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7 Best Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomands with Locations around the world

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Coworking spaces are a great option for digital nomads who are looking for an inspiring and cost-effective workspace while they’re on the road. With locations around the world, these spaces provide both a productive environment as well as the opportunity to meet people from other cultures and countries.

Whether you’re travelling for a few weeks or months, there’s something to be said for having a place to call your own that is free from distractions and provides access to all of the necessary resources for getting work done.

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Here are 7 of the best co-working spaces for digital nomads:

1. WeWork –

This global chain has over 200+ coworking locations worldwide in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, New York City and Shanghai. They offer monthly memberships that provide access to all of their office locations along with added benefits like printing services, mail forwarding services, discounts on products and more. Their workspaces also feature amenities like bike storage rooms and game room lounges so you can take breaks when needed without having to leave the building.

2. Wi-Fi Tribe –

This location has 5 spaces in South East Asia, including Bali, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Da Nang and Siem Reap. They offer discounts of up to 75% off regular rates, as well as free beer hours and community events like yoga classes and workshops. The space is designed with digital nomads in mind, offering private rooms with AC and high speed internet access so you can stay connected while staying comfortable.

3. Impact Hub – 

is a global network of co-working spaces dedicated to social and environmental impact. From their flagship space in London, they have now expanded to over 100 locations in over 50 countries—all of which are designed specifically with digital nomads in mind. The spaces offer both private offices and open workspaces, as well as plenty of networking.

4. The Surf Office – 

The Surf Office is an iconic coworking space for digital nomads, known for its laid back and beachy atmosphere. Located in some of the world’s most desirable locations such as Lisbon, Barcelona and Santa Cruz, The Surf Office caters to the needs of remote workers around the globe.

It currently has six locations: Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Lisbon, Ericeira, Madeira, Prague and Santa Cruz

5. Outside – 

This coworking space has multiple locations across North America and Europe that were designed specifically for remote professionals and digital nomads who need an inspiring workspace away from home. Outsite offers accommodations with 24/7 security camera surveillance in addition to workspaces that come fully equipped with modern furniture, fast WiFi connection speeds and complimentary coffee & tea service throughout the day.

6. Copass – 

With over 480+ coworking spaces located around the world including cities like Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Mexico City & Tokyo; this network provides flexible memberships tailored to budget-conscious travelers who want maximum value when booking their workspace needs abroad. From private offices & meeting rooms to open lounge areas; Copass offers an array of amenities at each location including high speed internet connection, complimentary snacks & beverages throughout the day .

7. Selina – 

This urban hotel chain has multiple workspaces located in Central & South America where freelancers can enjoy working from a variety of different settings depending on their preference such as beachside villas or traditional coffee shop cafes located within their hostel lobbies or even rooftop terraces overlooking breathtaking views of cities like Rio de Janeiro or San Juan Del Sur! All Selina workspaces come equipped with modern desks chairs & computers plus complimentary refreshments such as coffee tea juices etc so you never have go without!