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Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Santorini, Greece- 2023 Guide

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Santorini Greece All Inclusive Resorts 

Whether you’re an adventurer or a historian, Santorini has something to offer to everyone. Admire the beautiful views of its caldera and volcano from atop the cliffs, take a dip in the crystal-clear sea waters, or explore archaeological sites. santorini greece all inclusive resorts

You can also walk around downtown streets and visit churches, monasteries, and museums. From swimming to scuba diving – whatever your pleasure – experience it all on this amazing Greek island.

Santorini All-Inclusive Packages

While low-cost holiday packages may appear to be a great deal, they are often fraught with hidden costs that make them far more expensive than advertised. 

From additional luggage charges and hotel taxes to excessive service fees, purchasing a Santorini holiday package online can leave you feeling taken advantage of instead of relaxed and refreshed.

Need a budget-friendly getaway? Look no further than these amazing options: Get Santorini vacation packages with all-inclusive flights and hotels from Expedia, or check out their offers for all-inclusive hotels in the area. 


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Why Visit Santorini, Greece, on an All-Inclusive Holiday?

Santorini is an enchanting island in the Aegean Sea, with a population of only a few thousand. It’s renowned for its dazzling white-washed houses, captivating blue-domed churches perched atop cliffs, and serene landscapes that beg to be explored.

santorini greece all inclusive resort
Sunset in caldera

Boasting unique cultural experiences, breathtaking panoramas, and savory food, Santorini invites travelers to explore all it has to offer – from sunbathing on some of Europe’s most pristine beaches to hiking along winding trails through lush vineyards.

Fira, Santorini 

Fira, the capital of Santorini, is a world-renowned destination for its picturesque architecture and enduring history. It is famous for its sparkling white buildings, which tower above the breathtaking caldera of an ancient volcanic crater. 

Whether you’re seeking out new adventures or simply yearning to relax in a picturesque setting, this charming town offers plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops waiting to be explored.

santorini greece all inclusive
View of Sunset from three bells church in Fira.

Enigma Suites, Fira Santorini

Perched on the precipice of Santorini’s caldera, the opulent Fira Santorini boutique hotel provides awe-inspiring vistas of the Aegean Sea. 

The property has garnered esteemed recognition, such as The Leading Hotels of the World accolade, and was distinguished as one of the most exceptional hotels in Europe and Greece by TripAdvisor.

all inclusive resorts in santorini
Enigma Suites

Nestled in Fira, the lavish Enigma Suites present 4-star lodgings, although the breathtaking panoramas of Thera Volcano and the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, along with its nearness to Skaros Rock Ruins, make it seem like a 5-star accommodation.

Check Out Prices & Availability for Enigma Suites      Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

Oia, Santorini

Oia, the picturesque town featured in films such as Lara Croft Tomp Raider and Summer Lovers is an absolute must-see for anyone dreaming of a Greek getaway. 

Its stunning mix of crystal blue waters, white sand beaches, and black volcanic rock provide unparalleled scenery to capture memorable moments during your escape.

santorini greece all inclusive
The Windmill in Oia

Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki & Oia Castle

Standing majestically atop the hill of Aspaki, Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki & Oia Castle is an idyllic sanctuary for those who seek to immerse themselves in unrivaled luxury.

all-inclusive resorts in santorini
Check Out Prices & Availability for Aspaki      Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

Offering amazing views of the Aegean Sea and enchanting volcano, this magnificent hotel boasts 18 opulent rooms and suites boasting private balconies with breathtaking sea vistas.

all-inclusive resort in santorini
Art Maison Oia Castle

Featuring a blend of timeless white and blue architectural accents graced by modern furnishings, every stay here will be one filled with unparalleled splendor.

Check Out Prices & Availability for Art Maison Oia Castle      Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

Imerovigli, Santorini

Imerovigli, a small village on the breathtaking Santorini island in Greece, is often overlooked by tourists but provides an incomparable experience to explore Greek culture. 

This beautiful town’s quaint white houses with blue roofs and its tiny selection of restaurants and shops make it a perfect place for travelers looking for an unforgettable getaway!

The charming village of Imerovigli boasts plenty of breathtaking churches, the Church of Saint Nikolaos being one with a history dating back to 1787. 

But the real reason why this spot is so special is its picturesque cliffs that offer panoramic views across Santorini and provide an ideal setting for enjoying sunsets.santorini greece all inclusive

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini offers the ideal blend of adventure and repose. It is an extraordinary, upscale retreat that fuses a stunning landscape with exquisite service and opulent amenities.

