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19 Best Hotels in Mykonos - 2023 Guide

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End your day on a high note by retiring in one of Mykonos’ finest rooms! Enjoy breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, exclusive access to private beaches, top-notch culinary creations and more. Whether you’re looking for an exciting place to kite-surf or somewhere peaceful with family suites and secret pools – this beautiful Greek Island has something perfect just waiting for you. From Soho House’s first location in Greece to cozy traditional village inns, discover why Mykonos is renowned as one of the best Greek islands and home to some truly remarkable hotels! You won’t want to miss the breathtaking beauty of Mykonos, so make sure you stop by some of its finest attractions before indulging in all that an afternoon at one of its beach clubs has to offer. And don’t forget to take a piece of island life home with you after a day spent shopping around town! 

1. Cali Mykonos

Escape the hustle and bustle of Mykonos Old Town, and experience true Cycladic bliss at Cali Mykonos. This dapper boutique was curated by Kyriakos Mourkakos, a passionate 27-year-old Greek American entrepreneur who loves muted luxury. Situated on a craggy fortress overlooking Kalafati’s serene beach town stand its white columns that descend beautifully to the sea in harmony – it is truly an exquisite sight! Escape to a serene, umbrella-filled private beach. Take a dip in the sensuous and winding pool. Charter your own yacht for excursions to Naxos and Delos. Or perhaps take off with panoramic views of the untouched sea on one of helipads! If you’d rather stay on land, visit the trendy shop carrying all the newest fashion trends from Athens accompanied by unique art pieces and trinkets throughout its white walls – sure to give any interior designer inspiration! Step into a realm of serenity, where muted tones and the velvety Greek marble set the tone. Take a dip in one of the many saltwater pools on the expansive sea-facing terraces while you relax with your favorite cocktail or beverage. Enjoy exquisite culinary works courtesy of Lefteris Lazarou, Greece’s first Michelin-starred chef, as he presents his signature fusion cuisine to tantalize your taste buds. Experience an idyllic evening watching the sun sink beyond the horizon from poolside – perfect for those magical moments shared between friends and loved ones.

2. Once in Mykonos

Have you arrived at the beautiful island of Mykonos? If so, this luxurious spot situated atop a steep hillside view in western bay is not one to be missed! With access to private pools and stunning sea views from 59 minimal suites, it’s no wonder why guests can’t keep away. Plus, check out their rooftop infinity pool with sunken bar and floating sun beds for an experience like no other. And don’t forget about those awe-inspiring bathrooms – equipped with huge Hamman walk-in rain showers that are sure to please any traveler looking for that little something extra! The guest list is comprised of young families and stylish revelers, all looking to experience a chill atmosphere. The staff are warm, attentive and recognize the guests by name – they won’t forget how you like your coffee the following day!

The talented young Cretan chef, Marion Toutountzoglou, presents thoughtfully crafted dishes with a modern twist. Capturing the essence of traditional Greek flavours and adding his own creative flair from his travels abroad. We had to practice self-control not ordering hummus for every meal! Taking dinner in the hotel’s terrace during golden hour is highly recommended – enjoy breathtaking views as the sun sets behind craggy hills dotted with white villas and windmills. This place will have you feeling relaxed after a night out sipping ouzo – perfect for some much needed restful chill time away.

3. Kalesma

Step away from the island’s bustling nightlife and be welcomed by 25 suites, two villas across five acres of rolling hills. Be enamored with their picturesque surroundings—magenta bougainvillaea flowers complimented by lavender gardens that virtually paint each suite into a white-washed sanctuary for relaxation. With a breathtaking view of the sea, Kalesma has been home to many authors who have written entire books on its private terraces without ever leaving their suite! As the sun rose over Ornos Bay, we awoke from a restful sleep in the massive beds to bask in its warm light. Cicadas chirped as we took a shower outdoors before leisurely making our way to breakfast — this was the only time of day you could spot other perfectly groomed guests, apart from dinner on Pere Ubu’s terrace.

