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Best Tacos Cancun Guide: 19 Most Authentic and Delicious Taco Places

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Cancun is best known for the great weather, beautiful beaches and lively nightlife … But for taco aficionados, this vibrant Mexican city is a paradise. With a large number of local taquerias and restaurants serving up some of the best and most authentic tacos in all of Mexico, you’re sure to be satisfied with the Mexican food offerings that Cancun has to offer.

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Therefore, choosing which tacos to try while in Cancun can be a bit confusing. We are here to help as we have been visiting cancun for the past 7 years and we here are the 19 of the best taco places in Cancun that you definately won’t want to miss out on:

Best Tacos in Cancun: Taqueria los Chachalacos Cancun
Taqueria los Chachalacos Cancun

1. Taqueria Los Chachalacos

Taqueria Los Chachalacos is our favorite place to get authentic Mexican tacos in Cancun. The taqueria is located near the popular tourist area of Punta Cancun and it’s a favorite spot for both locals and tourists. The tacos here are made with the freshest of ingredients, and the menu offers a range of traditional Mexican dishes.

Tacos Cancun, Mexico side by side

Don’t bother searching for glitzy décor or designer tacos, as this eatery is all about flavor! Charcoal-grilled meat provides an exotic taste that you won’t find anywhere else – bursting with delectable seasonings, and delicious sour cream and delivered sizzling hot from the grill.

And if late-night cravings strike, don’t worry; the restaurant stays open until almost midnight so those tantalizing tacos (definitely try the carne asada tacos) are there whenever you want them. Spend just 150 pesos and score a complimentary dessert as well!


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Taqueria Coapeñitos
Taqueria Coapeñitos

2. Taqueria Coapeñitos

Taqueria Coapeñitos is a local eatery in Cancun that has some of the best authentic Mexican tacos you’ll ever have the pleasure of devouring. With an array of traditional Mexican flavors, their menu offers something for everyone. The house specialty is the Taco Coapeñito – perfectly seasoned and bursting with flavor.

Some of the best tacos in downtown Cancun are waiting to tantalize your taste buds with their delectable flavors and authenticity.

Best Cancun Tacos Los Tarascos

3. Los Tarascos

When you’re in the mood for some of the best tacos in Cancun and nothing else, Los Tarascos should be at the top of your list. An acclaimed chain with several locations across Mexico, this eatery is a beloved spot that will have you coming back for more – even if it’s your hundredth visit!

Specifically, their Cancun location has become renowned for its late-night hours, making it effortless to satisfy that taco craving when hunger strikes and sobriety remains intact!

Los Tarascos is also renowned for their scrumptious pastor tacos, but don’t let that keep you from trying out the rest of their menu. The margaritas and burritos are equally delectable, so why not treat yourself to a bit more variety? Either way, one thing’s certain – Los Tarascos will make sure your taste buds experience an unforgettable adventure!

Cancun Mexico tacos with sauce

4. El Granero Grill Steak & Lobster House

El Granero Grill Steak & Lobster House is yet another amazing place to get tacos in Cancun … and for very good reasons! If you are looking for a place that serves delicious tacos and other Mexican delicacies while listening to good music, then look no further!

The tacos are always made to order with fresh ingredients and served with great aesthetics (definitely try the steak tacos and the carne asada tacos). It can get loud at times, so if you’re seeking a more relaxed environment, then you might have to choose another place from the list

Best Tacos in Cancun: El Polilla Cancun
El Polilla Cancun

5. El Polilla

Gather your appetite and make a beeline to El Polilla, the renowned taco stand tucked away in Mercado Ki Huic, offering some of the most succulent carnitas tacos around. Although you may stumble upon an extensive queue outside, rest assured that it’s worth every minute, as each order comes with heaping servings of meat on two tortillas! So come early or risk missing out – this hidden gem is known for selling out quickly by lunchtime!

Tacos Cancun Mexico fresh

6. Tacos Villanos

Tacos Villanos is a local eatery renowned for its delicious tacos made with fresh ingredients and traditional Mexican flavors. The house specialty – Taco Villano – is perfectly seasoned and bursting with flavor.

Plus, they stay open late, so you can satisfy those late-night cravings whenever they strike! 

El Socio Naiz Cancun
El Socio Naiz Cancun

7. El Socio Naiz Taquería

El Socio Naiz Taquería is a taco joint like no other in Cancun, boasting a modern twist on traditional Mexican tacos. Focusing on fresh ingredients and unique dishes, they offer something for everyone’s tastes.

For those seeking to explore something exceptional, El Socio Naiz Taquería is the perfect spot. Here you’ll find some of the best tacos in Cancun that boast an exciting modern twist while paying homage to their Mexican origins; they serve classic selections like chorizo and barbacoa as well as one-of-a-kind dishes such as waka wakas and surf & turf (pork and octopus). An unpretentious yet flavorful experience awaits at this taco joint!

Gory Tacos Cancun
Gory Tacos Cancun

8. Gory Tacos

Gory Tacos is an iconic Cancun taco shop situated in the heart of downtown. As soon as you step inside this cozy hole-in-the-wall, it’s obvious why locals love it – not only for its mouthwatering tacos like carne asada with sour cream but also for its friendly and upbeat atmosphere.

You can enjoy generous portions of steak or fish tacos at wallet-friendly prices; try out their signature garlic shrimp or fish tacos to tantalize your taste buds!

Fred's Seafood
Fred’s Seafood

9. Fred’s Seafood

Fred’s Seafood is a family-run restaurant located in the bustling city of Cancun. They are best known for their fresh seafood tacos and fish tacos, made using only the best ingredients and prepared with tender loving care.

