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Best Santorini Hotels with Private Pools - 2023 Guide

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Best Santorini Hotels with Private Pools

A Santorini holiday experience is truly incomparable, offering unfettered access to the area’s majestic caldera and volcano views as well as its crystalline Aegean Sea. Boasting luxurious services and amenities, your own private pool is the cherry on top – allowing you to relax in comfort while soaking up a captivating sunset from your very own terrace! There are few experiences more magical than this

Looking for the perfect Santorini hotel to stay in that has a private pool? Look no further, as I have compiled an exceptional list of 24 hotels based on their quality and amenities. With half of them open throughout the year and others opening at late March, you could be sure to find your ideal accommodation! Majority of these are villas with minimum 3-day stay requirements so plan ahead when booking. From opulent luxury resorts to serene gems tucked away from crowds – all available through Booking with free cancellation till 14 days prior to travel – there’s something here for every taste! Consider making reservations beforehand as spots tend fill up quickly!

If you’re searching for a paradise escape, look no further than Santorini’s exquisite Greek island! Each of the hotels here are second to none and you won’t regret your vacation. We want to make sure that everyone has all the information they need before they arrive, which is why we’ve added pictures of each pool so visitors can decide how much privacy will be available. The narrow staircases and passageways in Oia let passersby catch glimpses of pools as some walls may become lower not to obstruct their views – it’s simply magical!

It’s more accurate to call them ‘individual’ pools – each one private and beautiful, which you will notice from the pictures. This list begins in Oia on the northern tip of Santorini so that if you have your heart set on travelling here, it is wise to book accommodation 6-12 months beforehand! When dreaming about a getaway in Greece, it is often Santorini that comes to mind first; its dazzling cliffs speckled with white homes against an enchanted vista of blue Aegean waters.


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Santorini’s breathtaking beauty, romantic sunsets, and gorgeous panorama beckon over 1.5 million tourists each year—all of whom aspire to find the perfect hotel with private pools to make their Grecian holiday dreams come true. An array of incredible Santorini hotels are available for this exact purpose – your only problem will be deciding on one!

Fira Hotels with Private Pools

1. Mythical Blue Luxury Suites

At Mythical Blue Luxury Suites, guests can experience the best of both worlds with magnificent volcano views and easy access to Fira town’s facilities and nightlife. The 1855 building houses five different types of lavish suites – all equipped with either private outdoor heated hot tubs or plunge pools. For newlyweds looking for a truly romantic escape, the honeymoon suite offers its own outdoor plunge pool plus an indoor heated hot tube! Guests also have access to a large outdoor pool that is built directly at the edge of the caldera – providing breathtakingly beautiful scenery from whatever angle you choose.

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2.Athina Luxury Suites

Athina offers six suites with personal heated outdoor jacuzzis. These spacious accommodations accommodate up to 6 guests! The Royal Suite, pictured above, features two luxurious master bedrooms and three bathrooms—not to mention stunning views of the city below.

Positioned between Skaros Rock and Imerovigli, with the volcano looming in the distance, Fira presents an exclusive atmosphere that many of Oia’s and Imerovigli’s hotels can’t offer. Honeymoon Suite, Royal Suite, and Cave Suites each boast private outdoor jacuzzis for additional luxury. For larger parties we have the Grand Cave Suite which provides not only sleeping quarters for four but also a luxurious indoor jacuzzi as well as another one outside! To top it off there is even a swimming pool plus sun deck available to all guests visiting us at Fira!

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3. Anteliz Suites

If you seek a luxurious getaway, consider the Conde Nast Johansen boutique hotel in Fira. The terrace provides breathtaking views of an active volcano and its private pools add to the indulgence found within each suite and villa. Inside these plush rooms, guests will enjoy stunning gold mosaic tiling that accentuates the bathrooms’ opulent atmosphere. I can personally attest to this magnificent establishment’s transformation since its refurbishment; it is truly one of a kind!

