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Best Things to Do in Mykonos Greece - 2023 Guide

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The Ultimate Guide to Experiencing Mykonos: Top Things to Do and See

Mykonos, Greece, is a picturesque island located in the Aegean Sea. Known for its stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and rich history, it’s a popular destination for travelers from around the world

With its white-washed buildings, crystal-clear waters, and charming streets, Mykonos is a true paradise. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun on one of its many beaches or explore the island’s cultural heritage, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

things to do in mykonos greece
View of Mykonos Town

From beach parties and water sports to ancient ruins and museums, there are countless things to do in Mykonos. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to experience all that this beautiful island has to offer.


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Interesting Facts About Mykonos

Here are many things only a few people know about Mykonos:

  • Mykonos is named after Apollo’s grandson and was formed when Hercules heroically defeated the Giants. The petrified remains of those monsters morphed into the rocks which form this remarkable isle today.
  • Located in the Cyclades, an archipelago with more than 200 islands (of which many are minuscule and uninhabited), it’s surrounded by noteworthy neighbors such as Naxos, Santorini, Delos, Ios, and Milos.
  • Mykonos town is home to a legendary celebrity – Petros the Pelican. This iconic bird has served as the official mascot of Mykonos for an astonishing six decades. 
  • The town of Mykonos is like a maze with its narrow streets and dead-ends all looking the same. It’s said that this design was strategically created to confuse unwanted invaders attempting to raid the town.

Best Things To Do In Mykonos

Here are the best things to do in Mykonos:

1. Explore Mykonos Town

Mykonos town is an enchanted place full of whitewashed buildings and narrow alleyways with rainbow-painted doors. Boutiques are hidden around every corner amongst authentically intricate little blue and red domed churches, making wandering this maze of streets one of the most delightful experiences around.

When you visit the iconic windmills just outside town, be prepared to gasp at the breathtaking views of the alluring capital city below. Matogianni Street, situated close to the heart of Mykonos, is one of its most beautiful areas, full of vibrant colors and unique architecture—a must-see while you’re in town! 

As you wander down Matogianni Street, prepare to fill your shopping bags! You’ll find a variety of items here – from designer fashion pieces to locally-made accessories sold in boutique shops.

things to do in mykonos greece
Night view of Mykonos’ windmills

2. Take Photographs at Panagia Paraportiani

Located in the Kastro neighborhood, The Paraportiani Church, or the Church of Our Lady, is well-known for being one of the most photographed in Greece. 

Dating back to the 1400s, Panagia Paraportiani is one of Greece’s most iconic churches. The unique structure includes five separate chapels that overlook the sea at Chora’s entrance.

things to do in mykonos greece
Panagia Paraportiani

3. Stroll Through Little Venice

Little Venice is a stunning row of 18th-century fishing houses with balconies that reach out over the glittering water. Initially intended for merchants to have immediate access to nearby waters, some of these remarkable homes are now tasteful cafes and restaurants ideal for taking in the picturesque sunset.

Exploring the charming districts of Little Venice is one of the most stirring experiences in Mykonos. Traditional white houses with vibrant wooden balconies create a breathtaking vista between land and sea, while stylish bars offer local beverages to sate your thirst.

After sampling succulent seafood overlooking the glistening ocean, marvel as you witness an ethereal sunset dip gracefully beneath the horizon line.

Expert Tip: To get the best view of Mykonos Windmills’ iconic sunset: head over to Little Venice around dinner time. With its countless eateries facing out towards the sea, it’ll be like having your own private viewing spot.

things to do in mykonos greece
View of Little Venice

4. Check Out the Kato Mili Windmills

If you wander away from the town of Mykonos, you will spot iconic windmills all over the island. Perched atop Mykonos Old Town, these dazzling white windmills are a cherished symbol of the island. 

Nowadays, these formerly functional machines have been remodeled into homes, storage spaces, and lodgings for travelers. From this unique location, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over Little Venice as well as an incredible sunset or stormy horizon.

Visiting this iconic attraction is only available during peak summertime – July through September from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm. So plan your trip accordingly.

5. Explore The Old Harbor

Just a stone’s throw away from Little Venice lies the picturesque harbor of Mykonos. Here, beaches are lined with restaurants, and boats sway in vivid hues over the surface of the sea. A petite church perches at the entrance to the main dock, offering daily cruises to Delos and an unforgettable experience awaiting your arrival!

