Things to do in Cancun for Couples

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18 Most Romantic Things to do in Cancun for Couples - 2023 Guide

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Are you and your significant other looking for romantic things to do in Cancun for couples? With a range of romantic activities ranging from idyllic dinners and shopping sprees, heart-filled concerts, thrilling nightlife escapades, and more – there’s something for every couple seeking some quality time together. 

From the beautiful beaches to Mayan ruins and cenotes nearby islands to explore and search through scuba diving possibilities – Cancun is undoubtedly the place that can cater all types of couples’ desires. Check out our guide below for a few tips on how to make your experience even more special in Cancun!


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Best things to do in Cancun for Couples : Catamaran Tours
Best things to do in Cancun for Couples : Catamaran Tours

1. Luxury Catamaran to Isla Mujeres

Experience the majestic beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula in style, sailing aboard a luxurious catamaran to picturesque Isla Mujeres. Just a short boat ride from Cancun, this idyllic island provides couples with an unparalleled experience not found elsewhere! Cruise through shimmering turquoise waters along the Caribbean Coast and unwind at your exclusive beach club – make unforgettable memories on one of life’s grandest adventures.

Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres

For an easy price, you can experience a comprehensive tour with plentiful refreshments and lunch buffet. Once the day is done, feel free to peruse nearby downtown for souvenirs or take advantage of miles of white sand beaches by taking a romantic walk along the stunningly clear water.

Party at Coco Bongo Club
Party at Coco Bongo Club

2. Go party in Cancun’s best clubs

If you’re looking to keep the party going all year round, Cancun is your place! Whether you’re on a budget or just want to find the perfect spot with music and atmosphere that suits your style, there are plenty of bars and clubs for every occasion. From Coco Bongo’s iconic dance club to Senor Frogs’ wild nightlife, Punta Cancun is where it’s at. With several popular spots located both in the hotel zone and downtown Centro, this vibrant city guarantees an unforgettable time no matter when you decide to come here. If you are considering a night out at an open bar, please ensure that you have a safe way of getting home by taking a taxi or ride-share. Never drive while under the influence!

Plaza La Isla Mall Cancun
Plaza La Isla Mall Cancun

3. Enjoy a Day of Shopping at La Isla

La Isla Shopping Village is an extraordinary mall that offers a luxury shopping experience located near the renowned Hotel Zone in Cancun. With over 160 stores and eateries, you will find a bounty of upscale designer brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, and Louis Vuitton – or simply select souvenirs from your holiday! Here’s where to shop for unrivaled retail therapy during your time in Cancun.

Cancun Sign at Playa Delfines
Cancun Sign at Playa Delfines

4. Cancun Sign at Playa Delfines

Notoriously renowned for its mesmerizing turquoise waters, pristine white sand shores, and alluring crystal clear waves, Playa Delfines is a perfect locale to take a break from the bustling sightseeing escapades. Whether you decide to submerge yourself in the rejuvenating ocean or snap an awe-inspiring picture at Cancun’s iconic sign – one that truly has a tale behind it – this stunning paradise will not fail to leave you with unforgettable memories!

Romantic Sunset Cruise
Romantic Sunset Cruise

5. Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise

Embark on a mesmerizing three-hour sailing cruise to Mexico’s Nichupte Lagoon aboard the exquisite Spanish-style galleon. As you drift through wondrous calm waters beneath an enchanting starlit sky, witness spectacular sights, listen to live music and savor a romantic surf ‘n turf dinner accompanied by your favorite wine in the moonlight! Let this be a night of unparalleled beauty that you won’t soon forget.

Let the captivating sound of live saxophone music fill your romantic evening with an atmosphere that will remain in your memories for a lifetime! The tranquil and breathtaking ambiance provided by the melodic tunes is certain to make Cancun’s stunning vistas even more mesmerizing.

Best things to do in Cancun for Couples : Cenote Suytun
Best things to do in Cancun for Couples : Cenote Suytun

6. Take a Dip in a Cenote

For those looking to escape the sizzling temperatures of Yucatan, Cenote tours are an ideal day trip! These natural sinkholes – formed by limestone cave collapses and filled with sparkling water – can be explored all over Mexico, yet particularly around majestic Cancun. Enjoy a 7-hour adventure that includes snorkeling through underground caverns as well zipping across jungle terrain on 4×4 vehicles – perfect for any adrenaline seeker or nature lover!

Snorkeling in Cancun

7. Snorkel at a Shipwreck

If you’re in search of a tranquil escape from the city, join us on an exquisite three-and-a-half-hour snorkel tour led by a knowledgeable guide. During this journey to four captivating locations off Cancun’s coast, explore vibrant coral reefs and view breathtaking marine life such as turtles, rays, and much more around an enchanting shipwreck! Be assured that moments spent with these incredible creatures will create memories lasting far beyond your visit.

Romantic Dinner at the Beach
Romantic Dinner at the Beach (courtesy of Thai and the Elefanta Cancun)

8. Have a Romantic Dinner on the Beach

As the sun’s luminance slowly fades and its soft purple hues paint a romantic picture in the sky, we invite you to an evening of tranquility. Candlelit dinners on the beach will provide an unforgettable experience that can be used for special occasions such as engagement proposals or weddings – no reason necessary! Perfect for both casual dates with your partner or special events, this is truly a perfect setting any day of the week.

