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Best Spa Tulum - 2023 Massage Tulum Guide

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Looking for a serene oasis to refresh, rejuvenate, and relax? Let Tulum Mexico be your sanctuary! Whether you need an escape from the chaos of everyday life or just want to pamper yourself with some well-deserved relaxation time, these top spas offer unparalleled experiences that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged. Indulge in a day of carefree bliss as your troubles melt away at one of the many incredible spas available in this epic hotspot.  

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1. Yäan Wellness

Yäan Wellness is a sanctuary of tranquility that you won’t want to leave. Surrounded by lush palms, Yäan boasts elegant and organic spaces; from their rooftop garden healing rooms equipped with copper tubs, yoga shalas, and traditional temazcal lodges – there’s something for everyone! Every treatment begins in the aquatic circuit filled with water sourced from the cenotes of Yucatan to ensure purity!

Reconnect with yourself like never before at Yaan Healing Sanctuary, nestled within a serene landscape of lush palm trees. After indulging in an invigorating natural scrub and Hammam room experience, you can make your way to one of the sanctuary’s spa packages – pick from 3-day cleanses, ritual experiences, or pre-wedding treatments! Combining all four elements – fire, air, water, and earth – Yaan helps bring harmony back into your life by providing calming therapies that encourage self-reflection and inner peace. There’s no better place than here to find soulful rejuvenation.


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Discover the perfect solution for every ache, whether it’s a healing ritual spa package or yaan balancing Massage. Every journey into relaxation begins with an invigorating water circuit designed to purify you from head-to-toe and is followed by a natural scrub before entering the Hamman room. Enjoy Yucatan’s cleansing cenotes in order to restore balance & harmony back into your life. 

2. Animamente

If you’re looking for a truly extraordinary massage experience in Tulum, look no further than Animamente. By blending Ayurveda philosophy and Hawaiian lomi lomi techniques, the dedicated masseuse will take your body along a journey of healing. You might be skeptical about “energy work” at first, but all reviews from previous clients can attest to how powerful this treatment is – feeling emotionally lighter with trauma relieved after just one session! Step into stone walls that vibrate with energy and come out healed on the other side.

Not only is the physical relief offered at this spa in Tulum unparalleled, but its #1 rank stems from the enduring mental and emotional impact of every visit.

3. Azulik Spa

For a truly restoring experience, look no further than Azulik Spa. Rebalance your body, mind and spirit with energy purification treatments, yoga sessions and sound healing ceremonies – all enhanced by the villas’ unique design that allow you to reconnect with nature in an unparalleled way. With no technology or electricity interrupting your stay here, opt for either a jungle villa to become one with nature or settle into the sea villa, where you can listen to soothing waves lapping against the nearby coast. Get ready for complete relaxation!

Azulik’s treatments are a luxurious experience that treats your entire self, using organic products and traditional healing rituals for complete body and soul renewal.

4. Carlos Cardona Spa

Whether at Carlos’ tranquil terrazzo-tiled parlor or in the privacy of your own home, you can enjoy a truly exquisite massage experience by an experienced professional masseur. With nearly two decades in the business and services ranging from deep tissue to prenatal care, this top spa in Tulum is sure to provide total renewal! Clay wraps and cooling scrubs keep skin soft while heated rocks ease muscle tension – all with just one visit. If so impressed that you’d like to learn more, private lessons are even available for those who want their skills honed by the master himself!

5. Energy Healing Spa

Step into the comforting atmosphere of Energy Healing Spa, and let their certified masseurs realign your energy with skilled hands. They specialize in draining emotional tension, fatigue from overthinking, and physical stress created by inner turmoil. Their traditional Mexican temazcal steam bath helps you eliminate harmful toxins while meditating. If that isn’t enough to relax you, a pleasant aroma will soon waft around you as they use essential oils in Aromatherapy Massage to quieten the voices inside your head down to a peaceful simmer.

Do you often feel highly stressed? Then look no further than the Neurosedative Massage at Energy Healing Spa in Tulum. Experienced and certified masseuses are experts in their field, applying firm yet gentle pressure to your body to ease away physical stress, mental fatigue, and emotional tension with maximum efficiency.

