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Best Hotels in Oia, Santorini - 2023 Guide

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The Best Hotels in Oia Santorini!

If you’ve narrowed down your search for the perfect location to stay in Santorini, chances are Oia has made it onto your list. With extraordinary blue church domes and unparalleled sunsets, this iconic village is no surprise as one of the most photographed places on Earth! Now that you’re ready to book your dream accommodation in Oia, we have compiled 11 exceptional hotels with glowing reviews across all platforms. So let’s make those dreams a reality with these truly magnificent great options! 

Best Time To Visit Santorini?

For the best Santorini experience, plan your visit between April-May or September-October when temperatures are milder and there is less congestion. However, if you want to explore during its most popular season, late June to early September is ideal but expect higher prices due to increased tourism. The majority of daytime crowds usually come from cruise ships docking in port – so you should be prepared for this!


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Easter in Santorini is a vibrant spectacle, with thousands of flickering candles and bonfires that light up the night sky. During this time, you can experience parades and festivities throughout both day and night all over the island!

How To Get To Santorini?

The international airport in Santorini offers frequent services to Athens, Thessaloniki and many other locations across Europe and the UK. In addition, a bustling harbour welcomes cruise ships and ferries from various ports such as Paros, Naxos, Ios or even Crete and Rhodes. With an abundance of deluxe lodgings available in Oia it can be difficult to select one which is perfect for you!

If you’re looking for the best places to stay in Oia Santorini, then look no further! We’ve done all the hard work for you and scoured every review, walked down every cobblestone path, and checked out all of the merchandise. After careful consideration we can confidently say that these 13 accommodations offer exceptional service and value for money without compromising on luxury.

Staying in Oia

For the ultimate romantic getaway in Santorini, look no further than Oia – a town dotted with unique boutiques, delectable dining spots and awe-inspiring caldera views. Hotels here are conveniently located along the main pedestrian walkway that links all prime areas of this picturesque village. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a fun night out on your trip be sure to visit Marykay’s bar near the central square – it’s one of only two bars within city limits! The best part? If your budget allows why not treat yourself to accommodation boasting stunning panoramic vistas over the famous Santorini caldera?

Situated in the northwest corner of Santorini, Oia is a mere 20 minutes away from Fira and 25 minutes away from the airport. It’s renowned for its beautiful sunset views, array of restaurants with exuberant cuisine options as well as upscale shopping centers. 

Where to Stay in Oia

If you’re looking for the best views of Santorini’s caldera, luxury hotels in Oia have your back. But if it’s a sunset view that takes your breath away, then you must travel west to catch sight of the sun disappearing into the horizon. These unique lodgings offer partial caldera views coupled with awe-inspiring twilight scenes not seen elsewhere on this magical island!

Sunsets and the Castle Ruins

Watching Oia’s beautiful sunsets is an unmissable experience. The village often becomes jam-packed with people during the high season, all eager to take in the spectacular colors and breathtaking views from spots near the castle ruins or at a sunset-view restaurant. As the sunlight illuminates each white-washed house and cascades through the caldera, it culminates in a round of applause as darkness falls over Oia each night.

If you’re looking for a magnificent spot to watch the sunset, look no further than the 15th century Byzantine castle of Agios Nikolaos! This fort is just one of five that had been erected on this island (the other four being Pyrgos, Akrotiri, Emporio and Skaros) in order to protect it from relentless pirate raids. However, back in 1956 a 7.7 magnitude earthquake shook up much more than expected – wiping out most structures surrounding this castle while leaving only part of its watchtower known as Goulas still standing today.

Maritime History

Unlike the other villages of Santorini, Oia boasts a unique maritime history that propelled it to great economic success. Trading goods between Alexandria and Russia with its merchant fleets, the village’s peak of prosperity occurred in the late 19th century through early 20th centuries. Today, reminders of the town’s former grandeur can be seen while strolling along Oia’s cobbled pathways. One noteworthy relic is the two-story Neoclassical captains’ mansions that line north of the main pedestrian path. Many have been transformed into guesthouses and eateries, with one having even become a Naval Maritime Museum – definitely worth visiting! Perched on top of caldera cliffs are more such remarkable dwellings that overlook majestic views below.

