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Best Restaurants in Mykonos - 2023 Guide

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With its picturesque beaches and renowned nightlife, Mykonos has become a global destination for celebrities, jet setters, and Hollywood stars seeking to bask in the natural beauty of this Cycladic island. With an unmatched atmosphere that earns it the title of ‘The Greek Sister Of Ibiza,’ contemporary hotels and trendy restaurants have been built throughout the island to not only accommodate but also amplify any vacation experience. Put simply: if you are looking for a first-class holiday full of unforgettable memories – then look no further than Mykonos! 

With Mykonos offering a cornucopia of eateries, travelers can tantalize their taste buds with local traditional taverns, fusion restaurants, refined contemporary Greek dishes, and fine dining experiences, no matter what budget. From the town center at Chora all the way to its stunning beaches, there is something for everyone!

Furthermore, Mykonos is a top-notch tourist destination that has recently acquired an up-to-date port connecting the island to multiple other islands and the Greek Capital. This gives Mykonos a wide array of advantages—one being its daily access to fresh, premium quality ingredients from all around Greece: seafood, meat, veggies, wine, and more! Mykonos is not only blessed with the finest local produce but also imports exceptional quality ingredients from neighboring Cycladic Islands and Athens. These delectable goods then find their way into the imaginative recipes crafted by dedicated chefs in Mykonian restaurants, ready to tantalize your taste buds!


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When you visit Mykonos, prepare to have an otherworldly culinary experience! Not only can you savor the classic flavors of traditional Greek cuisine, but also explore a vast selection of European, Asian, and Latin American delicacies. With such an abundance of exquisite restaurants across the island, your stay in Mykonos will surely be one to remember!

Fine dining and international restaurants have certainly made their mark on the island, but it is in the local taverns that travelers can experience true Mykonian and Greek culinary artistry – a delightful atmosphere combined with traditional dishes crafted over generations. If you’re looking for something special to try, your taste buds are sure to be delighted by Kopanisti (a soft yet spicy cheese appetizer), louza (a dried aromatic pork ham), or homemade sausage.

Additionally, from our exclusive selection of eateries, you’ll experience all that Mykonos’ culinary scene has to offer. As is the case with most tourist hotspots, there are, unfortunately, a few food establishments that exist near well-known attractions. Therefore it’s important to note that these places have been purposely omitted from our list of recommendations.

Consequently, to avoid overwhelming crowds in peak season, it is advisable to make a table reservation at least several weeks prior.

Meal times

Lunchtime: 12:00 -17:00 / Dinner time: 18:00 – 24:00.

When visiting Greece, it is important to note that meal times are typically later than those in central and northern Europe – especially during the summer season when days are longer. Typically, lunch is served around 2:00 pm and dinner at 9:00 pm; nonetheless, some restaurants may be open even as late as 11:00 pm so you can still enjoy a delicious Greek meal!


If you’re looking to take a gastronomic journey in Mykonos, it is highly recommended that you book your table ahead of time. The peak restaurants on the island demand reservations three days prior for dinner, while lunchtime tables are much easier to find since they tend not be as sought-after. Don’t wait until the last minute if there’s one particular spot that catches your eye; secure your reservation now and enjoy an effortless meal!

Secure your table online and anticipate a unique, delectable experience in Mykonos!


Though no particular percentage is specified for tipping in Greece, a generous tip from 3 to 6 € should be given for small orders. For large orders, 10% of the total amount is considered polite and appropriate as an expression of gratitude towards the establishment’s hospitality or services. Conversely, not leaving a gratuity at all can imply dissatisfaction with what was offered by the service provider and thus cause offense.


In Mykonos, restaurants provide customers with bottled still water as their standard beverage. However, if you desire sparkling water instead, be sure to let the server know – they’ll gladly accommodate your request.


