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19 Best Restaurants in Mexico City

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Finding the very best restaurants in Mexico City can be hard as the city is known for its amazing food scene, with top-rated restaurants that are recognized worldwide. Whether you prefer street food or fine dining, this list of the best restaurants in the city is a must-read. The food culture in Mexico City is comparable to that of New York’s.

it’s the perfectly designed decorations or excellent customer service that makes the dining experience enjoyable for me. There are different neighborhoods in the city, such as Polanco or Roma, where you can explore various food options.

is essential to make restaurant reservations in advance when visiting Mexico City. Some famous restaurants are in high demand, and tables fill up rapidly. To avoid inconvenience, it is advisable to plan ahead and reserve a table well in advance.

my opinion, the ideal duration of your stay in CDMX would depend on the amount of food you wish to consume. Though you could spend weeks here and still not experience everything, four to five days would suffice. This duration allows you to explore the classic attractions while relishing the local street food offerings.


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list of top restaurants in Mexico City includes not only award-winning spots, but also unique restaurants that offer something special, ranging from fine dining to street food. If you’re ready to plan your dining experiences in Mexico City, here is a list of must-visit restaurants.

19 Best Restaurants in Mexico City

1 | Contramar

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Contramar is THE  seafood restaurant in Mexico City that you must try. I recommend ordering the tuna tostadas, their signature drink, and the whole fish. The food is so delicious that you might want to come back for a second visit. I regret not having eaten here more often.

Contraamar is a popular restaurant known for its seafood dishes, particularly the tuna tostadas and whole fish served with red and green sauce. It’s best to visit for lunch as the kitchen usually closes at 6:30 pm (8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays). The restaurant has a lively atmosphere during the day, making it a great spot for a fun meal. If you’re visiting CDMX for the first time, a visit to Contramar is a must.

2 | Pujol

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Pujol, a restaurant owned by Chef Enrique Olvera, is well-known in Mexico City for offering a unique culinary experience through the use of indigenous ingredients, particularly corn. It has been considered the top restaurant in Mexico and requires advanced reservations due to its popularity. The menu features a multi-course tasting experience.

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3 | Huset

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Huset is a top restaurant in Mexico City, not only for its delicious international cuisine and cocktails but also for its unbeatable ambiance. Situated in the Roma neighborhood, Huset features intricate details that elevate the dining experience, such as a rooftop patio adorned with green vines and twinkling lights, and a cleverly designed chess-board floor in the dining room.

When you’re visiting Huset, be sure to try the avocado pizza and check if they have chocolate cake for dessert. Keep in mind that the menu changes with seasonal ingredients. Also, if you plan on dining outdoors in Mexico City, it’s best to research their seasons to avoid rain. You can find more information on the best time to visit Mexico in my guide.

4 | Martota

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Plaza Rio de Janeiro is a central in Roma that houses two of the area’s well-known landmarks: the statue of David and La Casa de las Brujas. Additionally, it offers great dining options, like Marmota, which is considered one of the best restaurants in the area. Marmota is run by a charming Mexican American couple and is known for its delicious and satisfying menu. It is definitely worth checking out while in CDMX.

The restaurant sources most of their produce from local farms and their meats are farm-raised. The majority of the menu is cooked in a wood-fired oven and has a smoky and delicious flavor, like the caviar or the free-range chicken with radicchio salad and smashed baby potatoes with homemade hoja santa yogurt. Although they have an impressive cocktail menu, the restaurant has a variety of hard cider options that pair well with any charred dish on the menu.

5 | Taqueria Orinoco

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Taqueria Orinoco is known for having some of the best tacos in town, and we’re including it on this list because we recognition. Their tacos de chicharrón feature Monterrey-style fried pork rinds with a unique soft, melt-in-your-mouth interior and seared exterior. These textures are complemented by thin slices of avocado, baby roasted potatoes, and homemade salsas. It’s an unforgettable flavor experience that you won’t want to miss.

You should also definately try their tacos al pastor, arguably the best in Mexico City and pair it with an iced cold Mexican beer.

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6 | Madre Cafe

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Madre Cafe is a trendy cafe situated in Roma Norte, Mexico City, that offers a wide range of amenities to its customers. It’s an excellent place to have brunch, particularly after exploring the city’s nightlife, and it operates until midnight, making it an ideal spot to visit during a night out.

Madre Cafe offers some exceptional dishes such as fluffy pancakes and french toast which can be filled with toppings like red fruit and mascarpone butter or Nutella and banana compote. Additionally, they have a range of carajillos, a coffee drink mixed with liquor. I suggest trying their taro carajillo, which not only tastes great but also looks beautiful.

7 | Churrería El Moro

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When you visit Mexico City, make sure to try churros as it is a must-have experience for all tourists. A great place to enjoy them is at Churrería El Moro, which is also included in our list of top things to do in CDMX. El Moro is well-known for serving delicious churros and hot chocolate. You can find El Moro at any of their seven different locations across the city, making it accessible from almost anywhere.

El Moro can get really crowded, especially at the Centro Historico location, which is a popular spot. Although you may have to wait in a long line, it will be worth it.