Ammoudi Bay

At the base of the village lies Ammoudi Bay, a scenic cove renowned for its boat tours to Thirassia Island and use as film sets such as Summer Lovers, Laura Croft: Tomb Raider and The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. Enjoy an array of fresh seafood at one of many traditional tavernas right by the water or venture west past the restaurants to uncover a stunning swimming spot surrounded by rugged rocks.

To explore Ammoudi Bay by foot, simply take the trail near the castle ruins that has 200-300 steps (depending on who you ask). Alternatively, if traveling by car is more your style, head north past central Oia and drive 1.5 km down a rather tight road; although beware of high season traffic! Parking at the bay can be scarce so you may have to walk down via the footpath instead – but when it’s time for departure again remember to call a taxi up for yourself.

Fira to Oia Hike

An unforgettable experience awaits you on the iconic Oia to Fira trail in Santorini. Spanning 10.5 kilometers of cliff-side terrain and four picturesque villages, this hike will take between two to five hours depending on your speed and how often you stop for a break. The path stretches from cobblestone pathways, dirt roads, and even sidewalks if the mood strikes—don’t forget to make a side trip over at Skaros Rock! An adventure like no other is awaiting in one of Greece’s most beautiful regions: embark on an exploration through history that you’ll never forget with the Oia to Fira hike today! Regardless of your direction, you will face a steep climb.

When trekking from Oia to Imerovigli the path is long and gradual so it won’t feel like much; however, when hiking from Fira to Imerovigli the ascent is short yet intense. The trail isn’t suitable for baby strollers or bikes which means its difficulty level may be too high for those under 10 years old due to its length despite the quality being good enough that most 7-year-olds could complete it without trouble.

Art Maisons

Art Maisons Hotels is home to two luxurious properties that offer visitors a chance to experience the best of Oia. The Aspaki Exclusive Hotel boasts an unbeatable location on the Caldera and provides breathtaking views of the Aegean sea, caldera, village – including iconic blue-domed churches – while also ensuring privacy. Experience the ultimate in luxury at the hotel with its opulent suites and villas featuring private outdoor jacuzzis or cave pools, large terraces boasting breathtaking views of the caldera and volcano, as well as balcony areas. Just steps away from Oia Castle, you can take advantage of a heated outdoor pool along with light meals served up at Mediterranean bar and spa treatments. 

Oia Castle Luxury Suites lies right under the old Venetian castle of Oia, providing an exquisite and sophisticated setting with private pools or jacuzzis along with a terrace offering breathtaking sunsets. This luxurious destination is ideal for honeymooners or couples looking to get away! The Blue Domes Suite offers direct views of three distinct church domes that you can find on many Santorini postcards – making it the best room at this property. Treat yourself to one of 15 caldera-view suites with private outdoor jacuzzis – perfect for honeymooners! The Cave Pool Suites feature indoor or outdoor heated caves pools for maximum relaxation. Enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine at the restaurant, plus an included breakfast every morning. Consider splitting your stay between both properties for an extra special Art Maisons experience

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Canaves Oia Suites

The first of the Canaves properties, Canaves Oia Hotel provides an exclusive escape for 18 guests in its suites that come with private balconies and plunge pools. Offering a luxurious experience from pillow menus to welcome wine and Hermes amenities, this hotel also has an infinity pool perfect for lounging as well as a casual Greek-Mediterranean restaurant where you can sample local wines. Marvel at its incomparable view of the caldera and take a dip in its magnificent pool while basking in this magical setting. Enjoy peace and serenity as you stay here; it’s slightly smaller and quieter than other options, but offers wonderful experiences nonetheless!