Stay in a luxurious, modern hotel with all the amenities you can imagine. This ‘affordable luxury’ accommodation offers private pools and hot tubs for an intimate experience, plus shared swimming areas where guests can mingle over drinks! Enjoy breathtaking caldera views from your own suite complete with its own pool or make use of the communal outdoor facility. Whatever you choose to do here at this lavish property is sure to provide plenty of relaxation and comfort during your stay!

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4. De Sol Hotel and Spa

This stunning hotel boasts seven lavish suites with private heated pools, alongside standard dwellings. Its prime location on the outskirts of Fira grants amazing views of Pirgos village below, and its modern design contains all the luxuries you’d expect from a 5-star Santorini resort! Best yet – due to not being situated directly on the caldera rim, these spacious villas are shockingly accessible in terms of pricing; although overlooking the sea, it doesn’t come at an extreme cost.

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5. Porto Fira Suites

Perched on the edge of Fira’s majestic caldera, The Porto Fira Suites is an abode that radiates luxury and contemporary styling. Its 13 newly renovated stone-built suites offer a warm yet minimal ambiance with several boasting private hot tubs outside! It provides some of the best value for those seeking luxurious accommodations in Santorini without breaking their bank account.

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Imerovigli Hotels with Private Pools

6. Grace Hotel Santorini, Auberge Resorts Collection

Are you planning a getaway to Santorini? Look no further than Grace Santorini in Imerovigli for an exclusive experience. With bookings at this dreamy destination often made up to a year ahead of time, it’s worth booking now and beginning your anticipation! Taking the concept of personalized service one step further, they’ll even customize your pillow type, room scent and dietary needs – just ask their friendly chef who will come directly speak with you. Plus, if staying active is important to you while on holiday then there are free daily pilates and yoga classes available as well. Don’t wait any longer; start making those reservations today for the vacation of a lifetime!

Grace Hotel is the ultimate experience when searching for hotels in Santorini. With their tiered-style design, guests can enjoy a large swimming pool during the day and take pleasure from their own private heated plunge pool by night. Whether you’re looking to make your honeymoon special or merely wanting to recharge with an unforgettable getaway, Grace Hotel provides it all!

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7. Katikies Chromata Santorini 

Boasting of being amongst the best five hotels on Santorini, this hotel offers an array of captivating white curves, private swimming pools in aqua blue colors and hot tubs. These smooth whiteness rises above the deep sapphire waters of Aegean Sea with a backdrop of darkness from its volcano. Besides these luxurious 5-star Oia and Imerovigli hotels that guarantee sophistication, sunsets here are nothing short of magical!

Chromata Santorini is a luxurious boutique hotel located within 2km of the bustling capital city Fira and 12km from the historical site Ancient Thera. With 26 private sea-view rooms, suites, and villas with heated outdoor plunge pools or jacuzzis available to guests, it’s no wonder that the infinity pool has been regarded as one of the top 20 in the world! Each chic room also features satellite TVs for entertainment, free Wi-Fi to stay connected, minibars for convenience and Nespresso machines so you can enjoy your favourite coffee drink during your stay.

Indulge in the opulence of the two-bedroom villa at San Nicholas Cave House, designed to accommodate up to five people and featuring an outdoor plunge pool. Or for a more sophisticated experience, check out the Master Pool Suite or Chromata Suite that boast luxurious open-air plunge pools and private verandas with caldera balcony views! Plus parking is complimentary – as well as breakfast. The hotel also offers other facilities such as a bar, infinity pool, sundeck and spa where you can relax after exploring Santorini’s wonders.

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8. Kapari Natural Resort

With centuries of history behind it, Kapari Natural Resort is the epitome of modern luxury and provides all the services necessary to guarantee an unforgettable getaway. With just 14 cozy rooms tucked away in this private retreat, it’s no wonder why National Geographic included it among its Unique Lodges of the World Collection! From simple yet sophisticated decor to sweeping views from each room (especially its ultra-private Up & High suite), you won’t find a more tranquil place for rest and relaxation.

If you are looking for the ideal Santorini experience, then this is it! Relax in a luxurious private jacuzzi surrounded by jaw-dropping views of the landscape. Indulge your taste buds with  exquisite cuisine and bar services on the spacious terrace. And if that wasn’t enough – we also provide 24/7 room service to make sure all your needs are taken care of!

