From Athens Airport To Piraeus Port

The most convenient and affordable way to get from Athens International Airport to the Piraeus Ferry Port is by taking bus X96. Depending on traffic, this journey can take anywhere between 50-80 minutes. The route for the X96 goes as follows: To reach the X95 or X96 stops just outside of Aiport Exit, here’s what you should do…

from athens to mykonos
Athens International Airport

If you’re headed to Mykonos Ferries’ departure spot at E7 Port Gate, hop off the bus station at STATION ISAP (it’s also a metro stop). Don’t fret if you get lost – many of the drivers can speak English with an Italian-Mafia accent! Plus, brand new GPS screens have been installed so that you can easily locate your destination.

The X96 bus runs round-the-clock, and there’s a bus every 20 to 30 minutes. However, the nature of Greece means that you should never anticipate anything on time – don’t expect it! 

To board the X96 bus, you must buy tickets from a kiosk located just outside of the bus stop or airport. You can find it by following “Bus” signs at the airport. Adults need to purchase an ATH.ENA ticket for 6 euros, and children (under 6) pay 3 euros. Alternatively, if you take a taxi from Athens Airport to Piraeus Ferry port, it will cost 50-60 euros; however, this is not advisable as its value does not outweigh its costs in my opinion.

Need to get from the airport quickly and without spending a fortune? The X96 bus is your answer! Plus, for only 6 euros, you’ll be in downtown Athens in no time. But pay attention – some buses will say “AEROLIMENAS-PEIRAIAS,” which can seem confusing at first, but it’s just Greek for Airport – Pireaus. So don’t worry; it’s all part of the same ride!

How To Get From Athens Airport To Rafina Port

For an effortless and cost-effective way of getting from Athens Airport to the Rafina Port, hop on a KTEL bus that is located just across the street. This route will be considerably faster than taking other buses like X96 or X95, and it is also more convenient for catching a ferry to Mykonos since you’re heading directly towards Rafina port (refer to picture).

To board the bus from Athens Airport to Rafina, you can purchase your ticket directly from the driver for a nominal fee of approximately three euros (this rate may vary each year). The timetable for this route is provided in the following table, and buses depart every two-to-three hours.

How To Get From Athens Airport To Central Athens

To travel from Athens Airport to Syntagma Square, the heart of Athens, you have two options: take either the metro (a combination of above-ground and underground tracks) or board bus X95 which brings you there in just 30-40 minutes. You can find both X95 and X96 stops right beside each other; tickets are sold at the same kiosk and cost exactly the same amount.

getting from athens to mykonos
Athens Metro

Whether you’re searching for a way to get from Athens Airport to Syntagma Square, look no further than the Bus X95 route! If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, metro Line 3 is also an excellent choice. To get the full scoop on its timetables and routes, be sure to check out this link here.

Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing transportation from Athens to Mykonos, you have two main options: plane or ferry. If this is your first visit to Greece and you plan on staying longer than 5 days in Mykonos, then I strongly suggest taking the ferry for a more enriching experience. As an alternative, why not mix up both methods; take the Seajet Ferry from Rafina when going there and then fly back? This way, you can enjoy all aspects of traveling between these destinations!

I have personally been utilizing FerryHopper to book Mykonos ferry tickets online for the past few years, and I unconditionally recommend it. Whether you’re hoping to travel by boat to Mykonos or any other Greek island, their timetables are reliable and easy to use!

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🏨 Hotels: I have found that Expedia and consistently have the best deals on hotels and resorts in Greece. If you prefer to stay at a vacation rental, check VRBO that is usually cheaper than AirBnB’s added fees!

✈️ Flights: To find the best flight deals to Greece, I always use Kayak. Remember to subscribe to their price alerts for the travel dates you want. Another great alternative for flight deals is Expedia.

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🤿 Tours & Activities: For tours and activities in Greece, I highly recommend using either Viator or GetYourGuide. These websites offer a full refund if you cancel your booking 24 hours before the start of the tour, and they also provide excellent customer service in case of any issues.

🚨 Travel Insurance: I always suggest purchasing travel insurance as a precaution before traveling, especially after a recent accident in a taxi in Greece. For short trips, I recommend Travel Insurance Master, whereas for digital nomads, Safety Wing is a better option.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Depending on environmental conditions, the Mykonos to Athens ferry can take anywhere from 2 hours and 45 minutes up to 6 hours due to vessel type, crossing duration, and eventual port of arrival.

If you’re looking to vacation at Mykonos right after your plane touches down in Athens, then the best option would be to book a connecting flight from the airport. Nevertheless, if you’d like some extra time exploring Greece’s capital city before heading to Mykonos, then it is highly recommended that you take a ferry directly from Athens Ferry port.

Spend three days in Mykonos, the picturesque Cyclades island of Greece that never fails to draw in visitors from all around the world. From sightseeing some of its most noteworthy attractions to taking a break and reflecting on life’s simpler pleasures — you won’t want your stay here to end!

Spend three days in Mykonos, the picturesque Cyclades island of Greece that never fails to draw in visitors from all around the world. From sightseeing some of its most noteworthy attractions to taking a break and reflecting on life’s simpler pleasures — you won’t want your stay here to end!