With his extensive background in New York fashion, Aby Saltiel stayed at the hotel for six months before it opened to ensure every detail was perfect. From slippers placed by each guest’s bedside to complimentary bottles of bubbly wine, he made sure visitors were well taken care of and had an unforgettable experience. With the utmost attention to design, every element of this hotel is crafted from natural materials and captivatingly blends into its stunning island surroundings. From the hand-woven wood ceilings, light washed walls and stone accents to the ceramics adorning each room – nothing has been overlooked in creating an exquisite oasis for guests.

4. Soho Roc House

Located in a stunning setting near Paraga beach, Soho House’s first Greek outpost is designed with the London crowd firmly in mind. Breakfast bacon baps are served daily and Cowshed bath products feature prominently throughout the property. Members who prefer something more unique will be pleased to find North African art, kilim cushions and Moorish arches adorning its stylish interior. After dropping off your bags into one of their picturesque bedrooms facing Paraga beach, why not book an open-air massage at their rattan cabana? This oasis provides everything you need for a luxurious vacation without compromising on fun: it’s time to party hard and pamper soft! Located just steps away from some of the island’s most vibrant and popular clubs, such as Tropicana, Paradise and Cavo Paradiso on lovely Paradise beach – you may miss out if you decide to have a relaxing day elsewhere. But for Soho House members or hotel guests, there is no need to fret! You get exclusive access to Scorpios beach club that has its own record label, offers spiritual sunset ceremonies and delicious Mediterranean cuisine inspired dishes made with fresh ingredients to nourish even those who are hungover.

5. Katikies

Katikies, a boutique brand known for its success in Oia, Santorini has come to Mykonos with an enormous and pristine white sanctuary on the southwest coast of the island. Unlike most other properties where celebrities flaunt their glamour and people stay just for showboating; this is a tranquil hillside retreat made up of classic buildings that are distant enough to provide you tranquility but still close enough so you don’t have to miss out (it’s only 20 minutes away by car from Scorpios and Nammos restaurant). Immerse yourself in the stunning scenery from your swimming pools and observe the small island of Delos, aka Apollo’s birthplace. If you’re still up for some adventure, take a boat trip to explore this destination further! Start off early by claiming one of their four-poster wooden daybeds at ground level, followed by ordering sushi from Seltz Champagne Bar. Relax afterwards with an invigorating spa experience in their underground oasis away from the heatwave outside. Enjoy refreshingly cool bedrooms that come complete with private terraces and plunge pools – perfect for recharging after another long day out exploring Mykonos!

6. Santa Marina

Santa Marina, proudly family-owned and operated, offers parents and children the rare combination of luxury and relaxation. Owner Christiana Papageorgiou renovated the estate with her father’s purchase in late 1970s to combine modern Greek design such as bamboo furnishings and rattan textures for that perfect harmony of sophisticated elegance without feeling too uptight – a huge relief for mommies looking forward to letting their little ones explore! Adorned atop a cliff above Ornos Bay, this inspired retreat is designed like a small village complete with lifts and its own private beach. Here you can experience the calm of the shallow waters, shade from palm trees, and relax on charming domed wicker daybeds.

7. Bohème

Boasting a charming little sanctuary with illuminated jam jars, aromatic rosemary and flourishing olive trees, you will also find the Bohème’s alluring pool bar. Indulge in the refreshing beverage made from homegrown lemons at arrival or unwind during an invigorating massage under the bamboo hut before stretching out for yoga on the wooden deck. Soak up some vitamin D on the hill-top sun spot that is truly considered to be THE hot-spot of Bohème! Here, guests can relax in the inviting kidney-shaped pool surrounded by grand super-loungers and bean bags; come nightfall, the chic Bilo Bar with its skilled bartenders is the perfect spot to enjoy a fine Negroni before exploring Mykonos Town’s vibrant restaurants which are just two minutes away! Polished concrete floors provide the bedrooms with a touch of modernism, yet knitted rope light fittings and pops of color prevent it from becoming too drab. Enjoy your morning breakfast on private balconies after experiencing some evening magic crafted by the mixologist!

