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18 Best Things to Do in Halkidiki - 2023 Guide

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In Greece, discover the mesmerizing Halkidiki peninsula in the north. This stunning area further splits into three alluring peninsulas to its south, forming a divine tourist hotspot that will leave you with indelible memories of your time there

Halkidiki is overflowing with vacation-worthy activities – it’s no wonder thousands of visitors visit this stunning peninsula every year! From discovering hidden beaches and swimming in the crystal clear, emerald waters of the Aegean Sea to exploring cities, visiting traditional villages, and taking part in outdoor adventures surrounded by lush forests, you won’t find yourself running out of things to do here. Not forgetting its beautiful Mediterranean climate too; if you’re looking for a place where summer holidays are perfection personified – then look no further than Halkidiki!

1. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Sithonia

Step right into paradise on the Sithonia Peninsula of Halkidiki, where some of the world’s best beaches await. Take in breathtaking views while exploring Sarti and admire Mount Athos from your spot along the road. For crystal-clear waters and soft sand beneath your feet, don’t miss Vourvourou or Kalogria Beach – both feature emerald green water that will leave you speechless! 


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2. Walk around the old streets of Afytos

Step into the delightful town of Afytos, perched along the east coast of Kassandra Peninsula. Surrounded by its stunning historic atmosphere, you will soon find yourself in awe of its main square – an utterly captivating sight that’s not to be missed!

Discover a refreshing refuge in traditional Greek taverns during the scorching summer days. Then venture down small cobblestone streets that lead to the stunning seashore and marvel at an incredible panorama of Sithonia Peninsula.

3. Byzantine Tower of Nea Fokea

Travel to the quaint village of Nea Fokea in Halkidiki and marvel at St. Paul’s Byzantine Tower, dating back to 1407 and standing 55 feet high! This Old Fortress was originally built for the protection of farmers. Eventually, it became Emmanouil Papas’s headquarters during the Greek War of Independence. While there, make sure not to miss out on Agioi Apostoloi, which was constructed back in 1868. For an even more exciting experience, explore the 20km underground corridor where it is rumored that St. Paul sought refuge when his life felt in danger!

best things to do in halkidiki
Byzantine Tower of Nea Fokea

4. Take a cruise to Mount Athos

Boasting majestic mountain ranges cloaked in dense forests, the easternmost of the three Halkidiki peninsulas – Mount Athos – is renowned for its numerous monasteries and monks. Yet, as a largely untouched region with very few inhabitants, it remains one of Earth’s most remarkable locales.

The monks of the Sovereign Monastic Community are a unique and exclusive population, residing on Mt. Athos in 20 monasteries – most notably Chilandariou, Zographou, Vatopediou, Agios Panteleimon, and Pantokratoros Monastery – which incorporate their own distinct culture and customs.

To experience the majestic monasteries of Mount Athos, a cruise is your ticket! Departing from Ormos Panagias (Sithonia), you can enjoy an up-close view of each colossal monastery. Later in the day, disembark at Ouranopolis to witness its picturesque streets lined with old houses flanked by a white tower. Indulge in awe-inspiring sights while discovering this enchanting place on board your ship – that’s perfection!

Please be aware that the Monastery is a strictly male-only area. Therefore, if traveling as a couple, only the gentleman of the pair will be able to explore this historical site.

best things to do in halkidiki
Mount Athos

5. Discover Ammouliani Island

Nestled between the tranquil bay of Sithonia and Mount Athos rests a lesser-known gem—Ammouliani. This small isle, measuring only 6 kilometers in length, shines with lush Mediterranean foliage melding into emerald hues while sapphire waters embrace its shores. Revel in breathtaking beaches overflowing with delicate golden sands and pristine azure waters unlike any other.

6. Enjoy the wonderful coastline of Vourvourou

Located on the east coast of Sithonia, Vourvourou is a popular tourist destination with something for everyone. It’s well known for its spectacular coastline – boasting an abundance of pristine beaches featuring powdery golden sand and dazzling turquoise waters! With so much to explore and experience, it’s no wonder why this delightful village has become such a hot spot amongst holidaymakers looking to enjoy some restful relaxation in paradise.

The shallow waters along the coast provide a fantastic opportunity for families with little ones. What’s more, the inviting shallows in Vourvourou gain an even greater advantage – they heat up quickly during those early warmer days of May!

7. Diving off the coast of Agios Nikolaos

Halkidiki’s sapphire-hued waters provide a magnificent opportunity for scuba divers to explore an amazing aquatic landscape. With crystal clear visibility of more than 40 meters, it offers a breathtaking experience as you can see the coral reefs and all their fascinating marine dwellers in detail.

Agios Nikolaos, located on the coast of the country, is renowned for its captivatingly pristine water. So it’s no wonder why it promises a top-notch experience! Furthermore, this area has some of the finest diving schools available in all of Greece – an ideal chance to become fully informed about any aquatic activity and also access superior quality apparatus.

8. Visit the village of Arnea

Embrace the past when you take a trip to Arnea within the Halkidiki Peninsula, set 600 meters above sea level and surrounded by forested mountains that contribute to its crisp atmosphere. Experience Balkan culture firsthand with architecture reminiscent of this part of Europe, featuring stone foundations topped with vibrant buildings in pink, blue, orange – and more! These structures hold great historical value and exude an inviting warmth that beckons visitors from near and far.

9. Snorkeling along the coast of Platanitsi

Platanitsi Beach is a renowned destination of Halkidiki, located along the magnificent east coast of Sithonia. Boasting exceptionally clear waters and consistently tranquil seas year-round, it attracts countless visitors looking to soak up the sun and those seeking an unforgettable snorkeling experience! With so many remarkable features making this beach unique, few places around the world can rival what you will find here.