6. Take A Day Trip To Delos

Delos, a small island in the Cyclades archipelago of Greece, is home to plentiful archaeological and mythical sites. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it contains ancient stone huts dating back 5 millennia. 

Embark on an unforgettable boat tour to Delos and explore its 3000 years of captivating history. This spiritually-charged island has seen a multitude of civilizations come and go through the ages, culminating in its current status as one of the most renowned archaeological sites in Greece. 

7. Check out Paradise and Super Paradise Beaches

Mykonos’ Paradise and Super Paradise Beaches are known far and wide for their unrivaled nightlife. Along the tantalizingly small stretches of golden sand, restaurants and clubs line up in abundance – creating a vibrant atmosphere that carries on from afternoon to early morning hours. 

When my companion and I visited Paradise Beach in mid-April, it was serene yet lively. Although the establishments were open with a few curious onlookers like us about, there weren’t very many people around for those not interested in the nightlife scene that this spot is typically known for.

things to do in mykonos greece
View of Super Paradise in Mykonos

8. Go Beach Hopping

Travelers wanting to experience the beautiful beaches of Mykonos should certainly venture out and explore Agia Anna Beach, Elia Beach, Fokos Beach, Agrari Beach, and Lia beach. Each of them offer unique characteristics that will make your vacation memorable.

9. Go Scuba Diving off Lia Beach

With scuba diving tours designed specifically for beginners, explore the dawning depths while learning fundamental skills with an experienced instructor. 

Witness awe-inspiring marine life from up close and capture breathtaking memories with complimentary underwater camera equipment – make your next adventure unforgettable at this spectacular destination!

10. Explore vineyards on a wine tour

Mykonos is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in existence, and a Mykonos Wine Tour is an extraordinary way to explore its luscious vineyards. 

Here you can sample distinctive vintages at various farmhouses and wineries while learning more about what makes these Greek grapes so distinctively powerful! Enhance your experience even further by savoring traditional snacks or meals alongside each sip – it’s sure to be a delightfully indulgent adventure!

11. Visit Rhenia on a boat tour

Embark on an enchanting excursion to this UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the breathtaking Aegean Sea. During your journey, walk among ancient temples and burial grounds as you admire stunning sandy beaches. 

Rhenia boat tours are a great way to explore secret coves – don’t forget to bring some water gear for swimming and snorkeling! Combine your trip with Delos Island for a delightful day trip from Mykonos that is certainly not to be forgotten.

12. Try delicious local greek food

In Mykonos, you have plenty of options for tasty meals and stunning views. Check out Yialo-Yialo Restaurant with its calming environment overlooking the sea or enjoy dinner at scenic Mykonos Nice n Easy while witnessing an unforgettable sunset view. 

If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, head to M-Eating Restaurant, nestled in the backstreets of Mykonos Old Town. Here they will tantalize your taste buds with regional dishes taken up a notch. 

For something even more unique, however, try Local Mykonos, which offers an array of barbeque and authentic souvlaki. The perfect rendezvous spot for food connoisseurs seeking out traditional Greek cuisine!things to do in mykonos greece

13. Visit Folklore Museum

Uncover the hidden gems and history at The Folklore Museum in Mykonos

Wander through carefully arranged rooms, witnessing vintage musical instruments, handcrafted furniture, antique canons from the 1821 Greek War of Independence, and other rare textiles that will transport you back to 19th-century Island life

14. Go on a snorkeling sea safari

Revel in the wondrous underwater world of the deep blue Aegean on an absolutely thrilling snorkeling tour around Mykonos

Spend blissful moments floating serenely across tranquil lagoons, searching for vibrant sea creatures like parrotfish and seahorses moving along with gentle currents. Explore beneath the waves, accompanied by a professional guide providing all the necessary equipment to ensure your safety. Embark on a fun-filled journey swimming through this mysterious landscape – a memorable experience that you won’t forget!

15. Visit Santorini by helicopter

Elevate your vacation to new heights with a privately-guided helicopter tour over the breathtaking Santorini. Enjoy 40 minutes of aerial views from the comfort and convenience of your own chopper, soaring above turquoise seas and picturesque Cyclades Islands. 

