Best Places in Uruguay

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Uruguay's Best Place to Live and Retire

Best Places to Live, Invest and Retire in Uruguay

Are you already intrigued? If so, let me share with you the top locales to live in Uruguay.



Are you searching for a bustling metropolis to call home? Montevideo is the perfect choice! When relocating to Uruguay, there’s no better place than this city brimming with 62 vibrant barrios and overflowing with culture. From art galleries and theaters to music festivals and ballet performances, living in Montevideo guarantees a diverse experience that celebrates differences while bringing everyone together. Make your retirement dreams come true by embracing all that this urban paradise has to offer!


Punte del Este

Punta del Este, Uruguay is a luxurious seaside city that rivals some of the most exclusive beach towns in the world such as The Hamptons and Saint-Tropez. Traditionally just a summer destination, its growing expatriate community has made it an attractive year round option for retirees looking to settle down. With expansive beaches, yacht clubs and casinos alongside top notch restaurants – Punta del Este provides everything one needs for comfort and relaxation during retirement!



Are you seeking some tranquility? Consider Atlántida, Uruguay! This tiny coastal town is immersed in pines and eucalyptuses. Despite its size, it’s conveniently situated only an hour away from the hustle of Montevideo with a population of approximately 6,000 people which can double when summer visitors appear. Unwind while taking advantage of all this location has to offer- make your move to Atlántida today!