Best Places in Thailand

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Thailand's Best Place to Live and Retire

Best Places to Live, Invest and Retire in Thailand

Are you pondering retirement in Thailand? Have you already decided if the city, countryside or beaches are for you? Many tend to opt for a slower lifestyle compared to what Bangkok offers. Sure, it’s an intriguing option and worth exploring at least once! But usually retirees prefer tranquil living away from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolitan areas.

Chiang Mai

Are you seeking the perfect destination to settle in Thailand? Look no further than Chiang Mai! Situated at the base of northern Thailand, this city offers a serene lifestyle with alluring cultural experiences. Buddhist temples are abundant and temperatures rarely exceed 77°F for a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, living costs here remain affordable while western-style amenities are readily available!

Koh Samui

turquoise water beach sand tropical heaven Koh Samui, thailand

If the picture-perfect beach life is what you desire, then Koh Samui should be your destination of choice. Just an hour away from Bangkok and nestled among white sandy beaches and exquisite vistas, this tropical haven offers a lifestyle that cannot be beaten! With its relaxed pace and affordability, it’s no wonder many retirees feel more secure in making the move to this island paradise – not to mention that top healthcare facilities are also available onsite.