Canaves, a prestigious brand recently renovated and revitalized, is at the forefront of Santorini. The Canaves Oia Suites property has been selected to join Small Hotels of the World – making it one of the most outstanding accommodations in Oia, Santorini!

Located in the hub of picturesque Oia, Canaves Oia Suites boasts a range of luxurious amenities that include Petra Restaurant and its magnificent Panoramic Balcony for exquisite gourmet dining experiences; multiple pools along with an accompanying gym and spa. With various accommodation choices from 1-bedroom plunge pool suites to 3-Bedroom Villas, you will be swathed in opulence no matter what room type you choose!

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Guests of all accommodations can access the main pool area via elevator. The Canaves Oia Epitome is  a luxurious, all-suite hotel with an infinity pool, gym and small spa, that also offers two gourmet Greek-Mediterranean restaurants in its vicinity! The one bedroom suites and two bedroom villas are fully equipped with private balconies or patios featuring heated plunge pools or swimming pools to give you the best sunset views of the sea.

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Oh yes, not to forget – they provide a complimentary champagne breakfast each morning at no extra cost! Situated at 500 meters from central Oia; resort grants more privacy than other near caldera hotels yet still allows easy access on foot to explore Oia’s amazing sights & shops as well as exquisite dining experiences.

Canaves Oia Sunday Suites are also available for those seeking an additional experience while on vacation. Couples, families, or anyone looking to get a little extra pampering will love River Pool suites that provide private pools directly connected from your bedroom/living space (as pictured). Unfortunately, due to safety concerns children under 13 years old may not stay in these rooms.

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Nestled beneath Oia’s iconic Blue Domes and overlooking glistening Armenaki Bay, this boutique hotel is comprised of twelve cave-style rooms and suites that flank the domes and ripple down the hill. With their modern vibes, chic designs, generous proportions, these lodgings offer outstanding value compared to many comparable properties – especially considering their stunning location!

Armenaki ‘Residences’ provide a unique experience – able to comfortably house up to six people with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and both feature private swimming pools. Armenaki Residence boasts one of the biggest in Oia! We also offer an unbeatable breakfast each morning that’s simply too delicious not to finish.

The Armenaki Residence is the perfect choice for couples and small groups. At 66 sqm, it offers an expansive pool surrounded by a 180-degree panoramic view of the Caldera as well as incredible views of the iconic Blue Domes. Plus, there’s even a Hammam shower room to ensure you experience total relaxation!

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For more than two decades, Fileria Suites have been crafted to perfectly accommodate the modern traveler in Santorini. Featuring ten suites with three distinct room types that can hold up to four guests each, these newly constructed villas boast a chic and contemporary design aesthetic—all within easy walking distance of Oia’s most popular attractions!

While Fileria rooms don’t all boast caldera views nor contain a swimming pool or restaurant, what they do feature are tastefully decorated spaces with superior service at an extremely economical price. If you’re looking for more amenities like restaurants and pools, then the brand-new Filotera Suites offer those additional luxuries – so it’s win-win! Filotera Suites offer a luxurious stay in one of eight elegant cave suites, each with its own private terrace offering magnificent views of the caldera. Your suite will come complete with an outdoor heated jacuzzi and some even have their own pools! amenities include an exquisite infinity pool overlooking the caldera, all-day Greek restaurant and bar by the poolside, massage services that you can avail right inside your room, and daily breakfast delivery. Located at prime spot in Oia’s heartland surrounded by cozy restaurants and charming boutiques.

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Kirini Santorini, one of the Leading Hotels of the World, is a boutique hotel that will make your dreams come true. Experience luxurious living and captivating serenity in an environment where Cycladic architectural tradition meets modern-day decor. Each suite has been impeccably renovated and decorated with chic simplicity – all featuring dazzling white hues for pure bliss.

For a truly exceptional stay, book your visit to the hotel with its magnificent infinity pool and luxurious Pool Bar & Cocktail lounge. At Anthos restaurant, you can dine in luxury while also enjoying regular wine tasting sessions. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodations – ranging from Junior Suites up to Honeymoon or plunge pool suites! People seeking serenity need look no further; Wet Junior Suites boast unparalleled caldera views accompanied by an open-air hot tub – the perfect way to take in this idyllic paradise!