When the weather cooperates, you can often experience remarkable underwater visibility of up to 40 meters or more. So after a long day at sea, why not head ashore for an enjoyable respite? You’ll find plenty of bars where you can take in a satisfying cool beverage or delicious grilled fish – and recharge your batteries before continuing with your aquatic adventures!

10. Explore the area of Sani

If you’re looking for an amazing vacation destination, then Sani in the Kassandra Peninsula is a must-see. Not only are there breathtaking sandy dunes that stretch on for miles, but this region of Halkidiki also boasts magnificent Blue Flag beaches and exquisite restaurants – making it perfect for any beach lover or outdoor enthusiast! Plus, cycling and long walks provide some excellent opportunities to explore the area even more. So visit Sani today and experience all its wonders!

11. Boat trip to the Blue Lagoon of Sithonia

Located off the eastern coast of Sithonia is an idyllic island blanketed in Mediterranean vegetation, perfect for those who adore swimming and diving. Diaporos dazzles with its pristine bays and crystal-clear waters that captivate onlookers. But it’s not until you venture to the northeast corner that you will discover what makes this place special – The Blue Lagoon of Sithonia!

Experience an unparalleled visual of the lagoon by joining a boat tour. As you travel further away from shore, the azure water will become so transparent that you can easily observe all 50 meters in front of your vessel! Whether it’s for swimming or admiring marine life, take advantage of this crystal clear opportunity to discover what lies beneath its surface.

12. Wine tasting tour

With its nutrient-rich soil and flourishing vineyards, Halkidiki tantalizes the senses with exquisite wines. Make sure to visit some of the region’s most renowned wineries for a taste of their superior offerings. Also, don’t miss out on Tzikas Family Winery in Kassandra Peninsula or Porto Carras Winery located in Sithonia Peninsula – both are known for their aromatic wines! Lastly, don’t forget to bring home a bottle as an unforgettable gift for your family and friends.

13. Don’t miss the Tower of Ouranoupoli

A beacon of grandeur, the Ouranoupoli Tower defines the eastern seascape at Halkidiki. Nestled in a remote corner near Mount Athos along the bay, this treasured landmark has stood proudly since at least the fourteenth century!

With the earliest evidence of its existence traced back to 1344, researchers are now certain it was constructed even earlier. Over time, components of this tower endured destruction; however, surprisingly enough, it is remarkably well maintained and in a remarkable state today.

14. Explore the beaches of Kassandra Greece

The top of Kassandra is home to the gorgeous, secluded beach at Paliouri. Located on Halkidiki’s first and most accessible peninsula from Thessaloniki, this area offers a unique balance between development and isolation compared to its sister Sithonia. For those looking for more developed beaches with plenty of attractions nearby, Kallithea, Kriopigi, or Hanioti are your ideal destinations.

best things to do in halkidiki
Aerial view of Kassandra Beaches

15. Explore the beaches of Cape Posidi

Cape Possidi is an exceptional part of the Kassandra Peninsula coastline, located in the central region. It beckons visitors with its irresistible charm and mysterious magnetism, as a half-kilometer stretch of sand invites you to take a stroll. On serene days, marvel at spectacularly turquoise waters that reveal vivid glimpses into their sandy depths beneath the surface. A visit here will be sure to leave you feeling mesmerized by this dreamy paradise.

16. Visit the Varvara Waterfalls

If you’re looking for an escape and to truly immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, a visit to Varvara Waterfall, nestled within Halkidiki’s picturesque mountain area, is your ideal destination. Here, lush deciduous forests provide ample shade as the crystal-clear water cascades down from 8km away from Olympiada village, making May perhaps its most magical period yet! The perfect spot for anyone hoping to de-stress and soak in all that Mother Nature has blessed us with.

17. Experience the best kayaking ever

If you’re passionate about kayaking, then Halkidiki is your ideal destination! The stunning coastline and crystal clear waters make it perfect for practicing this sport. Agios Nikolaos to Vourvourou is one of the best spots along the peninsula’s coast – there are plenty of secluded beaches here that remain quiet even during summertime! Another must-see location nearby is Diaporos Island, located just a kilometer off Sithonia’s shore. Its exotic beauty and peaceful atmosphere will be an extraordinary adventure for any kayaker!

18. Explore Petralona Cave

A unique paleontologic landmark, the Petralona Cave is nestled at the eastern foot of Mount Katsika and houses fossils that are as ancient as 700,000 years old. In 1959 a stunning discovery was made when villagers uncovered the remains of a prehistoric man! As well as providing an insight into our past, this incredible cave also showcases other remarkable finds such as elephant bones, rhinoceros fossilized teeth, and even those of long-extinct panthers. Be sure to explore Petralona’s hidden gem for yourself!

Nestled in the pastoral countryside northwest of Kassandra Peninsula awaits a tranquil haven that will leave you marveling at its incomparable blend of stalactites, stalagmites and peculiarly shaped caverns.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Halkidiki has three peninsulas, with Kassandra being the most popular and located on the left. Sithonia, the middle peninsula, is home to many hidden gems. Accommodations can be found in nearby villages. Once you’ve explored the top villages in Halkidiki, you can also check out information about the best beaches.

The north of Greece includes a region called Halkidiki, famous for its peninsulas, protected bays, and beaches with Blue Flag certification. Behind the coastal parts, you can find dense pine forests and renowned archaeological sites.

Halkidiki offers various beautiful beaches, ranging from small coves with crystal-clear water to sandy stretches with bars and fish tavernas nearby. Suppose you’re looking for a more luxurious beach experience. In that case, you can visit Sani in Kassandra, while Possidi is ideal for families with its fun and enjoyable beach activities. Sithonia has the largest number of beaches among the three peninsulas.