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13 Best Cancun Malls - 2023 Visitors Shopping Guide

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Cancun Shopping Guide: The 13 Best Cancun Malls and Shopping Centers

When considering Cancun, what springs to mind? Undoubtedly, the picture that appears is one of white sand beaches, an aqua blue Caribbean Sea and a nightlife unlike any other. However this destination offers much more ; it has been designed and is being developed for over 50 years with tourists in mind and provides activities such as tours and shopping experiences second to none

If you are in search of a quality tequila or authentic beer, handcrafted Mexican souvenir or luxury Louis Vuitton purse? Look no further than the shopping malls in Cancun! 

S0, don’t forget to take time away from the sun and waves while in Cancun; venture out for a shopping excursion! You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity – so if you’re asking yourself where are the best places to shop, look no further than this comprehensive guide.


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Best Malls in Cancun : Plaza La Isla Mall Cancun
Best Malls in Cancun : Plaza La Isla Mall Cancun

1. La Isla Shopping Village

Although you may be staying at one of Cancun’s top all-inclusive family resorts with great gift shops, you might still want to explore beyond the resort for your shopping needs.

One of the best places to shop in Cancun is the La Isla Shopping Village, an open-air mall in the Hotel Zone that is popular among tourists who want to get some shopping done before they go out to party at one of the local clubs nearby.

Adorned with all the modern-day amenities of a shopping mall, but minus the tackiness – La Isla Shopping Village in Cancun is an ideal destination for shoppers. With its waterfront location and selection of international brands and upscale boutiques, this plaza provides something special that cannot be found elsewhere. Plus, there’s also an interactive aquarium to keep children entertained as well as dive shops! In short – if you’re looking for anything while visiting Cancun then it can certainly be acquired at La Isla Shopping Village.

If you’re in search of the newest movie, there’s no better place than the theater. And to satisfy your hunger cravings, there is an abundance of restaurants — suitable for all budgets — coffee shops and more!

If you’re looking for a beautiful spot to watch the Cancun sunset, the outdoor seating near the fountains is perfect. Plus, it’s a great place to rest after a busy day of shopping and lugging around all your new purchases!

Best Cancun Malls: Melecon Mall
Best Cancun Malls: Melecon Mall

2. Malecon Americas

If your lodging is in Cancun’s local area, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to explore Malecon Americas. This multi-dimensional complex features both indoor and outdoor shopping areas that are adjacent to Plaza Las Americas – a bustling mall with plenty of options for retail therapy! On those hot sunny days, don’t hesitate; indulge yourself in some much-needed shade while still taking advantage of all these shops have to offer.

When it comes to shopping, you are presented with a wealth of local and international stores from which to choose.

At Malecon Americas, you’ll find an abundance of unforgettable experiences – from purchasing souvenirs at a gift shop for family and friends to exploring the trends in fashion and beauty with international brands. There are even delectable restaurants like Starbucks, Johnny Rockets, Olive Garden, and McDonalds that serve up global cuisines! To make it extra fun for kids or those young-at-heart adults out there – Chapur is a Mexican department store offering items perfect as keepsakes or presents while special hair salons cater specifically to children’s unique needs.

For a chance to chat with the locals, make sure to stop by your local mall on the weekends!

Plaza Las Americas Mall
Plaza Las Americas Mall

3. Plaza Las Americas

Adjacent to the renowned Malecon Americas, Plaza Las Americas has been a beloved shopping hub in Cancun for years and is still frequently filled with local shoppers. Despite modernized spots increasing around town, this mall was once one of just a few options that locals had to shop from–a fact which speaks volumes about its enduring popularity!

Have you visited this mall lately? If not, then you will be in for a pleasant surprise! The old food court has moved to the neighboring shopping center, making room for some of the trendiest international and even local brands. Stores such as Old Navy and H&M have opened up shop here – so what are you waiting for?! Come see all that is new at this beloved shopping destination.

The mall offers an abundance of shopping and beauty options, from department stores to nail salons. You can find a variety of restaurants and cafes within the complex or visit one of the many retail stalls set up outside for great sales deals! And during holidays, you may even be able to catch some live music performances outdoors!

4. Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center

Are you looking for the best shopping destinations in Cancun? Look no further than Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center! Located in the Hotel Zone, this open-air center offers a variety of shops ranging from international brands such as H&M and Zara Home to local boutiques that are great for finding souvenirs. Whether you’re searching for clothing or gifts, Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center has it all – so come on by and start exploring!

If you are tired of shopping, Cinepolis theater and IMAX theatre offer entertainment through movies. Moreover, the salon and barber shop provide excellent grooming services to make sure that one looks sharp for any occasion. Furthermore, there is a plethora of standalone restaurants and cafes as well as food courts to satisfy all cravings in just one place!

After enjoying your meal, take a stroll around the complex to burn off some of those extra calories or hit up the gym. If you’re accompanied by furry friends and wish to bring them along for the journey, register them with the administration at the mall!

Kukulcan Shopping Mall in Cancun - Plaza Kukulcan
Kukulcan Shopping Mall in Cancun – Plaza Kukulcan

5. Kukulcan Plaza

Are you in the mood for a leisurely shopping excursion? Then Kukulcan Plaza is the perfect spot! Here, you can acquire all kinds of clothing, jewelry and beauty products while also taking your family or partner out to dinner. Plus, it’s full of incredible souvenirs that will help keep your trip alive long after its end. And if you need snacks and groceries on-the-go there’s even a grocery store right inside this mall!

Bike enthusiasts should take advantage of the Harley-Davidson store located in the southern side of the mall. For those looking to shop for luxury items, Luxury Avenue awaits with its array of renowned stores like Burberry, Coach and Fendi.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable dining experience, look no further than Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Tequila Grill and Taco Beef. Additionally, sweet tooths will love Haagen-Dazs and Baskin Robbins. For tequila aficionados out there, the Tequila Museum offers interesting information on this traditional drink as well as its history. During the holiday season at night time expect to find a variety of entertainment events along with concerts while Saturdays come alive with unique Mayan performances!

Luxury Avenue Cancun
Luxury Avenue Cancun

6. Luxury Avenue

Are you looking to splurge on fashionable and quality items? Look no further than the Luxury Avenue at Plaza Kukulkan for your shopping needs. After a visit here, be sure that your packing list will get longer by the time you return home! Cancun’s answer to designer malls across town, similar to Los Cabos’ upscale mall, this location is chock-full of luxury brands–just waiting for you!

Start your shopping journey off with luxurious brands like Fendi, Burberry, Mont Blanc and Coach before perusing the exquisite jewelry from Cartier and Swarovski. If you need a break after all that browsing through stores, take advantage of one of the many high-end restaurants or bars located in this mall for some restorative refreshment. There are also great child care facilities available if you want to do some stress-free shopping without having to worry about the kids running around! As an additional tip – be sure to use your credit card whenever possible when making purchases; not only will it help keep track of all expenses but it’ll give you better exchange rates than using local currency or dollars alone.


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If your expenditure surpasses 1,200 mxn at the mall, avail of the tax-free module for a full refund on taxes! But if you find it too pricey – even with that deal – take advantage of Kukulkan Plaza next door. Make sure to make use of their complimentary valet service as well!

Souvenirs Cancun : Coral Negro Flea Market
Souvenirs Cancun : Coral Negro Flea Market

7. Coral Negro Flea Market

When it comes to shopping during your travels, you’d be remiss not to explore the hugely underrated Coral Negro Flea Market located near Plaza Forum in the Party Center. Get ready for a true gem of an experience! If you’re looking for unique gifts that no one will have back home or simply want something different than the same old brands we all know and love from stateside, this flea market is surely worth exploring.

Visit the Coral Negro Flea Market to find a variety of specialty items, from traditional Mexican clothing, stunningly painted pottery perfect for gifts, and silver jewelry. You can also purchase Cancun t-shirts and vests in abundance at numerous stands throughout the market or snap up a cute bathing suit before visiting one of many beaches in the area. Don’t forget to haggle when you’re looking for temporary tattoos!

Located conveniently in the Hotel Zone, this flea market is an ideal spot for guests seeking a unique shopping experience. With limited options available nearby and easy access from most hotels or all-inclusive resorts – many of which are close by– it’s definitely worth exploring!

Cancun Souvenirs Mercado 28
Cancun Mercado 28

8. Mercado 28 – Market 28

If you find yourself residing closer to the local area of downtown Cancun, Mercado 28—better known as Market 28—is a flea market that must be visited at least once throughout your trip. Although it may seem like a maze, anyone in the streets can easily direct you towards this destination if you simply refer to it by its more popular name. Don’t let the size intimidate you; make sure to plan out your route through this massive marketplace!