Whether it’s deep tissue massage or Swedish healing massages that you’re after – they have it all! Alleviate those worries and tensions so that when you leave this establishment, only peace will follow.

Experience the healing power of traditional Mexican medicine with a Temazcal steam bath. Allow yourself to be cleansed from within as you meditate and connect deeply with your thoughts in this therapeutic ritual. Unlock new levels of health and clarity through the detoxifying effects of this ancient tradition!


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6. Flora Spa

Step into Flora Spa and allow its airy, understated styling to envelope you in comfort and harmony. With a selection of deep tissue, hot stone, and body part-specific massages as well as signature treatments such as the aromatic Amankaya Massage or Sensorial Experience—relaxation meets indulgence here. Get ready for an experience that is truly nourishing for your body & soul!

Escape to Flora Spa, a luxurious sanctuary tucked away in Tulum. Step inside and be immersed in the tranquility that radiates throughout its walls – from the soothing hydrotherapy pool glowing with calming blues and purples to indulgent facials, manicures, hair specialties, and other pampering programs. Let your worries drift away as you relax into this unforgettable experience of warm water melting tension from both mind and body!

At Flora Spa, they offer the most extensive deep treatments in Tulum. Their seven exclusive facials range from the Vitamin C Luminous Facial that leaves you with a restored youthful radiance to the detoxifying facial for those looking to purify their skin even further. In addition, there are a variety of massages and therapies available, as well as nail care services and haircuts! Everything you need is right here at Flora Day Spa – come experience what has made them so popular throughout this region!

7. Mayan Clay Spa

Have you truly experienced the best Tulum spas without immersing yourself in a Mayan clay soak? At Mayan Clay Spa, they bring the lush Yucatan Jungle to your doorstep with the 3-hour mineral bathhouse therapy package! From sea salt exfoliations and Massage to milky pools and natural oil rubs, this is an indulgence that will make you feel pampered and relaxed. But if three hours sounds too long for some of the busy guests – don’t worry! They also offer shorter programs, such as an hour-long full body massage or a 90 minute specialized treatment with facial massages. After all of your adventures in gorgeous Tulum, this could be exactly what you need for serene relaxation!

Let go of your worries and give in to the divine indulgence of squishy clay between your toes when you visit Mayan Clay Spa. This three-hour healing experience takes tip-to-toe pampering to a whole new level with an invigorating sea salt scrub, Mayan clay massage, and luxurious dip in the milky clay pool beneath calming Tulum palm trees. Afterward, take some time for yourself by lounging at a tranquil relaxation lounge or swaying gently on a hammock atop hilltops – no need to rush off!

8. Leaf Luxury Spa

Step into a world of modern luxury at Leaf Luxury Spa, where technology and sustainability meet. Immerse yourself in an invigorating water journey with stimulating jets to massage your stress away while the waterfall cascades soothingly. Relax on reflexology pebbles beneath rejuvenating showers before stepping inside the eucalyptus-scented steam room for a refreshing dip in the cold plunge pool. Complete the sensory experience with one of the many massages administered by professional hands within peaceful and moody rooms – you’ll leave feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Treat yourself to harmonious bliss with the Samadhi Ritual Massage, a signature combination of nine unique techniques. Facial lovers can experience mini massages at Leaf Spa in Tulum while their skin is pampered – and that’s only just the beginning! Release tensions as you stand on reflexology pebbles underneath soothing water jets; awaken your senses with eucalyptus aromas before taking a dip into an invigorating cold pool. Finish off this sensory journey by aligning your chakras and restoring balance through a sacred hot stone massage- leave feeling grateful for perfect harmony within body, mind & soul.

9. Cacao Spa

Delicious treats are not just for your plate! Cacao Spa has brought the power of superfoods, including cacao beans, to spa treatments. Ancient Mayan civilizations were aware of this “divine sustenance” and its healing properties long ago. That’s why masks and wraps made with cacao have become so popular in recent years – but that’s only part of what they offer! Matcha green tea powder, aloe vera gel and traditional Mayan clay can all be used separately or together to detoxify, renew skin cells and keep them hydrated. So don’t wait any longer; treat yourself to an indulgent session at Cacao Spa today!

