Best Time to Visit Mykonos 

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Best Time to Visit Mykonos - 2023 Guide

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When is the Best Time to Visit Mykonos?

Mykonos is a picturesque island in Greece known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and charming white-washed buildings. Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, with tourists flocking to the island from all corners of the world.  

However, deciding when to visit Mykonos can be a daunting task, as the island experiences different seasons with varying weather conditions and tourist crowds. In this article, we will explore the best time to visit Mykonos based on factors such as weather, crowds, and activities, so that you can make an informed decision and enjoy your Mykonos vacation to the fullest.

best time to visit mykonos
View of Little Venice

When to Visit Mykonos?

Summer months on Mykonos, which run from May to October, are a great time to visit. The sea is warm, and there are long hours of sunshine each day. July has the highest sea temperature and the most extended sunshine hours, making it a prime month for beach lovers. 

However, if you prefer milder weather, you may want to avoid June, July, and August when temperatures can become uncomfortably hot. During January and February, temperatures can drop to as low as 10°C/50°F during the day, making it a less ideal time to visit.

best time to visit mykonos
Night view of Mykonos’ windmills

If you’re looking for a less crowded and less expensive vacation, September and October are great months to visit Mykonos. Hotel rates are lower, and the weather is still lovely for enjoying outdoor activities. Spring is also a great time to visit before the summer crowds arrive, with mild temperatures ranging from the mid-50s F (10C).

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Spring Weather in Mykonos

The ideal time to visit Mykonos is during spring or summer. During spring, the weather is mild with bright sunshine and very little rain, making it perfect for outdoor activities. By May, the temperature of the sea is warm and you can experience 12 hours of sunshine each day. Additionally, the rain has decreased from March to May, making it an ideal time to plan a trip.

Summer weather in Mykonos

As the season progresses, temperatures start to rise, and by summer, it can get quite hot. During this time, tourists flock to the coastal areas to enjoy the warm weather, the invigorating sea breeze, and other water-based activities. From June to September, the average temperature is around 23°C – 26°C, and there are very few rainy days. Evenings are quite pleasant, and visitors can enjoy the many bars and clubs that the island has to offer.

Autumn weather in Mykonos

Fall in Mykonos, which starts in October, is still warm and sunny, with temperatures averaging around 22°C/71°F during the day and mid-teens overnight. In November, temperatures begin to cool down, with an average temperature of 14°C/57°F and nighttime lows near 11°C/51°F. You can still expect comfortable weather during this time, but be prepared for slightly cooler temperatures.

best time to visit mykonos
View of Matoyianni street.

One thing to keep in mind is that fall is the wettest time of year in Mykonos, with October and November experiencing the most rainfall. In fact, October sees an average of 167mm of rainfall over 8 days, while November sees an even higher rate of 170mm. This means that you can expect cloudy skies during these months and fewer hours of sunshine per day, dropping from an average of 9 hours in October to 8 in November.

Winter weather in Mykonos

Moving on to winter, Mykonos experiences damp yet temperate weather, with intense storms and fierce winds. The island sees around 6-7 hours of sunshine per day, which is less than many other European destinations in wintertime, but you can still expect some sun during the festive season. 

In December, temperatures are usually mild, with the average high sitting at 13°C/55°F and dropping to a low of 8°C/46°F overnight. January and February are the coldest months, with temperatures reaching an average low of 6°C/42°F and a maximum high of 12°C/53°F.

Best Time to Visit Mykonos

June-August: Summer Fun

If you’re looking for a vibrant atmosphere with plenty of celebrations and festivities, the best time to visit Mykonos is during the summer months of June to August. During this time, the island is alive with music, dancing, and events that honor the patron saints. 

The average temperature during the day is around 29C/85°F, making it perfect for a refreshing swim in the ocean or relaxing under the cool breeze. Keep in mind that hotel rates are higher during this time, so it’s best to plan ahead and book your accommodations early to get the best deals.

September-October: Quiet and Affordable

If you’re not a fan of crowds and would rather have some extra space on the beaches, the best time to visit Mykonos is during the off-peak season of September to October. The weather is still warm, with average high temperatures of around 24C/75°F, and you can enjoy the island’s beauty without the hustle and bustle of the peak season. Moreover, you can save money on accommodation during this time, as the rates are lower than in summer.