Transform your stay at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini with their 24-hour room service and daily housekeeping services. Lounge by the 500 m² indoor heated swimming pool or savor stunning views of the Aegean Sea from an exquisite sun terrace bar.

all-inclusive resort in santorini
Nikki Beach Resort and Spa

Plus, take advantage of two outdoor pools featuring a children’s pool, water slide, outdoor jacuzzi, complimentary sunbeds, and umbrellas for hire to make your holiday even more special!

Check Out Prices & Availability for Nikki Beach Resort & Spa      Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

Dana Villas & Infinity Suites

Are you looking for all-inclusive resorts in Santorini? Although not readily available, the unique family-owned properties will surely give you an unforgettable experience. 

all inclusive resorts in santorini
Dana Villas & Infinity Suites

And if it’s a package deal with meals included that interests you, why not opt for Dana Villas & Infinity Suites – they offer just that!

Check Out Prices & Availability for Dana Villas & Infinity Suites Expedia-Logo Tripadvisor-logo

Adult Only Santorini Resorts

Couples looking to bask in the beauty of Greece’s famed Aegean Sea will find plenty of luxurious adult-only accommodations here, making this dreamy destination perfect for honeymoons or romantic getaways. 

TripAdvisor lists a whopping 600 of the 1600 properties in Santorini as being particularly romantic. However, most of them are not exclusively adult-only hotels and resorts

The 5 Best Things To Do On A Santorini Vacation

Whether you are searching for profound relaxation or unforgettable experiences, here are 5 can’t-miss activities to experience on your next trip to this coveted holiday spot.

Explore Akrotiri’s Archaeological Site

Dive into the past and explore Akrotiri’s archaeological site, where you can get an up-close look at how ancient Greeks lived in this region thousands of years ago. 

Hike up Mount Oia

Set out on a journey around the island to experience some of the most stunning vistas Greece has to offer. Hike up Mount Oia for an unparalleled view of its caldera or cruise around Santorini’s shoreline before heading over to Red Beach – surrounded by volcanic cliffs with breathtaking views that are perfect for watching sunsets. 

Sample Traditional Greek Cuisine

Plus, take advantage of your visit by sampling traditional Greek cuisine from local restaurants and even visiting one (or more) wineries. Oia village is also renowned as a must-see destination during any trip here – so don’t forget to make it part of your itinerary too!

Check out the Villages of Pyrgos, Megalochori

Take a stroll through the picturesque villages of Pyrgos, Megalochori, Monolithos, and Thirassia on this 5-hour walking tour beginning in Fira—the capital of Santorini. Marvel at unique houses perched atop cliffs and experience ancient churches still actively used today. 

Explore Agios Nikolaos Beach and Koules Cave

As you traverse through various agricultural lands, you’ll eventually reach Agios Nikolaos beach, where there is a beautiful church awaiting your visit. As you continue your journey through Alpine pastures and vineyards, the path will bring you to Koules Cave – an archaeological site. 

The Food Is Delicious and The Wine Is Priceless

For foodies, Santorini is an ideal destination to satisfy their culinary desires and cravings. Although there aren’t many all-inclusive resorts here, the abundance of restaurants offering unlimited traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes more than makes up for it.

The best food in Santorini is the traditional greek dishes, made with only the freshest ingredients and guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. Santorini also offers a selection of exquisite wines for anyone looking for something unique – why not try one of their local varieties?santorini all inclusive resort

Conclusion & Helpful Tips For Planning Your Trip To Santorini!

Are you planning a trip to Santorini? Consider the following pieces of advice before booking your getaway. 

Firstly, decide when it best fits your schedule, whether that is during the summer season filled with tourists or in winter and fall for more of a tranquil atmosphere. The weather on this Greek island varies depending on the time of year – generally boasting hot and dry summers while milder but wetter in winters.

If you’re planning on visiting Santorini during the summer months, be sure to book your hotel accommodations well in advance – as they are likely to fill up quickly.