8 | Restaurante Rosetta

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Restaurante Rosetta is renowned throughout Latin America for elevating traditional Mexican cuisine to new heights. Chef Elena Reygadas expertly combines stunning presentation with delicious flavors, making them one of the top restaurants in Mexico City.

The restaurant is situated in a refurbished villa in Cuauhtémoc that embraces Mexico City’s fondness for plants. The entire space is adorned with green vegetation. I suggest trying the beef carpaccio al pastor and braised beef rib with polenta. However, everything that Chef Elena Reygadas prepares is incredible.

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9 | Café Nin

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Mexico City, stylish cafes like Café Nin are among the best restaurants you can find. The exterior of Café Nin is decorated with greenery and once you step inside, you’ll feel like you’re in a fancy bistro with brick walls and chandeliers. The restaurant has plenty of natural light and creates a wonderful atmosphere. What’s even better than the ambiance is the food itself which includes quiche for breakfast, tuna tostadas for lunch, and quail with baby corn for dinner.

Café Nin also offers baked goods that you might like. I suggest trying either the rosemary and sugar bun or the cardamom roll.

10 | Tencüi

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Tencüi is a small restaurant in the Santa María la Ribera neighborhood run by Mexican chef Mario Espinosa. The restaurant’s specialty is dishes made with seven varieties of mushrooms, grown locally in Puebla, Estado de México, and Tlaxcala. Most of the dishes are vegetarian, and may include braised vegetables with shiitake and enokitake, a mushroom escabeche with pate, or roasted huitlacoche cob with epazote and molcajete salsa. The drink menu also features mushroom-themed options, such as a Negroni infused with mushroom extract.

11 | Sud 777

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If you’re looking for a reason to make a restaurant reservation, consider dining at the restaurant ranked as number 16 on the World’s 50 Best List. Chef Edgar Nuñez, who trained at El Bulli and Noma, has a unique approach to Mexican cuisine, incorporating nearby ingredients and creating playful and imaginative dishes.

12 | Maximo

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Maximo is situated in the fashionable Roma district, and it lives up to its reputation as one of the hippest areas in Mexico City. The menu Maximo is quite diverse, featuring dishes like grilled bass with artichoke and BBQ fried ch

Maximo’s tasting menu costs 3,200 pesos (158 USD) and includes six delicious fine dining dishes such as banana bread with caviar, escamotes with Comté cheese, wagyu beef steak, and s’mores with guava and sweet goat’s milk toffee. It’s a great option if you’re visiting Maximo for the first time and want to treat yourself.


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13 | Dulce Patria

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Dulce Patria is a highly-rated restaurant located inside Las Alcobas in CDMX. It offers a fine-dining experience of the traditional dishes that grandmothers have been cooking for years. The restaurant is known for its bright ingredients, colorful plating, and a variety of mole bread that are particularly noteworthy.

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14 | Blanco Colima

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Many people consider Blanco Colima to be one of the best restaurants in Mexico City because of its trendy atmosphere, gourmet cuisine, and wide selection of drinks. Its exceptional dishes are highly regarded among diners.

Blanco Colima is a great place to enjoy delicious and imaginative cocktails prepared by experts. However, keep in mind that their menu changes with the season. If you happen to see it on their menu, I highly recommend trying the Whispering Angel drink. 

15 | La Docena

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Although Mexico City is not located near the coast, La Docena is a restaurant where you can still enjoy delicious seafood. In addition to great drinks and tasty seafood, they offer a relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal. La Docena is famous for its exceptional oysters, but you should also consider trying the grilled octopus (pulpo a las brasas) or the tuna tostadas (tostadas de atún).

If you don’t speak Spanish fluently, you may need a translator to decipher the menus at restaurants in Mexico City.

16 | Pasteleria Ideal

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Mexico City has many bakeries, also known as Pastelerias. Pasterleria Ideal is my top recommendation among them. At Pasterleria Ideal, customers can walk around a showroom and pick their favorite baked goods before bringing them to the counter for packaging. This unique experience is a must-try for foreigners visiting the city.

At Pasteleria Ideal, there is a wide selection of delicious pastries to choose from, ensuring that everyone can find something they like.

17 | Merotoro

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At Merotoro, you will experience a moment of admiration when your server presents your dish. The plates are so beautifully crafted that it adds to the restaurant’s reputation as one of the best in Mexico City.

The menu is divided into courses which allows you to effortlessly create your own tasting menu for dinner. For my ideal dinner, I would choose nopal stew toast as the first course, followed by lamb sausage with bean stew for the second course. As the main course, I would go for the braised eggplant, and for dessert, I would select the almond cake served with chocolate ice cream.

18 | Anatol

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If you’re in Polanco, Las Alcobas has a restaurant called Anatol which serves homemade food. I suggest trying their margarita as it’s possibly the best one I’ve ever had. Their housemade ice cream is also highly recommended.

19 | Páramo

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If you’re looking forward to trying out authentic Mexican cuisine during your trip to Mexico City, then Páramo is a great place to begin. This restaurant is known for sticking to traditional cuisine while adding a unique twist to classic dishes like tacos and chalupas. Also, Páramo offers many of the best authentic Mexican dishes, including their famous Costa Azul tuna loin taco.

The dining room of Páramo is stunning and particularly noteworthy due to its transparent rooftop, which provides an unobstructed view of the night sky while dining.

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