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9. Pegasus Suites and Spa  

Located in the tranquil Imerovigli village, Pegasus Suites and Spa offers a one-of-a-kind experience with private plunge pools or jacuzzis. But it doesn’t end there; indulge yourself further by utilizing its spa amenities including hot sauna, massage therapies, and hydrotherapy treatments. Furthermore, make your mornings more delightful with the exclusive breakfast packages that are delivered right to your terrace!

Inspired by the classic Cycladic architecture, this hotel offers a unique cave experience like no other in Santorini. Get ready to be swept away with its majestic views and tranquil atmosphere that exude luxury!

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10. Astra Suites

Take a glimpse at one of the world’s most awe-inspiring hotels, Astra Suites – perched atop Skaros Rock in Imerovigli! The recipient of two esteemed awards, 2019 World Luxury Travel Award and 2020 Greek Hotel of the Year, this luxurious gem boasts private pools and outdoor jacuzzis for its villas and luxury suites (minus Superior Suite). Words can barely do justice to these magnificent accommodations; to truly appreciate their beauty click the link below. Come see why Astra Suites is considered one of the top 25 Hotels around the globe!

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11. On The Rocks Hotel

On The Rocks, a 4-star Imerovigli hotel with breathtaking caldera views, provides guests with both rooms and suites that offer private pools or jacuzzis. Especially catering to families is its Master Suite which has two bedrooms for extra seclusion and comfort at an affordable luxury price!

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12. Honeymoon Petra Villas

Get ready to be amazed by the luxurious 5-star features that this resort has to offer – from traditional suites carved out of lava, private cave pools and infinity pools or even transformed honeymoon suite cave houses. The main areas of the resort are just as remarkable if not more than your own private villa with an infinity pool! Plus, no visitors below 13 years old are allowed in order for couples to fully enjoy a peaceful escape on their special day. With different land and sea packages available, you will surely find something perfect for your dream honeymoon getaway while still having access to all your lovely Santorini private pool amenities.

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Oia Hotels with Private Pools

13. Mystique

Nestled atop the majestic cliffs of Oia, Mystique is a luxurious hotel that encapsulates traditional Santorini style and grandeur. With its curved edges and sculpted finishing, it creates an atmosphere of openness and brightness. Every suite boasts breathtaking views of the caldera below with some featuring private pools or jacuzzis for added opulence and comfort. After taking in all these sights, you can sip on your favorite cocktails at one of the two swimming pools (one heated; one unheated) while enjoying their seamless service!

At the luxurious mystique hotel, you can indulge in a relaxing spa day and stay fit with its modern gym. With breathtaking views of caldera and Aegean Sea from each private balcony, this nature-inspired hotel is conveniently located 10km away from Museum of Prehistoric Thera and 16 km away from Santorini Airport. Moreover, every room comes with complimentary Wi-Fi access, flat-screen TVs along with DVD players as well as minibars to further enhance your experience here!

Revel in the luxe life and experience first-class accommodation with The Secrecy Villa & The Mystery Villa. Indulge yourself with exclusive outdoor terraces, spa Jacuzzies, private pools and two exquisite restaurants within the stylish hotel complex. Experience unparalleled opulence – from an infinity pool to a wine cellar – all under one chic roof!

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14. Andronis Boutique Hotel

With its stunning views and luxury amenities, Andronis Boutique Hotel is not only renowned as one of the top 25 hotels in the world but also featured among the most Instagrammed destinations around!

When you stay at this stunning, whitewashed boutique located 10km from the cable car and 12km from the Archaeological Museum of Thera, you’ll be in awe. Luxurious pool suites, private terraces with jacuzzis, private cave pools – even two-bedroom villas offering a serene infinity pool will make your vacation one to remember! You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi access within each room along with flat-screen TVs and CD players among other amenities. Plus guests get a delicious complimentary breakfast buffet every morning for added convenience.