8. Bill & Coo Coast

In 2016, Theodosis Kakoutis, a Mykonian hotelier, collaborated with the trendsetting Athenian architects K-Studio to begin an extensive renovation of Bill & Coo. From sleepy honeymooner’s hideaway to super chic destination hub—this revamp was not one that could be ignored. When a desirable parcel of land appeared on the Agios Ioannis peninsula few years later, he took advantage and established Bill & Coo Coast: An all suites hotel boasting mesmerizing views of its crescent beach. Constructed with a combination of solid stone, weathered wood, and cast iron accents, this luxurious retreat provides more privacy than its lively counterpart. As the perfect hideaway for A-listers to unwind in peace and comfort, each of the 15 exquisite bedrooms is decked out with secluded terraces featuring cool color schemes of light grey hues mixed in with powdery whites highlighted by bold jet black vases.

For lunch, time-honored taverna dishes have been given a modernized twist. Sample the delightful sardines served on bread or savor the slow cooked rooster pasticada accompanied with pasta and truffle for an unforgettable experience. For dinner, take advantage of the easy five minute transfer to Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge where executive chef Ntinos Fotinakis carefully crafts exquisite tasting menus featuring Greek delicacies in Gastronomy Project. At Bill & Coo Coast, you will find the award-winning Beefbar Mykonos restaurant that has been completely redesigned. While lounging by the poolside at Coast, guests can enjoy breathtaking views of Agios Ioannis church where grief stricken widows are seen mourning on its steps and young locals travel by moped. For added relaxation, a therapy tent for outdoor massages is also available in one of the gazebos nearby.

9. Lyo

Who knew, tucked away in the hills above Super Paradise Beach lay Nam Truong’s hidden gem. A former German banker turned chef who trained at some of Japan’s most prestigious culinary schools and opened a Japanese restaurant in Mykonos. His black cod with miso-yuzu buttercream is simply divine, as are his tuna-belly nigiri that will have your taste buds tingling! Make it a point to brave the winding road up to Lyo and earn yourself an unforgettable dining experience today! Tasos Zouganelis had the advantage of being in a less urban area, allowing for him to build an extensive hotel with its 18 bedrooms scattered across a few low-rises. This provides visitors with a more intimate village vibe than one would typically find in the Cyclades islands.

Super Paradise’s pristine spaces give off a delightful nineties vibe, making it the perfect alternative to boho-obsessed hotel designs. You’ll find wire furniture characterized by contemporary smartness, and walls painted in bright white and sky blue colors along with various geometric patterns. During peak summer seasons, a five minute walk down the hill will lead you to its breathtaking sandy bay which turns into an extravagant party area frequented by people looking for fun at spots such as Jackie O – renowned for its immaculate razzle dazzle! For those looking to sip on some delicious Champagne in a tranquil atmosphere with gorgeous vistas of the ocean, Lyo’s open-air bar is an ideal spot.

10. Waves

Perched atop the windswept isthmus at Korfos Bay, local Mykonian George Syrianos had a brilliant idea – to transform the land where he used to graze his goats into an abode for kite-surfers. And what a sight it must be! Brightly coloured kites soar like birds of prey across the beach below, its horseshoe shape and northern exposure rendering it one of Europe’s premier spots for water sports enthusiasts alike. Truly, there could not have been better timing nor location than now in Mykonos as this resplendent haven becomes home to wave-riders from all over world. Escape to a low-key, carefree environment where the eight suites are just steps away from the beachside pool. Forget about lugging your board through any type of lobby and never worry again about stumbling with wet gear on carpets – that’s what this place is all about! It’s no surprise then why young families choose it so often; tastefully pared-back decor permeates each space with white walls and rustic wooden furniture complemented by sheer drapes.

Enjoy breakfast delivered each morning, and use the fridge and stovetop in your suite to prepare meals from ingredients from nearby shops. Take a 10-minute walk for sheltered sunbathing at Ornos beach or drive 10 minutes into Mykonos town. Explore bakeries, an independent butcher shop, and even one chic fishmonger all conveniently located near the beach!