Snap photos that will last a lifetime as you take in marine life, islands, and nature’s beauty like never before – this experience is perfect for special occasions or simply treating yourself! Reserve now for an unforgettable journey through paradise.

things to do in mykonos greece
View of Mykonos Town

16. Visit the Aegean Maritime Museum

Revel in the captivating tales and interesting artifacts of Mykonos’ nautical past at the breathtaking Aegean Maritime Museum. Gaze upon models of ancient Minoan ships, as well as old maps and navigational tools, while listening to stories about shipwrecks from yesteryear. 

With its classic 19th-century architecture embellished with white walls, traditional doorways, and quintessential charm, this museum is an unbeatable spot for a rainy day activity—only a stone’s throw away from Dio Horia Gallery! Don’t forget your camera – the admission fee is 4 euros per adult.

17. Enjoy a boat tour to amazing beaches

Ready to experience the wonders of Mykonos? Embark on a luxurious boat tour and make unforgettable memories as you explore its hidden coves, crystal-clear waters, and secret sea caves. 

18. Enjoy fine dining with a view

Mykonos is the perfect destination to explore breathtaking landscapes and tantalizing cuisine. To make your evening extra special, dine at one of the islands’ most luxurious restaurants! 

For inventive sushi with a fashionable vibe and captivating ocean views, Hippie Fish can’t be beaten. And if you’re after creative takes on classic recipes, Karavaki is sure to satisfy – as well as offering picturesque coastal sights from its terrace seating area. Don’t miss out on Kastro’s either; situated in Little Venice, it’s simply ideal for sunset drinks plus delicious moussaka dishes!

19. Sail into the sunset on a cruise

Embark on a journey of enchantment across the glimmering Aegean Sea, breathing in the salty breeze and admiring the stunning craggy landscape during a Mykonos sunset cruise. Plunge into calm waters for an invigorating swim or snorkeling session in hidden coves.

As you watch the sun dip slowly beneath its horizon, sip on your favorite drink and indulge in delectable Greek delicacies with those around you before heading back to shore. Be sure to book ahead, though- cruises are only available between April-October!

20. See the sunset from Armenistis Lighthouse

For a memorable experience of Mykonos’ maritime history with spectacular views, Armenistis Lighthouse is the place to be. This octagonal beacon has been standing tall since 1891 and continues to function until today. 

As dusk approaches, its picturesque sunset vistas are even more breathtakingly beautiful! For easy access, take a private transfer or taxi service or choose from one of the guided tours available for this remote lighthouse destination.

mykonos beaches
Elia Beach in Mykonos

21. Party the night away

Let the rhythm move your body at Mykonos’ most incredible clubs. Dance all night long with friends and like-minded people at Tropicana! Make sure to stop by Paradise Beach Club, a favorite hangout of VIPs, where you can party until sunrise on the sandy beach. For an unforgettable evening experience under a full moon with fireworks in view, go for Cavo Paradiso Club. Super Paradise is also worth checking out – its eclectic atmosphere will make you want to stay longer beside the beautiful sea!

Step into the future of nightlife at VOID Mykonos! The three-story club features unique aesthetics and purposes tailored to your individual tastes, from techno bangers to incredible remixes from resident DJs.

22. Unwind and Relax in style at the amazing beach clubs

Unwind both your body and mind at the luxurious SantAnna beach club in one of Mykonos’s most popular locations. Secure a cabana by the sea to spend time lounging in sparkling pools or enjoy indulgent treatments in an extraordinary spa. 

The mood is relaxed and lively at Alemagou on Ftelia Beach – a stunning stretch of golden sand open to everyone from young globetrotters to families. 

International DJs provide chilled-out tunes for an easygoing ambiance, while high-end restaurants and sophisticated bars cater to all your culinary needs. Here you can find the perfect balance between zen and fun; come experience it yourself!

23. Sail to Tinos Island

Embark on an unforgettable journey and take a boat tour to Tinos Island, just 45 minutes away from Mykonos. Explore the spectacular religious site for Orthodox Christians – the Evangellistria church – where you can witness its famous icon. 

Journey further into the mountains to uncover a monastery before marvelling at mysterious Venetian pigeon houses in the valley. Unearth all this beauty while basking in postcard-worthy views of glimmering waters that will stay with you forever!