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Expert Tips

  • There are no true all-inclusive hotels in Santorini. For those seeking an all-inclusive holiday, Santorini may not be your best bet. Many of the hotels here are small and family-owned, so you can enjoy staying in a unique setting without breaking the bank.
  • Hiking the caldera from Fira to Oia is, without a doubt, one of the best activities to experience in Santorini. Santorini is the perfect destination to explore and indulge in various experiences! A boat tour around the caldera during sunset is a super memorable experience. Exploring Akrotiri, an ancient site, will give you insight into history. And if that wasn’t enough, Santorini also offers wine tours to their amazing wineries, which are definitely my favorite attractions there.
  • Some all-inclusive holiday packages do include hotel, flight, and ferry transportation. Although some less expensive holiday packages are available, they’re not usually recommended when booking a trip to Santorini.
  • To experience the very best of Santorini, plan your trip between April and November – you won’t be disappointed! If you want to experience the best beach weather, target the window between late May and early October. However, if you want to savor delicious cuisine, indulge in fine wine, or explore historic sites, then April through June and September through mid-November are optimal periods of travel.
  • When considering accommodations in Santorini, the ideal locations are undeniably Fira, Oia, Imerovigli and Firostefani. Here you will find some of the best hotels and places to stay! You won’t find a better view than that of Santorini’s caldera and volcano from any of the four breathtaking towns here. 
  • For an optimal experience, explore multiple islands in Greece if you have more than a week to spend there. If you’re planning a trip to Greece, consider using the popular route of flying into Santorini and ferrying from Naxos or Paros to Mykonos before finally catching your return flight home. Direct flights are available from London, Manchester, and Edinburgh – as well as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Venice, and Milan – making it easy for travelers to hop around different destinations without having to backtrack!
  • Santorini has great restaurants and tavernas. Exploring the culinary delights of Santorini is one of the best parts of visiting this magical island. Here are some of my favorite restaurants in Santorini that will be sure to tantalize your taste buds!
  • The best hotels in Santorini. When it comes to luxury accommodations, Grace Santorini (Imerovigli) and Katikies (Oia) offer nothing but the best. For those looking for something a bit more midrange, Kavalari (Fira) and Agali Houses(Firostefani) are great choices. If you’re on a budget, then San Giorgio in Fira or the Agnadi Villas in Oia will provide excellent value for money.
  • One week is ideal time to visit Santorini. With a plethora of activities, attractions, and experiences that await exploration on the island, it’s easy to get around – but don’t underestimate the wealth of sightseeing possibilities.
  • When you book your hotel and flight separately rather than through a holiday package deal, you are likely to find the most cost-effective deals on flights (times and routes) as well as top quality hotels. If you’re looking for flights, is the way to go. For reserving hotels? has got your back. You can effortlessly arrange transport from the airport or ferry port directly to your Santorini hotel in advance with Welcome Pickups.

Traveling to 🇬🇷 Greece soon?

I recommend these travel resources for Greece that I personally use:

🏨 Hotels: I have found that Expedia and consistently have the best deals on hotels and resorts in Greece. If you prefer to stay at a vacation rental, check VRBO that is usually cheaper than AirBnB’s added fees!

✈️ Flights: To find the best flight deals to Greece, I always use Kayak. Remember to subscribe to their price alerts for the travel dates you want. Another great alternative for flight deals is Expedia.

🚗 Rental Cars: I always use and highly recommend Discover Cars because it allows me to compare several car rental companies and view ratings on various factors such as overall value, pick-up procedure, agent efficiency, car condition, and total time taken.

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🤿 Tours & Activities: For tours and activities in Greece, I highly recommend using either Viator or GetYourGuide. These websites offer a full refund if you cancel your booking 24 hours before the start of the tour, and they also provide excellent customer service in case of any issues.

🚨 Travel Insurance: I always suggest purchasing travel insurance as a precaution before traveling, especially after a recent accident in a taxi in Greece. For short trips, I recommend Travel Insurance Master, whereas for digital nomads, Safety Wing is a better option.

📷 Best Camera for your trip: I always carry with me a GoPro, It’s light, compact, takes great video and pictures, and most importantly, it’s waterproof! You just can’t go wrong with one. If you are interested in higher quality video and photography, I always carry with me on my trips and highly recommend the Sony A7IV which I think is the best travel DSLR Camera out there.

☀️ Biodegradable Sunscreen: Remember to include a good sunscreen to protect yourself from the summer sun. I always use and suggest Sun Bum Sunscreen, which is vegan, reef-friendly, and cruelty-free.


Most frequent questions and answers

Unfortunately, Santorini does not offer hotels that provide all-inclusive meal services. However, this beloved Greek island is home to many small, family-owned properties with their unique charm and style! 

Spending a week in Santorini is the ideal amount of time, allowing you to truly explore and unwind. A weekend could be too short if you intend to visit Fira, Oia, and one of its renowned black sand beaches- attempting the feat would definitely require some haste.

The months of March-June and September-October boast the most beautiful, sunny weather perfect for outdoor activities like scuba diving, mountain treks, or swimming in the ocean. 

Unquestionably, Santorini is the ideal place to visit. It provides a wonderful selection of restaurants, up-and-coming wineries, luxurious honeymoon hotels, and captivating villages such as Fira and Oia for you to explore!