11. Kenshō

Step into Escher’s lavishly realized fantasies at Kenshō, a boutique hotel with tucked-away bars and secret swimming pools. Discover multi-storey sun terraces, hot tub grottoes, and surprise staircases that lead to unexpected delights! It is the brainchild of George Nikitidis–his first ever hotel. Handpicked for its tranquil location up the hill from Ornos beach; close enough to explore but far away enough not to hear pesky bass from nearby clubs. Inside you will find sleek contemporary design featuring sliding glass doors on white walls accompanied by adult-sized wicker bassinets lounging near the poolside! Every room at this hotel offers its own unique charm; some feature freestanding baths, others have plunge pools on the terrace, and all come adorned with special pieces from Italian furniture designers like Riva 1920, Baxter & Mogg. The open-air restaurant is teeming with eye-catching decor such as massive metal light shades and glass tables to complement Chef George Stylianoudakis’s cutting edge culinary creations like red mullet with artichoke. Visitors can also lounge around in style beside the pool or take full advantage of the spa’s low-lit treatment rooms where reiki therapy takes place.

12. Belvedere Hotel

Step into Belvedere Hotel and be immediately taken by its bougainvillea-covered courtyard, perched on a hilltop with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Its 49 elegantly designed rooms are light, airy, and modernly equipped with “crystal-ice” marble floors and ergonomic furnishings to make your stay comfortable. Take a moment during your visit to appreciate the sweeping vistas of whitewashed Cyclades homes against an azure blue sea that will captivate you beyond words – but not before indulging in Nobu Matsuhisa’s renowned cuisine! Make sure to witness the masterful mixologists at the Sunken Watermelon show off their talents with vibrant and flavorful cocktails. You won’t want to miss out on pampering yourself in the lavish Six Senses Spa either! With its stunning modern decor, you’ll be able to relax and unwind like never before.

13. Kivotos Mykonos

With Kivotos Mykonos, you may find yourself struggling to decide what it is that attracts you most. Could it be the secluded beach of golden sand overlooking Ornos Bay? The oversized seawater pool with its own swim-up bar or maybe even the upper level pool which rests within a sweetly scented garden? Perhaps your bliss comes from daily yoga sessions and lavish spa treatments at their tranquil hammam – whatever makes this destination so exquisite, one thing’s for sure; there’s something magical about Kivotos Mykonos. You will adore every second of your stay in this heavenly retreat, composed of 39 suites and two villas masterfully crafted to embody the ambiance of a home away from home. Adorned with an exquisite collection of timeless art pieces, you can revel in seafood delicacies from fresh catches at the enchanting veranda that is illuminated by candlelight for an ultimate experience.

14. Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

At the luxuriously dazzling Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, you will feel like Greek god Apollo himself when he was said to be born on the island of Delos. Boasting an impressive collection of whitewashed cubes scattered across five acres of stunning beachfront and a total of 96 generously-sized rooms and suites with clean, modern decor, some even having their own private pools – your options are plenty! Relax in one of the therapeutic spa cabanas by the pool or along the sea’s edge; take a leisurely stroll into charming Hora – Mykonos Town – or swim in the heated outdoor pool for ultimate well-being. With its stunning sunsets and gourmet Greek cuisine, the open-air signature restaurant is an experience not to be missed. Now with its additional sister property, Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa located near the heart of Mykonos Town, indulge in ultraluxe amenities and tasteful décor for an unforgettable stay.

15. Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Situated on the outskirts of Mykonos Town, Cavo Tagoo is a 5-star hotel that flawlessly combines metropolitan sophistication with island luxury. Indulge in your time here, while you take pleasure in their picturesque infinity pool and surreal aquarium bar; bask in the alluring sunset views or relish an exquisite dinner at their fine dining restaurant. If relaxation is what you seek, retreat to their intimate spa for some truly sublime therapeutic treatments! In true Cycladic Islands fashion each room is decorated with chic white furnishings and minimalist accents – giving guests 83 luxurious options when it comes to accommodation. Perched atop a hill gently cascading down into the Aegean Sea this property now awaits your arrival! Make your romantic escape truly unforgettable by booking a secluded villa! The deluxe rooms come complete with private terraces, balconies and breathtaking views. Or you can even choose accommodations that feature a personal pool or Jacuzzi for the ultimate luxury experience.