November-March: Cultural Attractions and Deals

During the winter months of November to March, Mykonos sees a decrease in tourist traffic, which means you can enjoy amazing deals on accommodation. The average temperature during the day ranges from 10C/50°F to low 15C/60°F, making it cooler than in the summer but still bearable. However, keep in mind that sunbathing is not advisable as it’s rainy during this time. Cultural attractions are open, but hours may be limited, so plan accordingly.

April-May: Early Summer Escape

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and less-crowded time to visit Mykonos, the best time is during the early summer months of April to May. The weather is pleasant, with average temperatures ranging from 15C/60°F to 21C/70°F. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Mediterranean from your comfortable room without breaking the bank. This time is ideal for making unforgettable memories before the crowds start to come in.

best time to visit mykonos
Mykonos Windmills

Best Time to Party in Mykonos

If you want to experience Mykonos at its liveliest, come during the summer months, from late June to mid-September. This is when beach clubs and parties with DJs are in full swing, and the nightlife in Mykonos Town is buzzing. For the ultimate party atmosphere, plan your trip for July or August.

best time to visit mykonos
View of Super Paradise in Mykonos

Best Time for Good Weather in Mykonos

If you’re after good weather and a more relaxed vibe, consider visiting in May or October. These months offer ideal weather conditions, with plenty of sunshine and warm water perfect for swimming. And since it’s not peak season, you’ll avoid the crowds and have a more laid-back experience.

Best Time for Greek Island Hopping

Want to explore the other Greek islands? Mykonos is a great base for island hopping. You can easily take a ferry to nearby destinations like Santorini, Naxos, and Paros. For the best weather and ideal conditions, plan your island-hopping trip for mid-May through October.

Best Time for Visiting Mykonos and Santorini

If you’re specifically interested in visiting Santorini, keep in mind that the ferry service between Mykonos and Santorini only runs during peak tourist season, from April to late October. And during this time, larger car ferries are available, offering a comfortable ride for passengers. If you visit during the off-season, you’ll need to take a plane or ship via Athens.

Best Time for Saving Money in Mykonos 

Finally, if you’re looking to save money on your Mykonos trip, consider visiting during the shoulder season, in April, May, or October. During these months, hotels are more affordable, and you’ll avoid the crowds of peak season. Late May/early June or late September/early October are also good options for a balance of good weather and lower prices. Read also my article “How to Visit Mykonos Affordably”.

best time to visit mykonos
Panagia Paraportiani in Mykonos Town

Bottom Line

Looking for an exciting destination or a peaceful getaway? Mykonos is the perfect place for you! If you want to avoid crowds and enjoy pleasant weather, May and September are the best times to visit. The beaches are less crowded, and the temperatures are warm and inviting.

But if you’re on a budget, April and October are great months to visit too, just be aware that it might not be warm enough to lounge around in swimwear. The summer months are popular, but they can be crowded and expensive, especially if you’re not interested in partying.

As for winter, most places shut down due to cold temperatures and rough seas, so it’s not the best time to visit unless you have a specific reason to do so. Overall, Mykonos has something for everyone, and I hope these tips help you plan your trip accordingly!

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Most frequent questions and answers

July is the hottest month in Mykonos, with an average daily maximum temperature of 29°C/84°F and a low of 23°C/73°F.

Yes, April is a great time to visit Mykonos. The weather is pleasant, and you can enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine while avoiding the crowds that come with peak season. It’s the perfect time to relax on the golden sandy beaches and dine at the promenade restaurants.

Yes. On average, the water temperature is around 19°C/67°F, with a minimum of 15°C/59°F in March and a maximum of 25°C/78°F in July.

January is the coldest month in Mykonos, with average daily temperatures of around 10°C/50°F. The average sea temperature in January is 16°C/60°F.

If you’re looking for a quieter, more relaxed vacation, you might want to consider visiting Mykonos in late October or during April. During these times, the crowds have thinned out, and you can truly experience the laid-back island life. Don’t miss out on this refreshing change of pace!