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Panama's Best Place to Live and Retire

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Best Places to Live in Panama

Best Places to live in Panama
Panama has always been a popular location for expats from throughout the world. Many people, including retirees and digital nomads, have chosen this nation because of its tropical environment, affordability, access to healthcare, and contemporary infrastructure. This powerhouse delivers a powerful punch thanks to its simple in-residence programming and particular incentives for residents who are retired. But where exactly should you live in Panama?

Turquoise water in San Blas Islands, Panama
Turquoise water in San Blas Islands, Panama

We have for you the seven best  areas in Panama to live with with photographs.

Panama City

Best places to Live in Panama: Sunset over the pacific Coco del Mar Panama City, Panama
Sunset over the Pacific Coco del Mar Panama City

The nation’s capital provides pleasant, sophisticated living with a gleaming city core on Panama Bay. Living here is much less expensive than in warm-weather towns like California or Florida since it is fully outside the storm belt.

The city offers world-class dining establishments, exciting and very vibrant nightlife, cultural activities, and much more. 

panama city panama canal Isthmus, Panama
When in Panama there is no escaping the Panama Canal

There isn’t a single significant location that you can’t reach on foot from the city center. There are hospitals and pharmacies, wine and food stores, several banks, and ATMs nearby; a vehicle is not necessary. People may still be seen walking the streets and enjoying the parks well into the evening. And if you stay out beyond supper and into the early hours, have no fear—Uber is still reasonably priced and trustworthy in Panama City.

If you walk from El Cangrejo to the waterfront, you will witness glittering towers containing condominiums, offices, and more. On the Cinta Costera, a system of streets, pedestrian bridges, bike lanes, and open spaces, you may stroll beside the sea.

Best Places to Live in Panama: Groceries fruits and vegetables at local store in Panama City
Sourcing you groceries at local store not only saves you a lot of money but also provides you with the freshest and tastier fruits, bananas and vegetables

You can see how very cutting-edge and stunning Panama City can be in this area. It is the location of the Johns Hopkins International Affiliate Hospital, the International Banking Center (IBC), and some of the most famous buildings in the whole world.

You will arrive in charming Casco Viejo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, at the end of the Cinta. Step back in time among grand plazas and beautifully preserved colonial structures. This area is known for its nightlife and is home to some of the poshest (and most expensive) hotels, restaurants, and apartments in the city.

Av. Balboa Panama City, Panama
View from Av. Balboa in Panama City

For North American expats who value its strategic position, Panama City is a fantastic choice because to its high-speed internet, dependable electricity, and drinkable water. It is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone and is located in the same hemisphere. It is just a three-hour flight from Miami and has the finest and busiest airport in the area, the Hub of the Americas. It is located on the warm, tropical Pacific…and is just a two-hour drive from Portobelo’s Caribbean beaches. A city that can top all that has yet to be discovered.


Coronado PanamaCoronado is hands down the best Pacific Beach in Panama
The warm sand, the sound of the waves flowing will definitely calm you own.

The beach is surrounded by patches of green palm trees and is scattered with coral, shells, and pieces of driftwood. Both the shoreline and the ocean are dotted with stones. A few white marine birds that are standing on spindly legs and are peering out to sea complete the picture.

The Coronado beach area is renowned for its sunny days, empty beaches, and friendly locals. It is located in the area known as the Arco Seco, or dry arc, since it gets less rain there than almost everywhere else in the nation.

Despite being on the Pacific, the water is warm and vividly blue here. It normally only rains for an hour or two in the late afternoon. Rarely do daytime highs exceed 88 F, while nighttime lows are roughly 10 F lower. Residents may enjoy hours of gardening, golfing, or outdoor eating thanks to the comfort provided by the ocean breezes.

San Blas beach, Panama

You can anticipate moderate, joy-inducing weather whether you live here all year or are a snowbird trying to avoid the harsh winters up north.

Coronado has developed as the center of this Pacific Coast area thanks to excellent development during the previous five years. Where there used to be just a golf club and a beach club, there are now new commercial centers, grocers, restaurants, a variety of medical facilities, and more.

There is cable television, high-speed internet, and cellular service for calls and data. 

Coronado offers convenience and comfort. A area that is more developed than developing, where major developers have already committed to building resorts and residential developments along the nearby shore, rather than just “about to invest.”

Not the most affordable location in Panama…

The majority of individuals and couples set aside at least $2,500 each month for expenses, including rent. In certain areas of Panama, you may get by quite fine on less than $2,000 a month. But Coronado provides a lifestyle that is really high-value. It’s difficult to beat in terms of comfort and easiness.


Boquete region panama
House in Boquete Region

Boquete is thriving community with a pleasant mountain climate.  It is in a location of exceptional beauty, in the province of Chiriqu’s emerald jewel.

The vast neighborhood is well-known for its fruit, flowers, and coffee. Fertile terrain in abundance has attracted committed farmers and gardeners. In actuality, the Chiriqu Highlands provide over 80% of the nation’s fresh crops.

Best places to Live in Panama: Boquete panama
Best places to Live in Panama: Boquete

With daytime highs of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime lows around ten degrees colder, Boquete’s springlike environment, which lies at a height of 3,000 to 4,000 feet, is a key lure. Bajareque, a misty rain, keeps everything green and makes it simple to grow almost anything.