Not only can you find menus in English at each eatery on the island, but many establishments offer additional translations into French, German, Italian, Chinese, or Russian. Furthermore, patrons need not fret about communicative issues regarding language; all restaurant personnel are bilingual and proficient in English. However you could learn few Greek words to amaze your company!

Meze meal

As you can observe from the menus, both classic and contemporary restaurants in Mykonos arrange their dishes according to categories: salads, starters, mains, fish, and meat. If your entourage consists of more than two individuals having dinner together, then rather than ordering a single main course for each person at the table, why not ask for an array of various appetizers and mains that everyone could share? This way, you get to experience much more delicious flavors!

You can’t go wrong in Greece when you order a meze, a traditional platter of appetizers to share with drinks. Greek cuisine features an array of flavorful small bites that are ideal for sampling and savoring together, so why not take the opportunity to try as many different dishes as possible?

The 27 Best Restaurants on Mykonos

1. M-Eating – Mykonos Town • $$$

M-Eating is considered one of the finest restaurants on the island, offering exquisite outdoor terrace dining with pristine white tablecloths, ambient lighting, and attentive servers. The chef crafts gorgeous dishes from locally sourced ingredients that are sure to please your palette. Dine on succulent sous vide lamb, slow-cooked veal atop eggplant puree, or tuna carpaccio with lentils; for dessert, try their signature honey pie made using Mykonos honey. Reservations are recommended as dinner service only – don’t miss out!

Panagiotis Menardos, one of Mykonos’ most distinguished chefs, has seamlessly combined the classic Cycladic traditions with contemporary touches in his restaurant. While other restaurants on the island attempt to be more luxurious than ever before, Menardos decided to serve up iconic local dishes when he first opened in 2019 – each recipe taking its cues from Mykonian and Cycladic heritage. Every year since then, he has added a new culinary chapter into his menu like an epic storyteller, drawing diners back for their favorite classics as well as something completely fresh! Delight your tastebuds with a sweet and spicy sea bass filet topped with baby potatoes as well as freshly baked Mediterranean bruschetta. Alternatively, savor the succulent vacuum-cooked pork fillet served in a delicate mushroom sauce alongside parsley root puree and decadent Naxos graviera mousse – all sourced locally from the Cyclades! Except for one exception, the ingredients are carefully crafted just miles away; even shiitake mushrooms grown nearby can be found on this exquisite plate.

Although Mykonos is unable to provide enough lamb for its famous slow-cooked dish, the succulent meat is sourced from the island, and it results in a delicious culinary experience. With just 40 minutes of preparation time, this meal will surely please your taste buds!

2. Rizes Folklore Farmstead – Ano Mera • $

Step back in time and explore the rustic charm of Old Mykonos at this spectacular farmstead restaurant. Indulge in a delectable selection of roasted and oven-baked dishes, homemade pies, salads, and spreads – all made with fresh ingredients from the surrounding area! Make your experience even more memorable by joining one of their guided tours around the estate or attending a cooking class, painting/pottery lesson, or take part in seasonal activities like grape harvesting if you visit during harvest season.

Escape to Rizes, a secluded oasis in Mykonos’ gorgeous countryside. This paradisiacal farm-to-fork restaurant is encircled by fields, small farms, and chicken coops with a stable nearby. Its large square offers an airy pergola for guests to bask in the freshness of nature while savoring freshly cut wheat scenting the atmosphere. 

Panagiota and Nikos have been locals from Mykonos since three years ago when they left behind busy coastal life to settle near Ano Meria just outside town – all so you can experience true bliss! Nikos created the farm on Barba (“Grandfather”), Giannis’ finest acreage, to provide an entirely distinctive Mykonos experience, honoring the island’s agricultural roots. 

Here you can savor meals and fellowship with others, learn how to produce sourdough bread, and often attend live concerts of traditional music before dancing until late in the evening. At the garden, they hand-pick organic vegetables and offer a variety of local cheeses, cold cuts, traditional recipes, and wood-fired oven baked bread. The menu is bursting with flavor – from stuffed zucchini blossoms to braised lamb and thyme seasoned sausages.

