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28 Best Things to Do in Corfu - 2023 Guide

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Corfu holds a myriad of fascinating activities and attractions that are scattered all over the island – it’s truly stunning! Whether you’re looking for some fun-filled holiday experience with family or friends, I highly suggest that you visit this Greek paradise. 

When I was a youngster, all my memories of visiting Corfu revolved around ice cream and constructing sandcastles. As an adult, however, it has become evident to me how truly beautiful this exquisite Greek island is, something that needs to be seen in person! If you’re looking for somewhere new and exciting – there’s no place better than Corfu. And the assortment of activities available upon arrival makes it even more attractive as a destination spot!

With countless picturesque islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian Seas, such as Santorini, Mykonos, and Samos – it can be difficult to decide which one to explore. Yet located in the shimmering Ionian Sea is Corfu, a romantic island that has stood since ancient times with its Venetian and French influences still present today. Whether you’re seeking an intimate getaway or simply want to bask in endless sunshine – Corfu remains a timeless retreat for every kind of traveler!

Corfu is an incredibly underrated destination in Europe, not because of its lack of popularity or beauty but rather due to its familiarity.

Venture back in time and explore the venerable history of Corfu, an island that dates 3,000 years. Stroll through the 15th-century historic center with its winding cobblestone streets or bask on one of the 100+ beaches at your disposal. If you feel up to it, join a guided trek where you’ll find 5,000 different plant species, including wild orchids – not seen anywhere else! And don’t forget to savor some local olives, as this magical place is responsible for producing 3% of the world’s olive oil from over 4,000 trees! Enjoy exquisite liquid gold like nowhere else when staying in Corfu.

Let your imagination run wild as you snorkel in peaceful blue lagoons, stroll down to hidden beaches and sail to faraway islands. Choosing where to go on your next trip can be an arduous task – but there is no doubt that Corfu should make the shortlist! Explore this stunning island and witness its beauty for yourself with the best things it has to offer. An unforgettable adventure awaits!

1. Explore the old Town of Corfu

Exploring Corfu City, a quaint and charming historic town protected by UNESCO World Heritage status, is an absolute must on your trip to Corfu. Meander through the ancient cobblestone streets of Old Town, gazing up in awe at the preserved Venetian-style architecture from centuries past. Don’t forget to search for George Theotokis Statue, Liston arcades, Spilias Square, and the majestic Saint Spyridon Church—the patron saint of Corfu!

best things to do in corfu
View of Corfu City

From exploring the streets of Corfu to indulging in delicious food, The Venetian Well is your go-to destination for a picturesque city experience. Serving up flavorful lamb dishes and other delectable cuisines, it’s one of the best activities that you must try when visiting Corfu! Take a guided walking tour through the old Town and explore traditional shops serving local delicacies while also shopping around for souvenirs. Enjoy an idyllic adventure with stunning views not to be missed!

Explore Corfu’s historical attractions, like the Old Fortress and the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, then take a stroll off the beaten path to uncover secret squares. Visit revered sainted relics in the Church of St. Spyridon before extending your journey towards Kanoni; here, you can relax by the shoreline while tasting traditional Greek cuisine such as Pastitsada or Veal Sofrito! To really immerse yourself into Corfu’s gastronomic scene, book a food tour – it’ll be an experience worth savoring for years to come!

2. Wander around Vlacherna Monastery

Vlacherna Monastery is an iconic Corfu landmark that stands proudly on its own secluded island. The monastery can be accessed through a picturesque pathway over the water, making it one of the most memorable places to visit. Open year-round and welcoming all visitors, this stunning location also offers glimpses of Mouse Island just beyond the horizon! Built during the 17th century, this religious site has now become a church used for ceremonies. Have fun strolling around its interior!

best things to do in corfu
View of Vlacherna Monastery and Pontikonisi

Embark on an exciting adventure and hop aboard a boat to the captivating Pontikonisi (Mouse Island)! As you flew into Corfu, you might have already spotted Mouse Island off the Kanoni peninsula. This picturesque islet makes for an excellent spot to snap some photos while exploring the island. Make a short journey over there by boat and uncover an 11th-century chapel nestled in among trees.

3. Discover the Royal Achilleion Palace

Nestled in Gastouri, the Achilleion Palace is a breathtaking sight to behold. Built as a home for Austrian Royalty, it has now been opened up to all of us who are able to marvel at its stunning architecture and design. With both indoor and outdoor attractions, such as antique paintings and classical sculptures, this palace is an absolute must-see when visiting Corfu – you’ll be hard pressed to find something more historic or beautiful! Make sure not to miss out on taking your own tour of the Achilleion Palace if you want something truly special during your time in Corfu’s Old Town.