Mountainous areas of Panama typically get 100 inches or less of rain year, with the majority of the precipitation falling from August through November. But Boquete is also known as the “rainbow district” since it receives plenty of sunlight, even when it’s cloudy.

Best places to Live in Panama: Boquete mountains
Best places to Live in Panama: Boquete mountains

The beautiful Volcán Bar, Panama’s tallest mountain, is visible from the village’s center. There are cold streams and waterfalls all around the province, and the Caldera River runs through the province’s center.

Because to the early 1900s arrival of European settlers, many of Boquete’s residences have a Swiss chalet-like appearance. What was once a modest rural hamlet has grown into a bustling tourist and expat hub. There is a ton to do, from bird viewing and river rafting to hiking and equestrian riding. A annual jazz and blues festival, a theater and community center, a single expats club, and other initiatives have all been founded by locals and expats working together.

Boquete is about 45 minutes by vehicle from David, Panama’s biggest and most accessible city after the international capital. David offers a vibrant art scene, a broad range of restaurants, and many golf courses.

In this area, Panamanians coexist peacefully with the many foreigners who have retired or moved here. The neighborhood is renowned for being tolerant, inclusive, and family-focused. Boquete can be the best option if you wish to have an active, sociable, outdoor lifestyle.


Volcan Panama
Volcan Panama

The dreamiest place to visit in Panama is Volcán, which is framed by the Tizingal Mountain to the north and volcanic slopes and plains to the east. The town is located at the base of the long-sleeping Volcán Bar, the highest mountain in the nation.

Volcán, a town in the Chiriqu Highlands famous for its coffee, orchids, and national park, is roughly a 45-minute drive from the handy hub city of David. Many people reportedly live into their 90s and beyond, adding credence to the myth that it promotes lifespan.

Stunning natural scenery from Ranch in Cambutal, Panama

Volcán offers a striking mountain landscape and welcoming expat neighborhood.

In addition to banks, clinics, and a number of top-notch eateries, this area also has general and hardware shops. High-speed internet is available, although Netflix viewing won’t take up much of your time. Sunshine, vibrant plant life, as well as a wide variety of colorful birds and other animals, all call from the vast outdoors.

One of Panama’s more affordable cities is Volcán. A compact, regionally inspired house may be rented for $350 to $750 per month. Get a lot of luxury for a little bit more money. A large, bright, contemporary house that includes high-speed internet was recently posted for rent for $1,300 per month.

Boquete and Volcán are comparable in many aspects. Both cities have a lot of dampness despite being chilly mountain communities that get roughly 100 inches of rain annually. Due to its greater height and lower population density compared to Boquete, Volcán is a bit colder.

Volcán can be the ideal place for you if you want to live in a tranquil, quiet, green mountain town surrounded by woods, trails, and streams.


Pedas is a Beach Town ideal for rural living. Imagine being on a stretch of beaches that are all characterized by warm waves and lush surroundings. Some beaches have white sand, while others have a rich golden brown color. The ocean’s color varies from a pure sky-blue to a deep cobalt blue. Sport fishing, paddleboarding, surfing, snorkeling, or just splashing about and having fun are all options.

Surfing Playa Venao, Panama

The locals are renowned for their courtesy and friendliness. On most days, though, there aren’t many people on the sands, if any at all, so you get a good portion of it to yourself. It feels exclusive and secluded. yet, prices here are ridiculously cheap when compared to comparable locations in the United States. You may make $1,000 a month living here if you own your house.

San Blas beach, Panama

The Pedasi area is a destination for ocean lovers, fishermen, and other outdoor enthusiasts, and is situated on the Azuero peninsula on Panama’s Pacific coast. Pedasi hamlet, which is surrounded by beautifully painted houses with pleasant terraces, is the hub of activity here.

The nearest beach is approximately a mile away and may be reached on foot. There will be a dozen more as you go south. They are spotless, serene, and free of famous resorts. The Pedasi area is bursting with promise due to its undeveloped coastline and top-notch fishing.

It has drawn emigrants from several countries, including the United States, Canada, France, and Israel. What appeals most? One of Panama’s driest areas is this one. There may only be 40 inches of rain each year, as opposed to 120 inches in the Caribbean coast.

The most desirable methods of living have been retained in what is referred to be Panama’s heartland. On patios, you may witness women chopping fresh corn for fritters or embroidering polleras, or traditional garments. Parents may relax knowing that their children are playing outside in the open air since the area is full with safe little towns.

Additionally, the Azuero area has the lowest prices in the nation. The cost of food and real estate consistently ranks lower here than it does elsewhere in Panama in local polls. Here, a couple might easily make ends meet on $1,200 per month including rent.

The low cost of living in Pedasi is largely a result of the lack of financial incentives. After all, taking a beach dip, a walk in the evening, or relaxing in a hammock are all free activities. The majority of people in this area choose to walk or use the inexpensive mini buses ($2 to $3 from one village to the next). You may spend as little as $8 on lunch and a few drinks.

In spite of this, people here appear happier than wherever else I’ve seen, despite the dearth of “formal entertainment.” Life in Pedasi has an air of leisure. Nobody wears a suit and tie, and the opera has never visited the area. But flip-flops and a grin are always appreciated!