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Myst Boutique Hotel

Nestled in the tranquil hills of Oia, Myst is an oasis – secluded from hustle and bustle yet still enjoying breathtaking views over the Aegean Sea. It’s 700 meters away from the Caldera so you can enjoy all of its amenities without being priced out! Revel in unparalleled peace and quiet here at Myst; a perfect place to escape it all. 

Enjoy breathtaking oceanic views from the stylishly appointed rooms, some of which feature outdoor hot tubs! The expansive pool area is attended to by AVRA Estiatorio restaurant and provides a pleasant reprieve away from the bustling town. Those on a budget or seeking an enjoyable resort atmosphere should consider this location; however, for optimal luxury it’s worth opting for one of Junior Suites with Outdoor Jacuzzi! With an abundance of local products available for breakfast each morning including delicious coffee, you’ll be just 10 minutes walk from bustling Oia where your vacation truly begins!

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Oia Mansion

Speculated to have been the residence of a wealthy sea captain, Oia Mansion stands out as an exceptional and luxurious house in comparison to other island abodes; spanning four hundred square meters. This traditional villa has kept its sophisticated European decoration intact while being one of the few establishments still available in town. Situated at the highest point within Oia village, this grandiose home is somewhat iconic on Santorini and has welcomed several luminaries such as Michael Jordan!

When you step into Oia Mansion, it is like stepping back in time. With renovations that bring to life authentic oak floors, antique chandeliers and Venetian mirrors – this five-level house will make for a truly special experience. It features four bedrooms with the capacity to accommodate up 8 people – making it an ideal getaway spot for one group or two families looking for excellent value! you’ll discover more than enough space across 5 floors with 4 beautiful bedrooms, an elegant living room, exquisite dining area, fully-equipped kitchen, outdoor jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation experience. 

Ideal for gatherings, the Sea Captain’s suite on the ground floor is complete with an ensuite and a terrace. Take it to the next level by heading up to your private roof deck – you’ll be left mesmerized by its stunning sunset views!

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Through the hard work of local craftsmen, these 300-year-old caves have been converted into 20 spectacular private suites in Oia – truly a sight to behold! At Perivolas, we prioritize physical and mental wellbeing. No TVs or other distractions will impede your stay here; hip and lavish furnishings are perfect for relaxation – beds tucked away into alcoves provide comfort while wide vine laden terraces offer striking views like you’ve never seen before.

Upgrade to a deluxe suite for even more luxury with an outdoor jacuzzi or infinity pool on your terrace! If you’re truly looking for something extra special, consider staying at the Perivolas Suite where you can indulge in a steam bath as well as an extensive indoor hot tub and heated cave pool reaching out onto your very own terrace. This stunning 120sqm suite features indoor/outdoor swimming pools as well as a steam bath and hydrotherapy pool. Last but not least – take pleasure in swimming laps around their magnificent infinity pool or savoring delicious meals at their restaurant situated within a beautifully restored wine cellar!

 Take home something special to remember your stay by – Apivita Toiletries are sure to make you feel pampered long after leaving this piece of paradise!

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Nestled in the heart of Oia Pezoules is #1 on Tripadvisor for a good reason! Boasting only 7 elegant and modern cave homes, each suite has breathtaking panoramic views of the Caldera, expansive terraces, and direct access to an exquisite infinity pool overlooking the cliff. These houses are aptly named after herbs unique to Greece – adding an additional layer of charm and authenticity.

Let’s take your romantic escape to a whole new level! Mastiha Pool Bar and Yoga and Spa treatments provide the perfect atmosphere for couples looking for a luxurious staycation. For an even more special experience, book Althaea Cave House with its outdoor heated jacuzzi – you won’t regret it!