16. Aeonic Suites & Spa

Enchanting guests with its classic architecture and interior design, luxurious Aeonic Suites & Spa is situated in the tranquil cove of Korfos on Mykonos Island. Presenting 34 individually designed rooms that feature a private pool or Jacuzzi (depending upon room type), there’s something for discerning travelers to fall head over heels in love with! Furthermore, this breathtaking 5-star boutique hotel also offers an infinity pool overlooking Ornos Bay along with a rooftop spa and fine dining venue – making it one of Mykonos’ most chic retreats! Aeonic signifies a timelessness, permanence, and smooth enjoyment that the luxurious boutique hotel offers. Let us make sure your blissful stay is free of any worry or difficulty.

17. Grecotel Mykonos Blu

Perched upon a panoramic low bluff with mesmerizing views of Psarou Beach, the 5-star Grecotel Mykonos Blu Resort is an architectural marvel inspired by Cubist lines. With its unrivaled infinity pool and luxurious terraces that open to the Mediterranean’s most glamorous island, you can immerse yourself in this breathtaking paradise. The spacious accommodations are thoughtfully designed for comfort and relaxation allowing guests to fully take in all that this marvelous resort has to offer! For an unforgettable holiday experience, book one of the romantic bungalows with private pools! The hotel is highly sought-after in the Aegean region and provides its guests access to two marvelous restaurants, a tranquil spa as well as a private beach club on Psarou Beach.

18. Myconian Villa Collection

If the gods of Mount Olympus had their pick, they would most certainly select one of the Myconian Villa Collection villas. Though mortals may not be able to ascend heavenward, with 59 luxurious accommodations available overlooking Elia Bay, you can still come close! These private and guest rooms are designed in classic Cycladic fashion blended with modern decor touches. Plus, each comes fully equipped with top-notch amenities such as shared or personal infinity pools, a thalassotherapy spa for ultimate relaxation and luxury gourmet restaurants for indulging your taste buds! Myconian Villa Collection is managed by Myconian Collection, a family-run group of ten renowned luxury accommodations on the Greek island of Mykonos. Impressive accolades include three Relais & Châteaux titles, two Leading Hotels of the World certificates, two Design Hotel recognitions, Preferred Hotels & Resorts laurels and one Small Luxury Hotels of the World commendation! Such distinction could have filled this top list on its own.

19. Nissaki Boutique Hotel

This majestic ocean-themed hotel deserves every one of its five stars. Its glass-walled interiors combine a traditional, maritime ambience with a modern interpretation of Ancient Greek architecture. Swimming pools and day beds situated between the bays of Platis Gialos and Psarou make it ideal for water babies! The interior is flooded with natural light which is reflected off the blonde wood found throughout; while the restaurant offers an innovative take on Mediterranean cuisine – making this accommodation truly remarkable.


Most frequent questions and answers

Little Venice Quarter in Mykonos is a sight to behold– the picturesque architecture, stylish cafes and restaurants nestled on the waterfront will take your breath away. The dividing lines between water and buildings are almost indistinguishable here, making for an unforgettable experience.

For first-timers visiting Mykonos, the bustling town of Mykonos is by far your ideal destination. Not only is it centrally located with tons of attractions and amenities right at your fingertips, but its public transportation system makes exploring other cities on the island a breeze! With so much to explore within walking distance from the hotel, an unforgettable holiday awaits you in this beautiful place!

A five-day stay in Mykonos is the optimal duration for taking advantage of all that this lively island has to offer. Immerse yourself in its vibrant nightlife and explore the stunning beach bars, classic architecture, quaint little shops, cozy pubs and delicious eateries. A trip here promises a truly unforgettable experience!