Best Places in Italy

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Italy's Best Place to Live and Retire

Best Places to Live, Invest and Retire in Italy

Mention the country of Italy to many tourists and they imagine mouth-watering pasta dishes, scrumptious pizzas, and more. Yet what few may realize is that there’s a lot more this Mediterranean nation has to offer than these much-loved culinary offerings. Here are some of the best places in Italy for retirees and digital nomads


From its renowned spaghetti and clay-colored skyline, to the remarkable architecture, friendly residents and affluent past – this quaint city offers blissful retirement lifestyles. It is no wonder that many retirees enjoy a superior quality of life here!


With its off-the-beaten path setting, this Italian city is often overlooked by expats. However, it possesses a variety of gorgeous views from sandy beaches to lush hillsides that make for attractive sightseeing. Moreover, the food and galleries are an accurate representation of quintessential Italian culture; thus giving travelers insight into the traditional lifestyle enjoyed in Italy.



Although Rome is Italy’s biggest city and the third largest in Europe, it is also a favorite destination for expats. Those who are passionate about history will especially find much to love here; from medieval times all the way to neoclassical period monuments, Roman history can be found everywhere. Even with its bustling traffic and hustle-bustle of urban life, there’s no denying that Rome remains an incredible place to live!