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Santo Pure

Embark on an incomparable journey at Santo Pure Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, conveniently located a mere five minutes away from the captivating village of Oia! Stroll amidst breathtaking scenery and immerse yourself in its lush greenery, whitewashed domes and picturesque alleys before indulging in one of 5 infinity pools. 57 Suite/Villa options boast private terraces with heated jacuzzis for complete relaxation along with views that overlook the stunning Aegean Sea sunset. Taste masterful dishes at Alios Ilios Restaurant where Greek modern cuisine is served alongside signature products – all to guarantee an unforgettable experience here within these walls!

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Katikies Hotel

If you’re in search of the highest level of luxury, look no further than this 5-star boutique hotel! Boasting 3 mesmerizing infinity pools and unparalleled service, it is one of the best hotels Greece has to offer.

All suites are incredibly designed with stunning caldera views and private plunge pools – not to mention that honeymoon suite even comes equipped with a jacuzzi! Breakfast is included each day and served directly to your room. Relax with tranquil spa treatments or partake in daily sunset wine tastings before dining on modern Greek-Mediterranean cuisine. Bright suites each include private terraces with breathtaking views of the caldera, while top tier suites feature their own personal jacuzzis or plunge pools for added comfort and luxury. The perfect location awaits you east of Oia’s walking path, just mere minutes away from restaurants and only 15 minutes’ walk to center stage in Oia!

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Andronis Arcadia

The 5-star, family-friendly hotel offers a plethora of luxurious amenities and activities. Treat yourself to the pool, spa or explore the exquisite menu crafted by an archaeologist at Opson, their signature restaurant. Each suite and villa comes with its own private heated pool boasting sunset sea views that will take your breath away. Plus there are daily free yoga classes, hiking tours, and training sessions available for those looking to stay active during their trip! Though it is slightly out of town center you can still enjoy a leisurely stroll around caldera’s restaurants & shops nearby!

Andronis Boutique Hotel is An idyllic, adults-only sanctuary awaits at this luxurious boutique hotel that boasts two gorgeous pools (one heated and one cooled), the esteemed restaurant Lauda (the oldest in Oia!), and spectacular caldera views. Every suite is spacious and features a private terrace with your choice of an open-air plunge pool, jacuzzi or cave pool. Plus, it’s situated conveniently near some of Santorini’s finest restaurants, shops & attractions! Alta Mare by Andronis is a Romantic, adults-only chic suites with jacuzzis on balconies. Top of the line ‘Retreat’ suites have big outdoor patios with hot tubs.

Andronis Luxury Suites offer Relax and unwind in the lap of luxury at this ultra-luxe boutique hotel boasting a heated infinity pool, romantic Lycabettus Restaurant (serving Modern Greek cuisine with stunning views – reservations highly recommended), and a full-service spa. Enjoy the elegance of suites or villas mirrored with outdoor/indoor jacuzzis, cave plunge pools, or your own private heated infinity pool. For those looking for an extra special experience there is also The White House offering its very own adults only personal paradise including an infinity pool, hot tub situated outdoors plus its own waterfall & garden complete with dining & butler service options. Conveniently located right on Oia’s pedestrian path!

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Come and immerse yourself in the grandeur of Mystique, a 5-star hotel situated near the base of Oia caldera. Ensconced by stunning sea views with more privacy than most nearby hotels, this luxurious venue offers an array of villas and suites, many equipped with private jacuzzis or pools – or both! We offer 3 delectable restaurants: Lure Greek Restaurant for authentic Mediterranean cuisine; Charisma Mediterranean Restaurant for exquisite dishes from around the world; Captain’s Lounge will ensure you start your day off right. And if that wasn’t enough to tantalise your taste buds? holistic spa, caldera-view pools complete the experience here at Mystery – unequalled service included!

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Marizan Caves & Villas

Step into the warmth and cozy comfort of a family-run, cave-style accommodation. Spacious rooms include refrigerators, sofa beds (in some), balconies—providing wonderful spaces to enjoy the view from your private sanctuary. Though there is no 24-hour reception or onsite pool at this charming destination, a public one just steps away ensures you can still take part in a variety of aquatic activities. For those looking for an extra special touch during their stay we recommend upgraded cave houses with massive balconies and outdoor jacuzzis!