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Tulum Mayan Ruins
Tulum Mayan Ruins


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9. Explore the Mayan Ruins at Tulum

Experience the captivating history of Tulum, a renowned day trip destination from Cancun. Embark on an educational tour of the city’s archaeological zone and learn about its ancient Mayan culture – with structures built between 1200 to 1450 AD. After soaking in this rich heritage, take a plunge into its glistening turquoise waters for some snorkeling fun!

Or if you’re feeling particularly daring that day, race through lush jungles atop an ATV – it promises to be exhilarating!

cooking class tacos
Tacos Cooking Class

10. Take a Mexican Cooking Class

Immerse yourself in Mexican culture by learning to prepare authentic dishes with all the vital ingredients and flavors. Join a small, private group for an interactive cooking class – you’ll leave empowered with new skills that can be used on special occasions or when your taste buds need some stimulation! Or if culinary classes aren’t quite your thing, have a go at devouring some of Cancun’s street food instead!

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Souvenirs at Mercado 23

11. See the local life at Mercado 23

Mercado 23 is the ultimate destination for locals and visitors alike. With a unique selection of merchants ranging from fishmongers, butchers and bakers to souvenir shops, this marketplace offers something for everyone! Spend an afternoon exploring all that Cancun has to offer: pick up some fresh local produce, sample traditional spices or find the perfect memento to take home with you. Mercado 23 provides an unforgettable experience in one convenient location – come check it out today!

Playa Norte
Playa Norte Isla Mujeres

12. Hang Out at Playa Norte

Escape to the peaceful paradise of Isla Mujeres and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience at Playa Norte. With its mesmerizing turquoise waters, captivating white sand beachfront, and swaying palm trees – this Mexican gem is the perfect place for a revitalizing day out. Dive into swimming or explore exciting water activities while soaking up those golden rays with your favorite book beneath a shady umbrella!

13. Check out all the amazing street art in Cancun

With its vibrant culture, Cancun is generously painted with original street art all around the city. No matter if you stay in the heart of downtown or in one of those hotels along the beach strip – prepare to be pleasantly surprised by numerous colorful murals and wall paintings throughout your journey! That’s because many works are part of PangeaSeed Foundation’s Sea Walls project that hopes to draw public attention towards marine conservation through unique visuals like these. In 2017, PangeaSeed began a mission to beautify and rejuvenate the buildings in Cancun by curating a public art program. Not only do these murals bring joy with its stunning artwork but they also send out an invaluable message for locals and tourists alike!

Fall Equinox at Chichen Itza Pyramid
Fall Equinox at Chichen Itza Pyramid

14. Check Out the Wonders of Chichen Itza

Are you seeking a place to journey that will leave you awestruck? Then look no further than Chichen Itza – the most eminent and renowned archaeological site in Mexico. This beauteous city was erected by Mayans, who are widely admired for their artistry, culture, and architecture spanning over 1500 years. When here, let your gaze wander upon marvels such as the Temple of Kukulcan – an iconic pyramid constructed about 1000AD which is hallowed across all of Mexico. The lush history pervading Chichen Itza makes it a must-visit destination for any travel enthusiast!

Nichupte Lagoon
Nichupte Lagoon

15. Nichupte Lagoon Speedboat Tour

Journey through the stunning mangrove forest of Nichupte Lagoon and marvel at the second most extensive coral reef system in the world. All while enjoying a leisurely 30-minute jet ski ride, this unique experience will provide you with an unparalleled adventure that lasts around three and a half hours! If you’re searching for something more than your typical snorkeling tour then this is an ideal way to spend your day.

16. Marina Puerto Cancun

Situated perfectly by the tranquil ocean, Marina Puerto Cancun is an exquisite shopping paradise. An abundance of chic boutiques offer a plethora of fashionable finds while multiple eateries provide delicious meals to savor in-between visits. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing stroll or indulging in some spontaneous browsing, this luxury complex will never fail to invigorate and inspire!

17. Walking Photography Tour

Experience the best of Cancun with a guided walking tour that will allow you to create memories to last a lifetime! On this journey, join hands with an experienced local who knows their way around town and take home 20 expertly edited photos that capture the beauty of your trip. Make the most out of your time away – let us guide you through awe-inspiring sights for a day full of fun and adventure!

Isla Contoy
Isla Contoy

18. Visit Isla Contoy

Escape to the magical Isla Contoy, a hidden gem of Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Home to an abundant variety of tropical birds and four types of endangered sea turtles, this magnificent isle is safeguarded by stringent regulations – granting you with an unforgettable day trip! Here, bask in its brilliant white sand beaches along crystal clear waters that stretch over one of the world’s longest coral reef systems; treat yourself to oasis-like island living at its finest! And don’t forget about nearby Isla Mujeres for even more adventure during your stay.

The best time to visit Cancun for couples

For couples looking for an ideal getaway, Cancun offers a year-round paradise with its warm climate and tropical beauty. The best time to visit is between December and April during the peak season when the sun shines brightly; however, it can be jam packed with tourists due to holiday breaks and spring breakers. To ensure you find more affordable prices on accommodations while still enjoying the wonderful weather of Cancun, make sure you book your trip in advance!

If you’re looking for that ultimate romantic escape to Cancun, then why not plan your trip during the shoulder months of late April-May or late October-November? Not only will you get to experience gorgeous weather and less crowds, but rates are usually cheaper as well. Plus, who doesn’t want an empty beach with just them and their partner in paradise? So make sure to consider these times when planning your dream vacation!

Ultimately, Cancun experiences its heaviest rainfall from June to October due to the hurricane season in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, this is not a time we would advise visiting as it’s quite unpleasant weather-wise. So if your visit is limited and you’re hoping for some sunshine, then plan accordingly!

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