A popular spot amongst locals and tourists alike that look for a good taco, Fred’s Seafood offers an array of mouthwatering Mexican food dishes, delicious meat and fish tacos, seafood and ceviche, and great drinks, local beer and cocktails. The outdoor seating area also is a highlight. 


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Tacos Rigo Cancun
Tacos Rigo Cancun

10. Tacos Rigo

Tacos Rigo thrives on the combination of traditional and innovative recipes – no ordinary taco stand here! Tacos Rigo offers a wide range of unique fillings some you may not have come across before. Serving up Mexican flavors since 1988, Tacos Rigo’s salsas are legendary in the area- you won’t find better sauces anywhere else! From suadero (brisket) to cabeza (roasted meat from an animal’s head), there is something for every daring foodie to enjoy in this local cuisine. 

11. Mamazzita Cancun

Mamazzita Cancun is a luxurious, gourmet Mexican eatery situated in the Bohemian Square complex of Cancun’s hotel zone, boasting beautiful views of the Nichupte lagoon. The vibrant entertainment nights at Mamazzita offer an extraordinary experience for patrons with music sets that will make you dance and feel alive through their Latin rhythms!

Taco y tequila
Taco y Tequila

12. Taco Y Tequila

A visit to Taco Y Tequila is an absolute must. Their famous and mouthwatering tacos al pastor are some of the best tacos you will ever have, and to be honest nothing on the menu disappoints. With only all-natural ingredients used for traditional dishes plus some new creations popular with locals, you can be sure of quality that’s above and beyond any other spot in town – even if it does come at a slightly higher price tag! And speaking of price tags… don’t forget about their eponymous tequila selection, which will make your night one you’ll never forget!

Best Tacos in Cancun El Fish Fritanga
Best Tacos in Cancun – El Fish Fritanga

13. El Fish Fritanga

El Fish Fritanga serves some of the best seafood tacos in townThe owners are two brothers who started out as fishermen and not before long they branched out into making delicious tacos. 

El Fish Fritanga is know for serving delicious and affordable tacos with fresh-caught fish

Best Tacos in Cancun - Hacienda Sisal
Best Tacos in Cancun – Hacienda Sisal

14. Hacienda Sisal

Hacienda Sisal was established by a family of local farmers and artisans. This taqueria stands out for its rustic charm and unique and moutwatering selection of tacos. The menu offers traditional options such as carnitas (braised pork) or carne asada (grilled beef) with corn tortilla, as well as more exotic fillings like tinga poblana (braised chicken with chipotle sauce). For a truly unforgettable dining experience, don’t miss out on this spot!

Best Tacos in Cancun - Taqueria El Nero
Best Tacos in Cancun – Taqueria El Nero

15. Taqueria El Ñero

When you’re craving tacos downtown, look no further than Taqueria El Ñero. Not only is it low-cost, but their tacos are better than the fancier restaurants in town. We highly suggest trying the Campechanos (a combination of pork and beef tacos with corn tortillas) – a blend made from heaven!

Best Tacos in Cancun - Dons Tacos and Burritos
Best Tacos in Cancun – Dons Tacos and Burritos

16. Dons Tacos & Burritos

Dons Tacos & Burritos is a family-owned taco and burrito joint located in the heart of Cancun. Established in 2012, this restaurant serves up tacos, burritos, and other Mexican dishes made only with the best ingredients and top-notch recipes. They take pride in their commitment to freshness and quality, and their unique combination of traditional flavors with some inventive twists makes for an unforgettable experience. Try out their best-selling tacos al pastor – a surefire way to get your taco fix!  Stop by Don’s Tacos & Burritos today for some of the best tacos in Cancun. 

Best Tacos in Cancun - Los de Pescado
Best Tacos in Cancun – Los de Pescado

17. Los de Pescado

If you’re in Cancun and looking for the top spot to indulge in fish or shrimp tacos, Los de Pescado is your go-to for some of the best tacos in Cancun. Los de Pescado has three locations around town; it’s worth a visit to check out what all the locals rave about. Despite its unassuming exterior, once you dig into one of their delicious tacos under $2 each, you’ll understand why they love it so much! And don’t forget to wash down these finger-licking treats with an ice-cold Corona – but hurry because they close at 5:30 pm every night and often run out before then!

La Buena Barra Cancun
La Buena Barra Cancun

18. La Buena Barra Mexican Steakhouse

La Buena Barra Mexican Steakhouse is an award-winning restaurant  that offers spectacular beach vistas and delicious authentic Mexican food and flavors. The restaurant serves great food in a relaxed atmosphere during the day but after the sun sets itturns into a vibrant night venue.  The best part? They offer some of the best tacos in Cancun!

The tacos here are made with freshly-baked tortillas, prime meats, and homemade sauces. We loved their tacos as they are hearty, flavorful, and truly unforgettable.  So don’t miss out on this amazing experience – head to La Buena Barra Mexican Steakhouse for great tacos in town.

Tacos Los Parejas
Tacos Los Parejas

19. Tacos Los Parejas

Los Parejas is a taqueria that started in Mexico City, and now their delicious flavors have made them beloved in Cancun! Their specialty dish – tacos de Costilla (rib meat with corn tortilla) – is sure to leave your stomach full with its large portions for a surprisingly small price.

On weekends, Los Parejas serves up some of their tastiest treats, like gorditas and BBQ’d tacos. Don’t miss out on this Mexican food staple- whatever you order at Los Parejas will undoubtedly be top-notch!

Tacos al Pastor Cancun Mexico

So if you’re looking for some of the best tacos in Cancun, then these three spots are sure bets for an unforgettable culinary experience! Whether it’s classic Mexican-style flavors or something new and exciting that you seek – these places have got it covered, so get ready for your taste buds to go on an adventure! Bon Appétit!

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