3. Bistrot de Nicolas – Ano Mera • $$$$

Bistrot de Nicolas is an idyllic French-Mediterranean restaurant nestled in the quaint village of Ano Mera. Each meal here comprises only freshly sourced components, masterfully crafted into artwork on a plate! Their unwavering commitment to hospitality and their expansive wine list make this place even more alluring. What’s remarkable about this bistro is that it caters mainly to locals and will remain open throughout the year – something quite rare for Mykonos!

4. Nikolas Taverna – Agia Anna Beach • $$

Located just a short walk away from Platys Gialos, along an unpaved path, sits the traditional taverna owned by the same family for three generations. Here you can enjoy mouth-watering dishes far removed from all of Mykonos’ bustle and chaos. Nikolas himself catches most of the fish on offer, and he also uses prime meats sourced right from his own farm to prepare his meaty delicacies!

5. Koursaros – Mykonos Town • $$$$

Be swept away to a romantic evening at the renowned Mykonos Town restaurant, a luxurious seafood and sushi spot. Here, you’ll find only fresh ingredients crafted into artful presentations that will have your taste buds dancing. Don’t forget about their fantastic bar, where creative cocktails await with accompaniment from nightly DJs, or opt for low or non-alcoholic drinks for an incredible night out! Even though prices here are on the higher end of things – it’s worth every penny.

6. Krama – Mykonos Town • $$$$

A tantalizing taste experience awaits you at Semeli Hotel. The Michelin-star chef, Ioannis Parikos, brings an exceptional Greek fine dining menu to the table; featuring the signature 12-hour lamb with celeriac puree and couscous, a delicious beetroot risotto, and Krama mushrooms – a scrumptious mushroom ragout served with poached egg on potato cream & truffles. Enjoy the convenience of 6 courses in one go – the tasting menu is definitely worth it!

7. Koukoumi – Ano Mera • $$-$$$

Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or not, the incredible plant-based restaurant at Mykonos’ first all-vegan hotel is sure to tantalize your taste buds. With its Mediterranean and Japanese culinary influences, this fine dining menu boasts a range of options like seitan steak, vegan sushi rolls, delightful dumplings, and pasta dishes – plus an exclusive selection of certified vegan wines.

8. Fokos Taverna – Fokos Beach • $$-$$$

If you’re looking for a tranquil yet exhilarating dining experience, Fokos Taverna at the stunning Fokos Beach is where you want to be. With its traditional Greek menu and hospitable staff, it’s no wonder that this hidden gem requires reservations in advance during peak season – because who wouldn’t wait for an opportunity like this? While there are no public buses headed towards here, taking your own private transportation would definitely make up for the extra effort since you get to witness spectacular views along the way! Strolling through the untouched beach of Fokos in Northern Greece, Chronis and Kate stumbled upon an unexpected ‘for sale’ sign. Unsurprisingly, this sparked a brilliant idea – to create their very own taverna! With Chronis’s building skills and Kate’s creative energy invested into it, they created something truly magical on that beautiful winter day. With a lifelong admiration for the captivating atmosphere of Mykonos, Canada native Marissa Taboulchana has made it her mission to open one of the best day-tavernas on the island.

If you’re seeking upscale dishes such as lobster, caviar, and champagne – look elsewhere! But if your mouth salivates at the thought of fried red mullets, grilled fish, and crab au gratin, then you definitely won’t be disappointed by what this place offers. After indulging in some delectable eats, why not take a dip into its pristine waters – chill out from being overwhelmed with overcrowded sun beds and intrusive loud music.

9. Kostantis – Ornos • $$

Perched on the picturesque Ornos waterfront, this restaurant is a gem. The menu exudes we traditional Greek fare with an emphasis on seafood cuisine that envelops you in warmth and happiness – no wonder it’s so popular among families! Trust us when we say this could be one of the best beach restaurants in all of Greece.