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Charisma Suites

Nestled in the picturesque town of Oia, Charisma is one of a few elite hotels offering breathtaking views over the caldera and magnificent sunsets. romantic suites feature private balconies with luxurious amenities such as outdoor jacuzzis, infinity pools or cave pools. Plus, nightly champagne sunset event will be sure to make your stay even more memorable! And if you’re looking for something to do during your visit here – don’t worry! We are conveniently located near old windmills, restaurants and local shops so that you can explore all that Oia has to offer.

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Maregio Suites

Situated close to the windmills and a quick stroll away from Ammoudi Bay and Oia, this low-key luxury hotel boasts only 9 generously spacious suites with private terraces complete with heated plunge pools. Every room offers direct views of mesmerizing sunsets over the caldera that are certain to captivate guests. Guests will find contemporary Cycladic minimalism in these rooms along with an intimate atmosphere—all meals including breakfast, cocktails, light fare, as well as local wines are served directly on each individual terrace for maximum privacy!

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Esperas Santorini Hotel

Embark on an unforgettable journey at minimalistic 20-unit hotel, featuring studios, houses and suites with private terraces. Enjoy a refreshing dip in carved out rock pool as you relax under the sun or admire the stunning sunset views from unit 115. Other amenities include minibars and coffee/tea facilities to provide complete comfort during your stay while upgraded units also come equipped with outdoor jacuzzis for added luxury! For ultimate privacy, we recommend enjoying Rooms 121 or 114.

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Fanari Villas

Cave-style suites, complete with charmingly appointed sofa beds and wooden furniture, boast private or semi-private terraces. The most luxurious suites feature either an indoor or outdoor whirlpool as well as a sundeck to take in the breathtaking views of the caldera. Additional amenities include a small spa, pool bar and restaurant, plus complimentary breakfast served each morning at caldera-view pool – half open air for soaking up the sun’s rays and half cave style providing ultimate privacy!

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Zoe Aegeas Traditional Houses

Our apartments, studios, and villas offer superior value while comfortably accommodating up to 6 people in some split-level designs. Every space comes with a fully equipped kitchen and loaner laptop, plus private terraces that boast jaw-dropping views of the caldera! Plus you get to stay right at the center of Oia’s vibrant atmosphere.

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Aris Caves

Escape to an unforgettable stay at luxurious cave hotel, featuring 7 sumptuous self-catered suites with spectacular caldera views. variety of options includes fully equipped kitchenettes, and 3 breathtaking outdoor jacuzzis (1 inside a cave). Every suite can accommodate up to 4 people; the largest sleeps 7! Plus we are conveniently located off the main pedestrian path in Oia’s bustling center – only steps away from its top dining spots, shopping venues and attractions.

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Santorini Secret Suites & Spa

Featuring luxurious suites and one enchanting villa, the adults-only hotel boasts terraces with breathtaking caldera views and outdoor jacuzzis or private pools. The ‘Honeymoon’ Suite is extra special – containing a round bed, fitness area, hammam, plus all other necessary amenities for couples in love! If you’re looking for something even grander – opt for the fully equipped kitchenette offered by magnificent villa! On top of that there’s an infinity pool overlooking the ethereal scenery as well as a small spa and award-winning restaurant to complete your experience.

Nestled in the heart of Oia, Santorini Secret Premium is their family-friendly sister property that has easy access to all shopping and dining experiences. Not only does it provide guests with larger suites including Jacuzzis for a luxurious stay, but also provides them with amenities found at the main hotel’s spa and restaurant. Moreover, its location near the bus station makes transportation much more convenient – making this an ideal destination for families looking for a perfect getaway!