Enjoy a unique and luxurious experience with the Executive Suite, offering an exclusive plunge pool. Immerse yourself in splendor with Prestige and Signature Suites that boast private infinity pools. And for when you want to relax or be pampered, take advantage of the deluxe restaurant & bar along with two outdoor pools, beauty salon and fashionable clothing store – all here for your pleasure!

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15. Andronis Luxury Suites

Unwind in one of 29 award-winning luxury accommodations and take your pick from private infinity pools, cave pools, or jacuzzis. Situated for the perfect Oia experience, The Andronis Collection offers uniquely designed suites and villas with clean modern interiors that have been acclaimed around the world. Immerse yourself in unparalleled relaxation to make lasting memories you won’t soon forget!

With all bio-organic ingredients used throughout the dining, spa and massage areas, as well as in the award-winning main pool area – it’s difficult to decide which suite is best for you! Worldwide travel and lifestyle magazines have recognised the facility with prestigious awards that make us a unique destination unlike no other.

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16. Santo Pure Oia

Conscious of your environmental wellbeing? The Santo Maris Oia is the perfect concept hotel for you. As soon as you arrive, prepare to be welcomed with an ancient Greek symbol for wisdom and a 300-year-old olive tree! A meander through their rows of herbs and organic vegetables will fill your senses before heading inside this property built entirely from materials sourced from the land itself using eco-friendly techniques. Plus, enjoy delights prepared from fresh ingredients gathered by their in-house chef daily – what’s not to love about this sustainability focused stay?

With beautiful outdoor pools situated throughout the grounds, and many villas and suites boasting their own personal jacuzzis or swimming pools, there’s no doubt that this hotel is in an ideal spot for a perfect getaway. You won’t be disappointed!

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17. Canaves Oia Suites

If you’re dreaming of a quintessential Santorini holiday, the extravagant cave suites at Canaves Oia Suites are perfect for you. The Canaves Oia Hotel and their sister company, the exceptional Canaves Oia Suites, come under one roof of perfection. And if it’s privacy that you crave? Look no further! Each suite comes with its own private pool – heated too – as well as flat-screen TVs to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Enjoy an exquisite bottle of complimentary wine upon your arrival, with breathtaking views of the caldera. You won’t be disappointed in Canaves’ onsite restaurant either – it has been rated as one of Oia’s best! Treat yourself to a luxurious stay at this polished all-suite hotel located 10km away from the cable car and 11km from the Museum of Prehistoric Thera. Additionally, you can take advantage amenities such as free Wi-Fi access throughout your room, flat-screen TVs with DVD players for entertainment purposes, minibars stocked with refreshments, tea and coffee makers for convenience sake; not to mention balconies that offer majestic glimpses into blue depths below.

Guests of the Junior, Superior, Honeymoon, River Pool, Infinity Pool, Canaves Grande and Presidential Suite rooms will be treated to their very own private plunge pools located outside. In addition to free breakfast and parking privileges for all visitors of this stunning resort getaway destination; there is also access available to an infinity pool with breathtaking views from its perch overlooking the ocean that you won’t want to miss! Plus a restaurant serving exquisite local cuisine; a bar featuring delicious signature cocktails for every taste bud imaginable; an invigorating gym offering state-of-the-art equipment ; as well as an open air spa where guests can truly relax in style. Don’t wait – book now at this exclusive oasis!

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18. Katikies Hotel and Suites

For those seeking a truly indulgent experience, the world-renowned Katikies Luxury Hotel in Oia is an ideal choice. With its chic and intimate atmosphere of pure luxury combined with only four private tables at their onsite restaurant and spectacular views from your personal terrace with a jacuzzi, you are sure to find respite here while still being conveniently close to some of Santorini’s best shopping offerings.

The beautiful town of Oia offers stunning backdrops with its whitewashed buildings and sparkling blue waters of the Aegean Sea. But there is something special about Katikies’ manicured property; it’s set up to capture that perfect sunset shot right from your own room!

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19. Charisma Suites

Oia’s Charisma Suites provide guests with an incomparable view of the caldera, including picturesque Amoudi Bay. It is a dreamy destination for those who appreciate romance, as they can soak in one of two infinity pools while savoring complimentary champagne at sunset! The main pool also comes complete with attentive service and massages that will have you feeling like royalty. But this getaway truly offers something special – reserving one of their honeymoon suites grants access to your own personal jacuzzi overlooking the caldera vista- making it undoubtedly one of Oia’s best suites!