10. Apaggio – Ornos Beach • $$

Seeking a truly Greek culinary experience? Look no further than this charming two-story seafood restaurant situated steps away from the vibrant Ornos beach. You’ll be able to feast your eyes on an abundance of fishing boats as you enjoy traditional dishes made with locally caught fish or succulent meats like moussaka and souvlaki. Not to mention, delectable grilled sardines and seared tuna that will leave you craving more! Don’t forget to take in the stunning sunset views while you’re there, too.

11. D’Angelo – Mykonos Town • $$$

If you’re looking for a genuine Italian eatery in Mykonos Town, surrounded by the renowned windmills, look no further. The menu provides an array of delicious dishes – from succulent pizzas and homemade pasta to creamy risottos and grilled meats or seafoods – all prepared with authentic Italian flavors. Additionally, vegetarians and vegans are not overlooked, as we offer an extensive vegan menu catered specifically to their dietary needs!

12. Funky Kitchen – Mykonos Town • $$$

Funky Kitchen, a Mediterranean restaurant situated on a secluded outdoor terrace along a tiny street of the island, is one of its most inventive eateries. Guests should not miss out on their remarkable selection, including tuna with eggplant mousse and cumin fava beans, octopus carpaccio with pink peppercorns; as well as their signature dessert – chocolate nirvana! Be sure to reserve ahead since they’re open in the evenings only.

13. Kalita – Mykonos Town • $$$$

Come experience the tantalizing flavors of Mykonos and Cyclades in a modern Greek fine dining setting. Here is served succulent seafood, slow-cooked meats, homemade pastas blended with Aegean herbs, along with locally sourced cheeses. The romantic courtyard provides an exquisite backdrop for special occasions– surrounded by soft lighting beneath a canopy of trees sprouting up from the tile floor. Enjoy attentive yet warm service while you dine at night; reservations are recommended!

14. Kastro’s – Mykonos Town • $$$

Experience 18th-century ambiance in the heart of Little Venice as you savor delectable Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Delight your palate with fresh seafood dishes, roasted meats, pastas, salads, and authentic Myconian fare. Sip an incomparable cocktail while admiring a striking sunset view of the iconic windmills from a colorful balcony overlooking the mesmerizing Aegean Sea – it’s an unforgettable experience! Book ahead to ensure availability.

15. Sakis Grill House – Mykonos Town • $

If you find yourself in Mykonos Town, craving a huge gyro stuffed with tzatziki, tomatoes, french fries, and onions, or an expertly grilled lamb/chicken souvlaki served on greasy paper – this is the place! The restaurant has grown popular amongst young night owls; during peak summer season, it caters to pre-clubbing cravings as well as post-party munchies by staying open 24 hours.

16. Kiki’s Taverna – Agios Sostis Beach • $$

If you’re a foodie looking for an unforgettable culinary experience, then look no further than this seaside gem nestled on the north coast. Perched atop a hill and draped in lush grapevines that whisper with each passing breeze, diners can be seen lining up an hour before opening to get their hands on complimentary wine while they wait. When 1 pm strikes – the restaurant opens its doors to reveal remarkable portions of succulent grilled pork chops, swordfish, and octopus served alongside baked potatoes as well as creative salads bursting with flavor! Kiki’s Tavern is the ideal spot for you to unwind after a day of soaking up the sun on Mykonos’ beach. Here, spectacular sea views are part and parcel with your incredible meal experience; select from Greek dishes like fresh fish or succulent salads accompanied by an icy beer or traditional ouzo. After all, what better way is there to conclude a summer holiday than in this beautiful setting while indulging in classic delicacies?

17. Nikos Gallop – Platis Gialos Beach • $$

Looking for a wonderful seafood experience? Stroll uphill from the idyllic Platis Gialos Beach and enjoy amazing Cretan-influenced fish dishes at this hospitable restaurant. From salt-baked fishes large enough to share to mussels steamed in wine – your taste buds will thank you! With attentive service and complimentary raki & dessert as an added bonus, why look anywhere else?