At Tulum, you can indulge in luxurious spa treatments such as massages, facials, body wraps and clinical therapies using only all-natural ingredients. Let yourself be pampered with the wealth of

10. Tranquility Spa

Are you seeking a special and personalized spa experience? Look no further than Tranquility Spa in Tulum. Here, you’ll find exceptional quality at an affordable price point. Feel at one with nature while still remaining sheltered as their massage beds are outdoors but covered. The team specializes in massage therapy to ease muscle strain and relieve stress levels. Their Holistic Massage covers all the basics so you can relax completely while the Aromatherapy and Mayan-based treatments bring natural oils along with minerals to enhance your time there even further!

Do you have sore muscles or just need a break from the everyday stress? Look no further than Tranquillity Spa. The spa recognizes that everyone is unique and offers tailored treatments to match your needs. Sink into relaxation with their calming deep tissue massage or aromatherapy session, both of which are administered by experienced therapists who boast over 10 years in the field. It’s not just affordable—it’s luxurious! So if you’re near Tulum, don’t hesitate; book an appointment at Tranquility Spa today for a heavenly experience tomorrow!

11. Mi Amor

Feel like waking up in the morning to a fresh ocean breeze? Mi Amor’s rooms are just steps away from the Caribbean waters. All rooms at this boutique hotel are connected to nature and boast either a sea view or a jungle view. 

Your stay here is accompanied by a luxury spa with healing baths, allowing a moment of meditation and hot stone massages to balance your center. 

Looking for something to experience as a couple? Mi Amor has the best couples massage in Tulum that has been designed to help you connect with your partner on a deeper, more intimate level. 

12. Oko Spa

Revel in the most entrancing spa experience Tulum has to offer at OKO SPA. As you relax outdoors under canopied cabanas and ceremonial pits, indulge your senses with massage therapy and ancient rituals. From soothing sore feet to prenatal care, they customize their massages according to every individual’s needs. For example, take part in a sacred Lulur Javanese Princesses ritual – an archival wedding tradition of royalty! Or allow yourself moments of tranquility through sound healing sessions if relaxation is what you crave – couple packages are also available should the romance between partners require an upgrade! Whatever it is that you need, OKO Spa has got it covered!

Indulge in the blissful paradise of OKO Spa, the unparalleled day spa nestled in Tulum. Experience healing rituals that whisk you away on a journey to rejuvenate your body and spirit while cabanas provide shelter beneath swaying palm trees and ceremonial pits. For couples seeking an unforgettable escape, indulge yourselves with one of the special packages like Behind The Senses- featuring full body massages with aromatic oils and oatmeal scrubs for a truly magical experience.

Experience a deep sense of serenity with a Sound Healing treatment at OKO Spa. The treatments use sound vibrations to restore the cellular frequencies in your body, so you can feel fully restored and rejuvenated.

13. Calma Spa by Casa Malca

Luxury, art, and nature – the three elements that characterize Casa Malca and, if you’re lucky, your spa experience at Calma Spa.

With a view of the Caribbean, thanks to its rooftop location, you will reach a whole new level of calm.

Enjoy VIP levels of attention with two therapists via the 4 hands Signature or opt for Hydrotherapy to use all sauna, cold pool, and hot Jacuzzi.

Need some skin-focused glow-ups after that Tulum sun exposure? You’ll love their hydrating facials, and cooling body wraps.

Address: Km 9.5, Carr. Tulum-Bocar Paila, Zona Hotelera, Tulum

Ana Y Jose Hotel

Get ready to be pampered and indulge in paradise during a luxurious stay at the Ana Y Jose Hotel & Spa. This stunning beachside location offers breathtaking views of the Mayan jungle, while the spa boasts divine treatments such as deep tissue massages that ease tensions and reflexology tired leg massages after an active day exploring Tulum. Relaxation awaits you!

Allow them to invigorate your body and mind with their spa treatments. Their exclusive OM Treatment, made from chardonnay grapes, helps reduce the appearance of aging! Let’s book an appointment now; you won’t regret it!

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