The interior decor is mostly original, so you can explore the chambers that once housed Empress Sisi of Austria. Take a stroll through the lush gardens in search of beautiful statues and breathtaking views of the sea. 

4. Go paragliding over Sidari Beach

Soar high above the idyllic Sidari Beach on a breathtaking tandem paraglide for an unforgettable experience. Admire the spellbinding Corfu coastline from your viewpoint in the sky and see if you can spot landmarks such as Canal d’Amour lagoon. On bright days, even Albania is visible from up there! For added fun, book yourself a parasailing session where you’ll get priority boarding of the boat – then it’s time to take off and enjoy this incredible adventure!

best things to do in corfu
View of Canal d’ Amour Beach in Corfu

5. Explore the Archaeological Museum of Corfu

For all you history buffs and archaeological aficionados, this museum should be on the top of your must-see list. Unearth artifacts from excavated sites around the island, including Kanoni’s Temple of Artemis. Marvel at serene bronze sculptures and ornate marble statues – funerary offerings like no other! Be astounded by golden jewelry that has been intricately preserved over centuries. Look out for Apollo too!

6. Tour the Museum of Asian Art

Step into the awe-inspiring neoclassical palace of St. Michael and St. George that houses the Museum of Asian Art in Corfu and journey across continents. Spend a few hours examining not only its majestic architecture but also marveling at faraway exhibits from places like Japan and Tibet. Be sure to seek out some Samurai weapons and Chinese bronzes for an unforgettable experience!

7. See St. George’s Church, Kerkyra

Resembling a classic Doric temple, this stunning Church was in fact constructed by the British during the nineteenth century. Tucked away within Corfu City’s Old Fortress of Kerkyra, it is an absolute must-see when visiting! During certain times of year, concerts are held inside; so be sure to inquire upon your arrival on the island – you won’t regret it! Without question, exploring this charming church remains one of the best experiences that Corfu can offer.

8. Explore the Old Fortress

Visiting the ancient capital of Corfu will never be complete without seeing one of its iconic symbols: a 15th-century Venetian Fortress. Built to protect locals from pillaging pirates, the grand castle houses an impressive library, music school, and church. It even has a museum where you can marvel at paintings and sculptures that date back to Byzantine times! Don’t forget your camera-the view over historic Old Town is simply breathtaking!

9. Watch the sunset at Loggas Beach

Logas Beach is renowned for its stunning sunsets, so why not take a break in the cliff top restaurant with ouzo or frappe while you watch it? Or if you prefer to be closer to the action, simply make your way down to the beach. After a long day of exploring Corfu’s offerings, this relaxing spot will surely help restore balance and peace within.

10. Find Corfu’s best beach at Porto Timoni

When you travel to Corfu, be sure to experience the stunning beauty of Porto Timoni, my favorite beach and coast on all of the island! If arriving by car, find parking at or near the village before taking a leisurely 20-minute walk down to this gorgeous destination.

best things to do in corfu
View of Porto Timoni Beach

Make sure to bring a delicious picnic, adequate water supplies, and sunscreen when embarking on your journey to the stunning twin beaches of Porto Timoni. These flourishing bays tucked away in Afionas are not only among Corfu’s finest beaches but also necessitate an exhilarating voyage by boat or foot from neighboring resorts.

The tranquility that awaits you at this special location along with its spectacular turquoise waters will make for lasting memories long after leaving this paradise behind. So take advantage of these shining rays and watch out for any captivating sea arches during your sun-filled adventure! After this adventurous day, enjoy your dinner at Evdemon Restaurant! The view from the restaurant’s balcony is amazing, and the food is simply delicious.

11. Relax at La Grotta Lounge and Pub

Embark on an exquisite adventure and discover La Grotta Lounge, a remarkable beach bar situated in a clandestine cave grotto near Paleokastritsa. A truly magical atmosphere envelops this spot that overlooks the glimmering cove below – arrive by boat to fully appreciate the breathtaking view. Enjoy taking a dip in its majestic blue lagoon before sipping away on exotic cocktails while being surrounded with tropical vibes!

12. Chill out on Vidos islet

Come to the quaint island of Vidos and relax in its no-frills atmosphere! Explore the lush forests, where you can discover a Serbian mausoleum dedicated to refugees who passed away during World War I. Connect with locals on the beach; they are passionate about preserving their unique way of life here. Enjoy laidback luxuries such as grilled octopus at local tavernas and lively Greek music performances in the evening for a truly authentic experience.

13. Explore the New Venetian Fortress

As you traverse the cobblestone paths of this 16th-century castle, built by Venetians to safeguard Old Town from coastal raids, take a moment to appreciate history beneath your feet! Meander through the moat and ramparts while trying to find one of the iconic winged lions perched at the port entrance. Marvel at stunning cityscapes and seascapes, then step inside for captivating photo gallery showings and paintings on display.