18. Avli tou Thodori – Platis Gialos Beach • $$-$$$

If you’re looking for a classic Greek experience in Mykonos, then Avli Tou Thodori is the place to be. The family-run restaurant gives you a spectacular view of one of the island’s most beautiful beaches and serves an excellent array of traditional Mediterranean cuisine with modern flair – think grilled seafood, lobster orzo pasta, and flaky baklava.

Each dish will have your taste buds tingling as you enjoy exemplary service from their friendly staff. With so much on offer at this top spot, it’d practically be criminal not to try out some authentic local food while visiting Mykonos!. Avli is a gem when it comes to their extensive menu and the quality that they maintain throughout. Kick off your feast with some amazing mezze – savor grilled halloumi with tomato jam, relish eggplant with feta cheese, and don’t forget those pita breads served alongside tzatziki! Allow yourself a short break accompanied by an exquisite glass of wine before you dive into two Greek classics; indulge in Lam kleftiko as well as delectable baklava for dessert — there’s nobody who can resist this delicious sweet treat!

19. Kalosta – Panormos Beach • $$

Situated in a tranquil spot overlooking the sandy expanse of north coast, Kalosta restaurant opens each May to tantalize foodies with its traditional Mediterranean cuisine. From sea urchin spaghetti and eggplant, imam dishes to hot and cold meze specialties like feta wrapped in filo pastry served up with honey – it’s no wonder beachgoers flock here for an unforgettable meal experience! If you’re craving seafood and looking for a peaceful spot, this is your go-to place.

Trying to choose what delicious dish you’ll indulge in at Kalosta restaurant can be a tough decision! Nevertheless, don’t forget to order some white wine or ouzo as the perfect accompaniment. Not only does this eatery provide delectable and homemade meals, but it is situated in Panormos village with breathtaking sea views. So come ready for an extraordinary culinary experience like no other!

20. Kadena – Mykonos Town • $$

Situated on the waterfront of Mykonos Town, Kadena stands out among its fellow restaurants with an inventive menu. Here you’ll find delectable dishes like leek risotto topped with local goat cheese and apaki (dried pork Crete-style) and seafood orzo pasta, as well as delightful renditions of lamb, pork, chicken gyros, and Mykonian sausage. Children are always welcome here; plus your waiters will be sure to encourage you to save room for dessert – gratis! Just look for the tiny chapel featuring a blue dome near Marina’s left side – that’s where it is!

21. Kounelas Fish Tavern – Mykonos Town • $$

Situated in an enchanting garden just a few steps away from the waterfront, Kounelas offers exquisite seafood dishes and traditional meat options. You can find everything from linguine with cuttlefish ink to orzo dishes and mussel risotto- but it’s their charcoal grilled octopus and squid that really take center stage. Due to limited seating capacity, it is highly recommended you reserve your spot ahead of time for dinner only. An alleyway shop selling icons is close by as well if you are looking for some souvenirs!

22. Pepper – Mykonos Town • $

If you’re strolling through the charming streets of Little Venice, Pepper is an ideal spot for a fast meal or snack. There are only several small white tables outside this amicable souvlaki cafe, and numerous others just inside! Here at Pepper, they serve speedy food with a twist: all dishes are made from superior quality ingredients and freshly prepared in the exposed kitchen directly in front of you. The menu features some mouth-watering options such as gyros and gourmet burgers – no doubt one of the best places to dine in town!

23. Indian Palace – Paradise Beach • $$

Nestled between the Tropicana Beach Bar and Cavo Paradiso nightclub on Paradise Beach, Indian Palace (aka Jaipur Palace) brings a welcome sight of authentic curries, hot naan bread, vegetarian dishes such as channa masala and dal makhani – all prepared by an acclaimed chef from Athens. Rejuvenating after a night at the clubs or day spent lounging in the sand? This is just what you need; it’s no surprise that this mouthwatering cuisine has been gaining popularity amongst beachgoers and clubbers alike!