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White Pearl Villas

Immerse yourself in a world of luxury at the fashionable selection of private villas nestled along Oia caldera, offering breathtaking views from every angle. Each exquisite villa boasts a kitchenette and an outdoor terrace with its own Jacuzzi or pool; for those who want to take their stay even further, select villas include an indoor plunge pool too!

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Ambition Suites

Nestled at the eastern edge of Oia, Emotion Suites provides a tranquil escape with its cave-style architecture and stunning caldera views. 4 luxury suites all come equipped with an outdoor jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation. The round beds in Emotion Suites are not to be missed either! Enjoy private terraces from both Sensation and Temptation Suites too – you won’t want to leave your room! Room rates include breakfast served on each suite’s private terrace as well complimentary arrival and departure transfers. You’ll find yourself only 5 minutes away from local restaurants or 10 minutes away from shops, attractions, and the bus station in no time flat!

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Enjoy a luxurious stay in one of pristine, classic-style suites or apartments with fully stocked kitchens and coffee makers, laptops (available upon request), private balconies, plus included delightful breakfast. What’s more? Take advantage of the outdoor swimming pool and sun terrace to help you relax!

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Anemomilos Hotel

Our 15 room and studio property, as well as two private upscale villas offer the ideal location for families to enjoy a pleasant yet affordable stay. Amenities include fully-equipped kitchens with ovens, terraces for entertaining guests or simply admiring breathtaking views outdoors, and heated jacuzzis so you can take advantage of all that nature has to offer. As if that weren’t enough cozy restaurant serves delicious food while overlooking an inviting courtyard pool – perfect for cooling off on those hot summer days!

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Nikos Villas

Escape to a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere in Cycladic-style hotel, boasting bright studios, apartments, and suites each with their own balcony or patio. well-equipped kitchens offer up magnificent views of the caldera for your enjoyment. Unwind by taking advantage of free-form outdoor pool complete with large sundeck and accompanied by a lively pool bar as well as an outdoor cafe!

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Gabbiano Traditional Cave Houses

Discover a unique, family-oriented boutique hotel with only three apartments – each outfitted with its own private jacuzzi and mesmerizing 180° views of the Oia caldera. charming abodes are built in aged caves: a former house, wine cellar, and donkey stable; all including fully equipped kitchenettes and welcoming fruits! Guests can choose to add breakfast or book just the apartment for their stay. Personal service comes as standard here at fantastic location overlooking the caldera within walking distance from several eateries and close proximity to downtown Oia.

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Escape to a luxurious haven surrounded by stunning caldera views. boutique hotel offers spacious suites, most of which include private outdoor jacuzzis and some with lofts or two bedrooms for extra comfort. For an extraordinary experience, take a dip in infinity pool! A delicious Greek breakfast will be delivered right to your door each morning followed by all-day room service with light fare and cocktails. Enjoy the serenity away from the hustle and bustle at the east end of Oia while still being within walking distance (15 minutes) of fabulous dining, shopping, and sunset vistas.

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270 Oia’s View

Our modern villas provide everything you need for an unforgettable getaway: 1 to 4-bedroom properties with full kitchens (including big fridges), private pools, and landscaped gardens. Houses boast contemporary Cycladic designs while Cavehouses offer traditional Santorinian style. For a unique experience, check out Cavehouse VII which features a breathtaking cave-style pool as well as an olive tree growing beneath the skylight! Located near the caldera in Finikia – just 15 minutes away from Oia’s pedestrian zone – enjoy some of the best sunset views around!

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Aqua & Terra Traditional Cave Houses

Enjoy a cozy and simplistic stay in one of beautiful cave-houses, designed to accommodate up to five people. units come with kitchenettes, sofa beds, and terraces that offer breathtaking views!

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Atrina Canava 1894

Be transported to a world of luxury in former wine caves, boasting suites and villas with chic furnishings, kitchenettes, mini-bars, bathtubs and private terraces for al fresco dining. Top end rooms include an outdoor jacuzzi on the terrace. Enjoy amenities such as a cliffside pool with 24/7 cocktail bar plus daily maid service and breakfast delivered directly to your door! Explore this beautiful destination from a prime position at the start of Oia’s pedestrian path.

