Best Beaches in Playa del Carmen

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Best Beaches in Playa del Carmen

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Most Gorgeous Beaches in Playa Del Carmen

Looking for the best beaches in Playa del Carmen? Great choice! Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya region are popular for their beautiful white sandy beaches and vibrant turquoise waters.  

You can indulge in luxurious all-inclusive resorts, delicious dining options, local shopping, and lively nightlife. The stunning beaches in Playa del Carmen are some of the most beautiful in Mexico, boasting soft white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. With so many great options to choose from, our list can help you find the ideal beach for your visit.

Mamitas Beach

Mamitas Beach is a popular and vibrant beach in Playa Del Carmen, known for its lively atmosphere and exciting activities. Unlike a peaceful and calming beach, it attracts young adults and party enthusiasts. The beach is located on 28th street, next to the famous Mamitas Beach Club and Kool Beach Club.

Visitors can either rent a lounge chair from Mamitas Beach Club or bring their own. At Mamitas Beach, a DJ plays electronic music day and night, which can be heard along the shore. The party really kicks off at nightfall when the beats get louder. This beach is ideal for a younger crowd and those who enjoy letting loose.

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Punta Esmeralda Beach

Punta Esmeralda Beach is a secluded local beach in Playa del Carmen that offers a wonderful getaway for those who want to avoid large crowds and de-stress. Visitors can take pleasure in a small pool called cenote that connects with the Caribbean sea.

While swimming close to the shore is an excellent option, the presence of a hole on the far end of the beach that funnels water from an underground river system into the cenote should be taken into account by tourists and children. Although Punta Esmeralda Beach features some picnic tables that are shaded by trees, there are no restaurants or public bathrooms available. It’s an ideal location to discover natural beauty and tranquility.

38th Street Beach

I think the public beach on 38th Street is the best beach in downtown Playa del Carmen. It’s a spacious beach located beside the lovely Makehal Playa del Carmen Beach Resort. You can bring your own beach chairs and umbrellas, or rent them from unofficial vendors.

If you want a beach club experience, check out Martina Beach Club and Encanto Beach Club located nearby. They offer rental of beach chairs and loungers, and provide food, drinks, and amenities.

Playacar Beach

Playar Beach is located in a gated community with luxury homes and all-inclusive resorts. Although the beach is private, visitors can still access it by going north of the Cozumel ferry through Senor Frog’s or by staying at one of the luxury beachfront resorts.

The community takes great care of the beach, resulting in well-maintained white sand and turquoise waters, usually without seaweed. Playacar Beach is ideal for those seeking privacy and relaxation near the water. The detailed Playa del Carmen Seaweed Guide has all the info you need on how to avoid seaweed during your trip.

Playa Fundadores

One of the famous beaches in Playa del Carmen is Playa Fundadores. It has an iconic statue, the Portal Maya Statue, that greets visitors when they step down onto the white sand. This beach is desired by both tourists and locals because no resorts are present.

Visitors can play volleyball or lounge and admire the clear blue waters. In the afternoon, visitors can eat and drink at the many bars or restaurants along the beach. Playa Fundadores is a great spot to socialize with locals and make new friends while enjoying the beach.

Calle 88 Public Beach

Playa 88 is a long white sandy beach situated between Coco Beach and Punta Esmeralda. You can access it from 88th Street and 5th Avenue, or by walking from the Coco Beach entrance. This beach is mainly frequented by locals, and there are no big beach clubs or restaurants. You can bring your own beach gear, cooler, and snacks and relax on this peaceful beach while enjoying the gentle ocean waves.

If you’re looking to relax and avoid crowds, I recommend visiting the public beach on 88th Street. It’s my personal favorite spot for some peace and quiet.

Coco Beach

If looking for a secluded beach close to downtown Playa del Carmen, Coco Beach is your best bet. Even though erosion has damaged most of the beach’s areas, you can still access it by walking down 5th Avenue until 48th street and then taking the beach from there.

Coco Beach, also known as Coco Reef, is a peaceful white sand beach with clear turquoise waters. It’s an ideal spot for visitors who want to stay near the heart of Playa del Carmen but still enjoy a quiet beach.