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15 Best Airbnb in Santorini - 2023 Guide

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Are you searching for the best Airbnbs in Santorini? Luckily, this list has many astonishing options to rent on the stunning island. 

While it’s yet to become mainstream in Greece, Airbnb is still an excellent way to find holiday accommodations in Santorini without breaking your budget. 

Best Airbnbs in Santorini

With zero extra charges, immediate confirmation of reservations, and thousands of listings, is your best bet to book a pocket-friendly Airbnb on this stunning island.

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View of sunset and windmill.

Some of the best Airbnbs in Santorini are here:

1. Villa Anita Cliff

Wake up to a majestic view and an intimate balcony at Villa Anita Cliff Suite in Imerovigli, Santorini. This exquisitely renovated island house is perfect for your next holiday getaway.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

2. Santorini Hara’s Houses

Thanks to its charming and traditional Greek island house built right on the rock, Santorini Hara’s Houses in Imerovigli will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a fairytale.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

3. Elkaza Villa

Elkaza Villa in Fira is an idyllic retreat that offers seclusion while still providing easy access to the capital of this beautiful island. Book your stay here if you’re visiting Santorini as a couple.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo


4. Theoni Apartment

 If magnificent views aren’t what you’re looking for, then Theoni Apartment (located in Perissa Beach) might just be the ideal option for you. This apartment sits only 10 meters away from the beach and offers a beautiful escape.

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View of Kamari Beach   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

5. The Small Architect’s Villa

The Small Architect’s Villa (Pyrgos Village) offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the beautiful island. This Santorini Airbnb is one of the most stylish and unique accommodations you can find around its idyllic location.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo


6. Ramni Yellow Suite 

Imagine having a private beach and pool right at your fingertips, all the while staying in an elegant traditional house close to Oia. Guess what? That is precisely what the Ramni Yellow Suite (Koloumpos Beach / Oia) offers.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

7. Old Vourvoulos House

Discover the Old Vourvoulos House an intimate, recently refurbished abode oozing with sophistication and style. With a bonus of an inviting stone patio, what more could you want!   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo


8. Kalipso Beach

Located just a few steps away from the renowned Kamari beach and its eateries and stores, Kalipso Beach House is your perfect hideaway for peace and tranquility.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo 

9. Casa Galazia

There’s no better place to stay than Casa Galazia in Pyrgos, if you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable holiday experience. This stunning village is one of our favorite spots on the island, offering breathtaking views and an incredible bathroom carved right into the rock.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

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View of Traditional Emporeio Village.

10. Finikia Cave House

Finikia Cave House in Oia offers the most authentic Greek Santorini experience. Not to mention, you’ll get those awe-inspiring views from your very own outdoor Jacuzzi.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

11. Maison Faros

With its own private balcony, this cave house offers breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. If these stunning vistas don’t take your breath away, then we don’t know what will!   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

12. Mega Cave House

Overflowing with unique homes carved into the rocks, Megalochori is one of the island’s most stunning and secluded villages. Our favorite features of Mega Cave House are its bathroom and terrace – both making for an incredible architectural experience.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

13. Caveland

Surrounded by the labyrinths of these ancient dwellings, the traditional cave house of Caveland (Karterados) makes you experience what it was like to live centuries ago.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

14. Exo Gonia Studio

If modern luxury is more your thing, then Exo Gonia Studio (Exo Gonia village) might be for you. This stylish studio offers peace and tranquility amid beautiful scenery.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logosantorini airbnb

15. Argithea Studio

Finally, there’s Argithea Studio (Oia), where guests are treated to stunning views from their private balcony overlooking the Aegean Sea – all within an authentic cave house setting.   Expedia-Logo   Tripadvisor-logo

Experts Tips

Here are a few expert tips to get the most value out of the money you’re paying to rent accommodation in Santorini:

  • Exercise caution when searching for Airbnb Santorini rentals. Be wary of any accommodation with photos taken from another website, as many people have been scammed in this way before. 
  • If an advertisement states “great views,” it is most likely referring to the eastern view rather than a caldera/volcano view since these areas are almost exclusively owned by hotels. 

Although there are many Santorini Airbnbs near Kamari Beach or Perissa Beach, the breathtaking towns of Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, and Firostefani don’t have many accommodations listed on Airbnb. santorini airbnb

However, to get a fully immersive experience while visiting Santorini, you should make a mental note of visiting and residing in these areas.

Bottom Line

With hundreds of Santorini Airbnb options and new ones being added every year, you will surely find the perfect place for your stay in Santorini.