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20. Santorini Secret Suites and Spa

At Santorini Secrets, all 17 luxurious suites feature either a private pool or jacuzzi and additionally there is also the magnificent Villa. The Grand Suite, Infinity Pool Suite and Honeymoon Suite are all equipped with outdoor heated pools for your enjoyment.

If you’re looking for unparalleled luxury in Santorini, look no further than the honeymoon suite. With its own fitness area, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, steam bath and rain shower – it’s a real steal! Alternatively though if your budget can stretch that bit extra then check out The Grace Hotel as an alternative option. But our pick of them all has to be the two-story Junior Villa with its private pool located on Oia’s pedestrian street – definitely worth checking availability for this one first.

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21. Filotera Suites

Escape to the enchanting, ultra-luxury cave hotel in Oia that offers five private heated jacuzzis and a swimming pool for its Grand Cave Suite. Perfectly suited for honeymooners, this exquisite lodging features candlelit dinners as well as yoga classes. Revel in enviable interiors of Cycladic luxe décor throughout your stay!

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22. Alexander’s Boutique Hotel

If you’re in the market for more space, look no further than a six-person deluxe suite at Alexander’s Suites Hotel. Boasting panoramic views of Oia and its caldera, these self-contained suites, villas and houses come fully equipped with private pools and jacuzzis – ensuring maximum luxury, privacy and comfort – plus 5-star service on top! Each is tastefully furnished with antiques and handmade homewares to guarantee an unparalleled level of sophistication. Plan your stay now at Alexander’s Suites Hotel for an unforgettable experience.

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Akrotiri Hotels with Private Pools

23. Neptune Luxury Suites

Indulge in the ultimate luxury experience at Neptune Luxury Spa Suites with premium and deluxe spa suites boasting a large outdoor private plunge pool that overlooks the caldera’s breathtaking landscape.

Situated on the edge of a cliff in the south region of this island, these sprawling suites grant unparalleled privacy and picturesque sights. Stretching along lengthwise from one end of the caldera to another, their breathtaking panoramas are truly incomparable! Picture yourself admiring luxury yachts, ferries, and cruise ships sailing between islands — mesmerizing. Plus imagine unwinding in your own personal pool that’s as impressive as some guest pools found throughout Oia! With such grandeur and comfort combined together under one roof; it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.

If you’re in search of a unique, unforgettable experience on Santorini, look no further than these luxurious suites only minutes away from the breathtaking Ancient Akrotiri. This newly opened hotel is nestled 8km out of town and within walking distance to the stunning Akrotiri archaeological site – why not explore this incredible Pompeii-like landmark? Each room features sophisticated Cycladic architecture with breathtaking caldera views and amenities such as tea & coffee making facilities, aromatherapy scents, flat-screen TV’s with Wi-Fi connection and private hammam for ultimate relaxation. A hydromassage bath also awaits you in each suite bathroom to truly make your stay one worth remembering!

The Premium Spa Suite offers a private plunge pool while the Deluxe Spa Suite comes with a private outdoor pool. Amenities include in-room breakfast, yachting & helicopter service, and massage programs for the ultimate opulent experience.

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Pyrgos Hotels with Private Pools

24. Skyfall Suites

Looking for an elegant escape? Then this adults-only luxury hotel is the perfect option! Located atop one of the highest points on the island, you’ll be situated above a beautiful and traditional village called Pyrgos. From your suite window you can admire vineyards, wineries as well as breathtaking views over 500 meters down to the Aegean Sea and its medieval castle below. Plus, it’s only 70 meters from Pyrgos’ main square – a UNESCO World Heritage cobbled streetscape that will leave you in awe!

Skyfall Suites exudes contemporary minimalism, with its tasteful splashes of color adding character. Every suite is equipped with a hot tub on its personal balcony, while four suites boast luxurious heated infinity pools that you can solely enjoy!

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