14. Visit Agni Bay

Located on the northeastern shore of the island, Agni Bay is a captivating spot to explore. With its storied fishing village and unspoiled waterfront views, you can truly immerse yourself in an enchanting Mediterranean experience. Feel free to take a plunge into the tranquil waters or savor incredible Corfiot flavors from one of the seafront tavernas – if seafood is your thing, then this delightful bay won’t disappoint!

For an unforgettable gastronomic experience, head to Nikolas’ Taverna. It’s definitely one of the most sought-after activities in Corfu for a much deserved relaxed day out.

And if you’re keen on exploring more islands close by, then don’t miss this fantastic full-day tour from Corfu to Paxos, Antipaxos, and the stunning Blue Caves! You’ll be accompanied by a professional guide all throughout your journey, making it even better – book these tickets today and get ready for a great adventure!

15. See the dramatic Cape Drastis

Nestled at the northernmost point of Corfu Island, Cape Drastis is a must-see destination. Although there may be many uncertainties around gaining access to it throughout the year, summer months are usually when you will have no difficulty entering. As you approach your journey’s end, take note that sometimes a gatekeeper will charge an entry fee; however, in some cases, you’ll get lucky and drive right through!

best things to do in corfu
View of Cape Diastis

As you descend the roads to Cape Drastis, drive carefully as they are a bit steep. When reaching your destination, be prepared to witness its astonishing beauty- with the sun illuminating magnificent cliffs for an extra special touch! Don’t forget a few bottles of water as there is limited access to facilities here; despite this small inconvenience, it remains one of Corfu’s most amazing activities.

The magnificent sea cliffs of Cape Dastis are a must-see when exploring this beautiful island! The picturesque coastline is dotted with small sea caves and one-of-a-kind rocky outcroppings. Take a boat for an up close look at the secluded beaches nestled between white limestone cliffs, then make it even better by spending the day there with a picnic lunch. For breathtaking views from above, don’t forget to drive up to the cliff’s edge after your time on the water!

16. Reserve a table at Cavalieri Hotel Rooftop Restaurant

Experience the unparalleled elegance of Cavalieri Hotel’s rooftop restaurant, a celebrated eating establishment renowned for its imaginative interpretation of Mediterranean and Greek delicacies. Enchantment awaits as you enter this 17th-century Venetian mansion, offering awe-inspiring sights above the city center from your table. The staff are dedicated to exceeding expectations when it comes to hospitality and accommodating guests; rest assured that you’ll be taken care of from start to finish each time you visit!

17. Visit Patounis Soap Factory

As a fifth-generation family business in Corfu, Greece, they strive to provide the highest quality soap with the ancestral recipes and traditions. Patounis’ handmade soaps are crafted from locally produced olive oil that has been tried and tested by generations of customers for over 100 years – guaranteeing premium results every time!

 As an enduring example of local tradition through its functioning tools and equipment from 1891, the factory recently became both a center for academic research as well as an attraction for tourists and educators alike. Since 2008, the house has been officially recognized as a landmark of industrial heritage by the Greek Ministry of Culture. In 2017, moreover, Patounis achieved another milestone: the unique soap making technique handed down here was inscribed into both Greece’s National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage and UNESCO’s Lists set forth in its relevant Convention document.

18. Palaiokastritsa

Tucked away in the northwest corner of Corfu lies Palaiokastritsa, a quaint village steeped in Greek mythology and said to be the last place Odysseus visited before embarking on his journey home. Be sure to explore the centuries-old monastery from as far back as 1200s, followed by some sunbathing at its main beach for an unforgettable morning under the Mediterranean sun.

best things to do in corfu
Palaiokastritsa Beach in Corfu

19. Take a day trip to Paxos island

Embark on a journey across the azure waters of the Mediterranean to Paxos and its undiscovered northern shores. As you draw near, inhale deeply; take in the scent of wild olive groves that lures you onward. Stroll through time-honored villages as your eye marvels at this unspoiled island paradise.

Introduce yourself to nature’s most majestic creatures—the monk seals who inhabit The Blue Caves—before closing out your day with an epic snorkeling session off Paradise Beach: Antipaxos’ postcard-perfect shoreline!

If you want something different, take a boat ride to the picturesque Antipaxos island and bask in its best scenery. Refreshingly plunge into Voutoumi Beach (also referred to as “paradise beach”), which is one of the most idyllic places in Greece’s Mediterranean coast. Your skipper will be more than happy to provide snorkel equipment for an underwater exploration; after that, lounge around on the pure white sand for some well-needed sunbathing!