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Delfini Villas

Indulge in a luxurious stay and enjoy the ultimate comfort with amenities, such as mini bars, private balconies, outdoor jacuzzis and cave suites that feature fully-equipped kitchenettes. For an even more exceptional experience, upgrade to cave suite for access to a sauna bathtub! What’s better is that parking at the hotel is absolutely complimentary.

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Elysian Santorini

Nestled in the heart of traditional Finikia village, these stunning luxury villas offer spectacular sunset sea views over the Aegean (not caldera). Relax at your own private terrace or Jacuzzi/plunge pool. Choose between 1 to 2 bedrooms with an impressive size range from 45-80 sqm and enjoy a welcome bottle of wine and daily breakfast delivery! Plus, you are only 5 minutes away from breathtaking Caldera & 15 minutes away from Oia town centre. Experience this luxurious escape for yourself by taking advantage of large infinity pool – perfect for summer days!

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Enalion Suites

Enjoy incredible value with three tranquil suites, equipped with kitchenettes and private terraces offering stunning views of the caldera. biggest room, the Executive Cave Suite has an indoor jacuzzi while Classic and Junior Cave Suites feature heated outdoor jacuzzis. Located in a peaceful corner of Oia just five minutes away from restaurants, shopping centers and other attractions! If you’re looking for more options we also have two new suites at sister property: Enalion White Suites – they come complete with kitchenettes too along with breathtakingly beautiful outdoor Jacuzzis.

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Grand Canava

Appreciate the beauty of bygone days with a traditional villa, lovingly restored and brimming with character. This special place can house up to twelve people throughout its three distinct sections, each containing bedrooms crafted in classic cave-style decor; fully equipped kitchens, sunken bathtubs for your pleasure; as well as outdoor amenities such as an inviting private pool and jacuzzi!

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Kima Oia Suites

Enjoy the best of both worlds: a romantic, family-run boutique hotel boasting traditional cave style architecture with minimalistic decor and luxurious amenities. Relax by cliffside infinity pool or in your private outdoor jacuzzi while taking in the breathtaking caldera views that can be seen from each suite throughout the property. Located at the beginning of Oia’s footpath, you’ll have amazing access to restaurants and shopping for an unforgettable vacation experience!

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La Perla Villas

Our suites and villas feature modern amenities, such as massage showers, Bluetooth speakers, Dolce Gusto coffee machines, kitchenettes with mini bars to enhance your stay. Enjoy a relaxing retreat in the comfort of your own private patio equipped with either a plunge pool or hot tub. Plus free parking for added convenience is available at nearby location!

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Nostos Apartments

Offering spacious, affordably-priced accommodations including studios, rooms and apartments equipped with kitchenettes, loft bedrooms and terraces featuring breathtaking ocean views; several include private outdoor jacuzzis. Plus a pool & pool bar for your leisurely pleasure!

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Onar Villas

Enjoy a charming and affordable stay with 5 traditional cave houses and 1 modern villa property, equipped with espresso machines, fridges and outdoor hot tubs. Located atop the cliff side, you’ll find fewer steps to conquer! The only downside? No pool access.

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Rimida Villas

Take refuge in picturesque, traditional cave houses outfitted with modern amenities. Each villa features fully-equipped kitchens, cozy bedrooms and furnished verandas perfect for daily breakfast. Relax after a day of exploration with outdoor hydromassage tubs or an invigorating jacuzzi session within the caves themselves. We welcome visitors ages 16 and up only!

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Sophia Boutique Hotel

Escape to the charming and luxurious hotel in Finikia, just a 15-minute walk away from Oia. 10 stylish rooms and suites feature private plunge pools with picturesque sunset views over the Aegean Sea. An all-day pool bar is available for your entertainment as well! To top it off, start each day right with complimentary daily breakfast served directly to your room!

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