24. Unearth history at Mykonos Archaeological Museum

If you’re looking for an unforgettable journey through time, then a visit to the Mykonos Archaeological Museum is just what you need. Here, discover artifacts spanning centuries, from ancient grave statues dating back to 1st century B.C., prehistoric pottery, and gorgeous jewelry pieces! 

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the 2nd-century storage jar displaying scenes from one of history’s most momentous battles – the infamous siege of Troy with its giant wooden horse!

25. Explore Ano Mera village

If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Mykonos, Ano Mera Village is a must-see destination. This tranquil village has stood since ancient times, with locals still going about their daily routines as they have done centuries ago. 

Wander along its cobbled streets while discovering outdoor cafes where visitors can relax and take in all the atmosphere this picturesque location has to offer. The crowning glory that awaits your exploration is the monastery which houses an extensive collection of Byzantine artifacts, including a bell tower and marble fountain.

26.  Enjoy a sea kayaking adventure

Immerse yourself in a new and exciting perspective of Mykonos on an invigorating kayak tour around some of the most awe-inspiring parts of the coast. 

Paddle into secluded bays for snorkeling or picnics, discovering pristine sandy beaches and spectacular rock formations along your journey.

Sea kayaking is your ticket to exploration, providing you with a chance to reconnect with nature during this tranquil day out, exploring sparkling waters beneath azure skies.

27. Visit Dio Horia Gallery

If you’re looking for something modern and unique, the Dio Horia Art Gallery is your go-to spot. Featuring exhibitions from international artists that are sure to spark creativity and enthusiasm in both art aficionados and amateur enthusiasts alike.

Set against a backdrop of traditional white walls with contrasting blue woodwork, this building serves as its own piece of artwork! 

Pop up to the rooftop bar for breathtaking views of the island or take an 11-minute walk from Old Port into the quaint whitewashed streets of Old Town – but hurry over since it’s only open every day except Sundays, between 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.

28. Try windsurfing at Ftelia beach

Ftelia Beach is an ideal destination for those seeking a picturesque and secluded getaway. Located approximately 7 kilometers north of Mykonos, this pristine north-facing beach boasts sandy yellow shores, rocky outcrops, and deep blue waters that beckon with their inviting waves. 

Popular among windsurfers due to the refreshing Cycladic winds, Ftelia Beach delivers all the tranquility one could need in order to rejuvenate after a long journey. The best way to access this paradise is by driving or biking; however, renting a taxi or scooter can also be arranged easily!

29. Taste the local beer

Food lovers, rejoice! A beer-tasting excursion in Mykonos is an unforgettable experience that you don’t want to miss. 

Embark on a guided cellar tour and discover how the local island brews are made from natural ingredients. Enjoy sipping small-batch beers with hints of unique flavors – remember your favorites so you can take some home as souvenirs for later! It’s sure to be an unforgettable delicious adventure for all foodies alike.

Don’t miss out on the chance to tour Mykonos Brewing Company, where you can experience 45 minutes of learning about this incredible brand and the people behind it. The best part? You have a choice of language for your tour. 

How to get to Mykonos?

If you have the time, book a ferry to get to Mykonos from Athens. 

Otherwise, fly directly into its International Airport. After landing at the airport, your transportation options include taking an airport transfer for door-to-door service or hailing a bus or taxi ride toward Mykonos Old Town. 

An airport transfer is especially convenient as it ensures that someone will be waiting there ahead of time – just in case you might’ve missed your flight!

Bottom Line

From the awe-inspiring Mykonos Windmills to the quaint Little Venice, and out for a wild Snorkelling safari – you will quickly learn why this island appeals to so many types of travelers. We hope that these recommendations have ignited your wanderlust and provided some great ideas for exploring all that Mykonos has to offer.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Mykonos is a paradise of Cycladic architecture (traditional, white-washed homes and chapels), luxury services, and vibrant nightlife – all set against stunningly beautiful beaches with world-renowned eateries and clubs. 

We would highly recommend staying in Mykonos for 3 to 5 days so that you have time to explore everything this beautiful island has to offer.

If you’d like to experience the very best of Mykonos, plan your visit for late spring or early fall – specifically between May and September. This is shoulder season when most establishments are still open such as hotels, beach clubs, restaurants, etc., but crowds levels remain at an acceptable level. Above all else, though, it’s worth noting that these months boast some incredible sightseeing weather, too – making them ideal!