20. Feel the wind in your hair on a sailing cruise

Embarking on a journey to explore the breathtaking coastlines of Corfu and Paxos will be one of your most unforgettable holiday experiences. Come unearth mysterious sea caves and make footprints in untouched seashores – it doesn’t get any more picturesque than that! Go for a dip, allowing the calming waves to caress your skin as you swim, or marvel at an array of mesmerizing underwater creatures while snorkeling.

21. Discover Angelokastro Castle

Angelokastro Castle, perched atop a magnificent mountaintop on the island of Corfu, is a stunning and awe-inspiring sight. Originally built as protection against pirate raids, today it stands majestic, looking out to sea with its photogenic domed gate welcoming all visitors! Step through this iconic entrance to explore what remains of hallways, rooms, and ramparts that once made up the fortification. You won’t want to miss discovering one of its best kept secrets – an enchanting hidden cave church.

22. Taste the best olive oil

Here in Corfu, olive oil is a treasured gem. If you have toured the island, you are likely familiar with all of the lush trees that produce these delicious little stone fruits. This golden lifeblood also enhances local dishes to create delectable recipes! To explore more about this tasty nectar, why not visit some traditional olive mills and groves? You can sample each variety of olive oil as you go along your journey. If you want to taste the best olive oil and immerse yourself in the world of olive oil, book a tour now at The Governor Olive Oil.

23. Sunbathe on Canal d’Amour Beach

If you’re looking for a breathtaking, photogenic spot to visit in Corfu, this hidden cove with its unusual rock formations is the perfect place. Dubbed as the “Channel of Love,” these bright yellow rocks cascade down from Sidari village into an idyllic lagoon that’s just begging for your next picnic or sunbathing session. With plenty of swimming and snorkeling opportunities available too, embark on an adventure and explore these secluded coves – our guarantee: you won’t be disappointed!

24. Climb Mount Pantokrator

Follow the winding hiking trails of Mount Pantokrator and relish in awe-inspiring panoramic sights across Corfu as your reward. As you traverse through peaceful meadows, dense pines, forests, and quaint villages, you’ll eventually reach the peak – home to a serene monastery occupied by two monks. In order to explore not only this but also many other hiking trails and tours, book at Corfu Walking Tours for a unique experience. For those who prefer less inclined for an active adventure, there many guided tours. If you really want to explore the island, then choose Hilary’s walk from “The Corfu Trail.” You will be able to experience the unique beauty of Corfu walking the full length of the island.

25. Travel back in time at the Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa

An incredible way to explore Corfu is by visiting the Antivouniotissa Museum. Set inside a 15th-century church in Corfu Town, it’ll be like an immersive time travel experience as you marvel at vintage wall frescoes, ancient manuscripts, and icons crafted by renowned artists. Take your own sweet time observing Byzantine religious art while savoring genuine Greek culture!

26. Visit the monastery at Paleokastritsa

For a truly unique experience, explore the 13th century Byzantine monastery located in Paleokastritsa. Perched atop a small hill, this iconic landmark has breathtaking views and is connected to the village via an effortless footpath. Moreover, you can find some of Corfu’s best beaches here, with many secret bays that are ideal for swimming! Don’t forget your camera – it’s essential to capture all these awe-inspiring moments.

27. Gorge on local food

Gourmet-lovers, rejoice! Greece is renowned for its delicious and delectable dishes – particularly on the island of Corfu. What makes this Greek getaway even more special are its beloved local cuisines featuring lamb as their meat of choice, along with a generous selection of fresh seafood and shellfish due to it being an island destination. If you want something truly unique and delightful, try out Sykomaïtha – a fig-based cake that will tantalize your taste buds in absolutely no time at all! My favorite restaurant in the island is Klimataria Restaurant in Benitses. Book a table to enjoy amazing seafood!

28. Sample vintage wines

Release your inner sommelier and become a wine aficionado with specialist tastings across the stunning Corfu island. Explore organic family-run vineyards, discover their traditional techniques for winemaking, after which you can savor the exceptional wines in the cellar itself! Increase your experience by adding cheese and olive oil tasting to mix – making it an unforgettable day out. If you want to visit one the best local wineries look no further than Pontiglio Winery. Book your visit now to enjoy an amazing wine tour.


Most frequent questions and answers

Corfu is known for its sandy beaches, cosmopolitan feel, amazing restaurants, stunning landscapes, and fun nightlife.

Two days are the minimum time you should spend on Corfu island. It’s quite a big island, so you’ll want to take a day tour to see as much as possible. Ideally, you could spend a week here!

While visiting the charming, cobblestoned streets of Corfu’s old town, you cannot help but notice its famous export – kumquat liqueur. Its distinct flavor and beautiful orange hue have made it a favorite among visitors to this captivating Greek island. Whether enjoyed on its own or in one of many delightful cocktails, this refreshing liquor is sure to add an unforgettable touch to your time in Corfu!