24. Buddha Bar – Ornos • $$$

To get to Buddha Bar, an upscale bar/restaurant located at the 5-star Santa Marina Resort off Ornos Beach, you’ll have to traverse the grounds. Amidst the tranquil atmosphere of Buddha statues and water features lies its terrace with breathtaking views of the sea. Featuring a selection that combines Japanese, Peruvian, Thai, and Chinese flavors in seafood dishes such as seabass ceviche with aji amarillo; baked scorpion fish; signature sushi rolls; and seared tuna tacos–alongside great cocktails–Buddha Bar is undoubtedly worth checking out for your next meal! Treat yourself to a luxurious holiday experience and make reservations at Buddha Bar Beach restaurant in Ornos Bay for your next getaway! With its stunning views of the sea, exotic decor, and delectable seafood dishes, you will be sure to feel relaxed and refreshed. You can also expect a wide selection of traditional Asian cuisine- don’t miss out on this opportunity to try something new! As night falls upon Mykonos, enjoy sipping breezy cocktails while taking in all that the Mediterranean has to offer.

25. Elia – Elia Beach • $$

Situated near the crystal-clear waters of Elia Beach on Mykonos’ sun-drenched south coast, Elia Restaurant offers one of a kind dining experiences. The large and luminous eatery is only steps away from the ocean, presenting guests with an array of delectable seafood dishes such as succulent grilled squid, exquisite Aegean shrimps, flavorful orzo pasta with lobster and luscious seafood linguine. Don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy freshly caught delicacies slip through your fingers!

26. Hippie Fish – Agios Ioannis Beach • $$$

Hidden in the south-western corner of Mykonos along its small beach, Hippie Fish is a trendy restaurant and beach club that boasts an inviting atmosphere. Featuring loungers with colorful umbrellas, a picturesque thatched roof, and delicious delicacies from Greek/Mediterranean cuisine—such as grilled catch-of-the day items like calamari stuffed with feta cheese or Aegean paella served alongside traditional sausages—it’s no wonder why this destination has been gaining so much attention! Treat your taste buds to a delectable seafood feast, freshly caught from the Aegean Sea and served daily at the sushi bar. The top picks include the catch of the day grilled with truffle oil-infused fried potatoes and Hippie tempura shrimp salad for something lighter. Cap off this unforgettable experience with melt-in-your mouth honey dumplings, “Loukoumades,” paired perfectly with ice cream or a glass (or two!) of Rose – all before retreating to one of the comfortable sunbeds. Let us also tempt you once more at Hip Mixology Bar, where cocktails are shaken up in true style as you watch the sunset!

27. La Maison de Katrin – Mykonos Town • $$$$

Experience the sensational melange of traditional Greek and French haute cuisine at this delightful hideaway located in Mykonos Town. Sample their sumptuous coq au vin or seafood with saffron cream sauce, which will immediately explain why they’ve been a hot spot for more than half a century! And don’t forget to enjoy one of their excellent wines. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Mykonos is renowned for its traditional delicacies, such as Kopanisti; a zesty and aromatic cheese, ksinotira, which is beloved by locals as an appetizer, and louza: thin slices of pork spiced to perfection. Furthermore, the picturesque island boasts several fishermen who capture fresh seafood from the sea daily.

Unearth the hidden gem of Mykonos: Kastro’s. This exquisite tavern in Little Venice will leave you mesmerized with its blissful atmosphere and delectable dishes. Set along a secret alley, Kastro’s offers one of Mykonos’ best views to the sea that is sure to take your breath away!

With most people celebrating from morning until night, dinner usually commences around 10 pm, and the party begins in earnest once midnight rolls around.