Be wary of fraudulent markets, as some travelers have reported paying three times the correct price in these scenarios. While you may find yourself overwhelmed by all of the salespeople vying for your attention and money, don’t be discouraged! Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase authentically crafted local goods like jewelry, clothing, pottery – just make sure to haggle so that you get an appropriate value for what is being offered.

Complete your travels in Cancun with a visit to the bustling food court, offering an array of Mexican specialties at prices that won’t break the bank. Take this opportunity to gain real insight into authentic Cancun culture and cuisine, rather than engaging in last-minute airport shopping for souvenirs.

Plaza Las Americas Mall sitting area
Plaza Las Americas Mall sitting area

9. Las Plazas Outlet

When you’re on Andres Quintana Roo Avenue in the heart of Cancun, be sure to pay a visit to Las Plazas Outlet – more commonly known as Plaza Outlet by locals. This outdoor mall is an iconic staple among shoppers who are looking for discounts and quality goods across a variety of brands. You won’t regret making this spot your shopping destination!

Spend the entire day at this complex and delight in a delectable breakfast at Toks, shopping around your favorite stores, then catching a movie at Cinemex. With tons of eateries to choose from, including Starbucks for coffee lovers or La Michoacana for ice cream connoisseurs; there’s something here for everyone! Kids will love the area specifically designed just for them – making it an ideal family destination.

If you are departing from the Hotel Zone, it is recommended that you take a bus to downtown Cancun prior to taking a taxi.

10. Quinta Alegria mall in Cancun

Located on one of the busiest corners in Cancun, the Quinta Alegria mall is not as big as La Isla or Kukulcan Plaza, but it has famous stores and much sought after by tourists. Some of these stores that are highlighted are:

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Nike
  • Forever 21
  • American Eagle
  • Ultrafemme
  • Body Shop
  • L’Occitane
  • Apple
Forum by the Sea Cancun
Forum by the Sea Cancun

11. Forum By The Sea Cancun

Most malls open and start to buzz early in the day, yet Forum by the Sea Cancun is different. During the daytime there’s plenty of hustle and bustle, however after sundown it comes alive with energy! In case you are curious as to why that’s so – this shopping complex houses Coco Bongo night club!

Not only is Forum Cancun the host of a beloved Mexican classic, it also houses numerous renowned restaurants and bars such as Hard Rock Café, Chilis, Chuchito Pérez – just to name a few. If you are seeking souvenirs or swimwear before your departure date arrives, there are plenty of stores that offer jewelry and sundry items for purchase. To further make your experience even more enjoyable; evenings in particular become lively when street performers gather at the main arena within the mall ready to entertain! Be sure to have your camera on hand for some extraordinary tricks!

12. Plaza Caracol

As the final option, Plaza Caracol in Cancun’s Hotel Zone awaits you. This shopping mall is a classic that has been around for nearly thirty years now and may not be as modern as other malls mentioned before; yet it still offers plenty of choices, from jewelry stores to souvenir shops and perfumeries with great gifts!

This modest mall may be just what you need for your needs, as it offers a wide array of international flavors including Haagen-Dazs and Starbucks. There’s never any shortage of dining options at this shop – which is perfect if you’re looking to pick up something whilst on the road!

If you are staying somewhere that has a kitchenette, don’t forget to visit the gourmet deli near the entrance for some delicious cuts of meat! If you’re traveling with children, take them over to Caribbean Puzzles and let them explore their handmade wooden puzzles – sure to keep your little ones entertained.

13. Plaza La Fiesta

At the Plaza La Fiesta, you can find a vast selection of Mexican products ranging from handicrafts and jewelry to tequila, vanilla, spices and swimwear. This 20,000 square feet lagoon-side shop located at Km 9 of Cancun’s Hotel Zone is just across from the Convention Center. And if that isn’t enough for you! There are also additional stores in many popular shopping malls including Plaza La Isla, Plaza Kulkucan, Forum by The Sea and much more! Prices are reasonable, fixed and well-marked, so there’s no need to haggle. Plaza La Fiesta will wrap breakables for your journey home.

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